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My Experience With Salvia Divinorum, A Dangerous Legal Drug.

Updated on April 17, 2013

I first heard about Salvia divinorum aka Mexican tripping weed when i was about 17, as i had been searching the web for information on legal highs or party drugs. From what i read about other people's experiences with salvia divinorum, it sounded like crazy stuff, so i bought a (maximum strength) bag of it online, deciding it was a must try.

As a teenager getting high and being high was a huge part of my lifestyle, i lost jobs because of it, i lost friends because of it, there were points in time when i lost my mind and everything i had because of it. I briefly lost my mind after smoking salvia divinorum.

I smoked Salvia a total of 3 times before i decided i would never touch the stuff again, and disposed of what i had left. I was no stranger to being completely wasted on a cocktail of drugs & alcohol, but i got much more than i had bargained for upon smoking Salvia.What scared me so much about this legal drug was that the effects became more intense the more times i smoked it.

All three times that i smoked salvia divinorum, i smoked it in a pipe and it hit me almost instantly. The high lasts for a short period, around 30 seconds to a couple of minutes, but it's a very intense high.

The first time i smoked Salvia, my vision blurred, the room spun, and it was as if i went deaf as i could not hear the radio that was on. This first experience wouldn't haved lasted any longer than half a minute, and when i came back to reality all i could say was 'WOW'. I had not expected such an intense and instant effect. I had tried a lot of legal/ party drugs before smoking salvia, and nothing compared to it in the slightest.

The second time i smoked Salvia was directly after the first time. The effects were much the same as the first time only they were stronger; my vision blurred more than it had the first time, the room spun faster, i felt so far away from the planet i know to be home. The high lasted longer the second time, around about a minute. The effects of the drug completely spun me out, confused me, and i decided to put it away for another time.

The third time i smoked salvia divinorum was a few days later, and this was one of the most terrifying and confusing experiences of my life, and one of the scariest things my boyfriend (at the time who was there with me), had seen. This time after smoking the salvia i instantly 'blacked out'. I had been sitting on the bed, and fell off onto the floor after taking a puff on the pipe. It appeared that i had lost consciousness to my boyfriend, but i could see and hear inside my mind, just like a dream.

It was as if i was having a conscious dream, only this wasn't a dream as far as i was concerned, in fact i had travelled back in time in my minds eye, back to a life that i had once lived.

I was walking down a gravel road with my 'tribe'. The tribe consisted of around 15-20 people, and i had a sense that i knew them all profoundly, they were my family . All of the tribe members as well as myself, were dressed in clothing made entirely of animal fur. We were all walking down this gravel road in silence, i knew where we were going but i couldn't tell you now.

Meanwhile as i was off on this little trip in my mind, what i was doing physically terrified my boyfriend who was watching. After falling off the bed onto the floor, i rolled onto my stomach and began pulling myself along the floor with my arms. My eyes were open and rolling back in my head, and i was drooling so much that when i regained consciousness the front of my t-shirt was saturated. My boyfriend was calling my name repeatedly, i couldn't hear him or see him. I dragged my body along the floor of the lounge room about 3 metres until i got to the closed door. Apparently i was clawing at the door like a wild cat, and this is where i regained consciousness, after scratching the hell out of the wooden door.

I was extremely confused when i came to, i had completely gone to another world, if only in my mind. The connection i had felt with the people i saw made me question 'Was this a past life experience, or was i just trippin' crazy balls?'

By the time i regained consciousness my boyfriend looked as if he's seen a ghost and was frantically asking me "Oh my god are you ok!? Why didn't you answer me? I was shouting your name, couldn't you hear me?" After telling my boyfriend about what i saw and heard, he had a major freak out because of the fact that i had just 'gone' in a second, and had had no control over my physical actions. We both decided then and there that we would never touch salvia divinorum again.

As you might have gathered, the moral of the story is think twice about smoking salvia, it'll send you right off to lala land.


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      Danilo 3 years ago

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