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My Ex Machina Review

Updated on July 18, 2015

My last Review of this was full of typos and anyone who has read it would have been largely confused by the large chunks of mistakes. This has been re-edited:

I'm not here to start a debate over the existence of God, but the movie Ex Machina brings up deep and existential questions about creation and life and whether men should really open that door or just walk away, outside of child birth of course. Is creating artificial intelligence necessary based on the history of the world and could it be something the potentially turns on us? Will humans be extinct and is A.I. the next step in evolution?

If you look at the human brain, it is in itself a computer already, receiving and interpreting information, sending pulses and signals to every area of the body, making decisions and storing memory. The brain does so much in an organic way which leaves many people asking, was there some sort of intelligent creator behind us? Maybe not the bearded old man sitting on a cloud, but a being beyond our understanding that had the brilliant idea for the universe. Now I know you may be wondering when am I going to actually start reviewing the movie, right now actually. The movie had the feeling of the very first Alien movie in that it was claustrophobic, un-nerving and genuinely scary. Nathan played by Oscar Issac, who lives in the middle of nowhere and is in the process of a technological break through, is the CEO of a search engine and a genius. He brings along a coder from his company named Caleb played by Domhnall Gleeson, for a weeks stay at his research facility where he has created A.I. and uses Caleb to be a part of a Turing test in which he will interact with Nathans new invention named AVA, to see if she seems real enough to pass as human. Now her appearance screams robot, but her words and personality are very much like our own and it doesn't take long for young Caleb to fall easily for her as the audience is also entranced by her actions. The film provides a realistic portrayal of how the rise of of A.I. is very much within the realm of possibility and how just like that, one day they're not here and the next they are, walking among us and talking to us, and you wouldn't even be able to tell you are talking to a machine. It is in the same spirit of Blade Runner that asks the moral question of creating a mechanized person to think and feel like a human but still treat them like you would your toaster, "Stupid machine! My toast is burnt again!"

Should we really abuse our own creation? What would happen when we do? Are we ready to play God? In a sense we have already turned on God ourselves, many don't believe in him, or her, and others blame him/her for their pain. We kill one another and we fight and complain. Humans are never content, when we're young we want to be older and when we are older we wanna be young. Humans, like all the deceptions of Artificial Intelligence, are still learning and evolving, and if we create something similar to how we are wouldn't we be sealing our fate, because unlike an organic life form, a machine would be tied into the technology that we use to run our lives and you are essentially turning a machine into human which is not a good thing.

Stylistically, the film was shot carefully and the pace is a slow burner but it fits the story and in fact, it almost feels like it was shot mechanically and not organically, with craft-fully edited scenes well placed one after another to piece an hour and half film together. The standard length of a motion picture. I'm not sure if the filmmaker was going for that, but that's just what I got out of it and while Domhnall Gleeson does a fine job as the main character, it is AVA the robot who steals the show played by Alicia Vikander, essentially a newcomer but has been in the business long enough. After this movie she should be getting more parts in my opinion, and Oscar Issac is future leading man in Hollywood and he is well on his way with Star Wars Episode 7 coming out in December.

Overall I give the movie 5 and a 1/2 stars for giving me the chills and making me wish that in my lifetime we will never build an A.I. because we are not ready for it.


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