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My Favorite 10 Busta Rhymes Songs

Updated on July 21, 2014

Busta Rhymes, A Hip Hop Legend

For almost 25 years, Busta Rhymes has been an enigmatic member of the Hip Hop community. He has influenced rap flows and styles, bent current paridymes to create new sounds and fashion styles, and has continually resurfaced like the "Phoenix" logo of his Bushi clothing line. Whether it was with his Leader of the New School (L.O.N.S.) brethren, or the chief of the Flipmode Squad, or as a charismatic solo artist, Busta has always left us wondering what is he going to do next?

Busta has had many classic appearances as both a member of L.O.N.S. and as a guest MC. Some of my favorites are:

  • "Flavor in Your Ear" remix
  • "Anti Up" remix
  • "Gettin Paper"
  • "Scenario"
  • "Case of the PTA"
  • "Bases Loaded"

This hub however, is dedicated to my favorite 10 songs that he recorded as a solo artist. His career has spawned studio albums, giving us countless hits.

1. Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See – This put Busta in the Mega Star status. He was able to avoid the sophomore slump. This is where he perfected his signature sound of rapping to off the wall beats. He also took his video to another level with thematic recreations of sparring fight scene from “Coming to America” as well as having African Dancers who donned neon body paint.
2. Genesis – Busta seemed enamored with the turning of the century and its impending New Millennium. A major extinction level event would soon follow. The record Genesis was Busta’s symbolism for a new beginning in Hip Hop. He notates that only the strong will survive this event
3. The Ghetto (ft. Rick James) – Dr. Dre throws Busta a lovely Rick James hook to knock out of the park. Released shortly after James’ death, this track shows a perfect union between Funk and Hip Hop.

4. Arab Money – After a brief hiatus Busta teams back up with Swizz Beatz to come up with a catchy track which boasts how much money he has accumulated over the years from the game of Hip Hop. The fresh voice of Ron Browz auto-tunes the Chorus “I’m getting Arab Money.”

5. Tear the Roof Off - Busta goes crazy over a Swizz Beatz track. This record is guaranteed to get a crowd pumped enough to "tear the roof off this motha sucka"!

6. Rhymes Galore – Bussa Bus at his best, creating masterful wordplay to a spacey, video game-like beat. His lyrical dexterity reminds me of a throwback to his verse in “Scenario.”
7. Fire it Up – Great use of the Knight Rider sample

Rhymes Galore / Fire it Up (Remix)

8. Pass the Covossier – This was a masterful collaboration between Pharell, P. Diddy, and Busta Rhymes. Many people started drinking Cognac afterwards, as this was the in thing to do. Although being amongst superstars, Busta’s charisma shines through.
9. As I Come Back - The hook for this song is taken form Busta Rhymes classic verse on scenario. Add a catchy beat by the Neptunes, how can you go wrong.
10. Gimme Some More –Once again Busta pushes the boundaries of rap while flowing to sample from “Psycho”. He shows he is more concerned with being a leader instead of following the current trends in Hip Hop. Busta also showed his versatility while being able to masterfully speed rap (like Twista).

Bonus Video!!!!

Her is Busta Rhymes infectious summer jam from 2013, Twerk It. He and Nicki take it back to their Caribbean roots in this collaboration. They tell you how they both are coming at you as bosses in Hip Hop.

Twerk It Remix ft. Nicki Minaj

Your Favorite Busta Rhymes Songs

How many of your favorite Busta Rhymes songs appeared on the listing?

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