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My Favorite Brands Of Guitars

Updated on August 6, 2009

Matthew Schulze With A Fender

Matthew playing a Fender guitar. Fender is his favorite brand.
Matthew playing a Fender guitar. Fender is his favorite brand.

Fender Guitars

Now I am going to inform you about the Fender Guitar Brand.

The leading maker of guitars is Fender. They started in 1946 and the company has grown over the years. In 2007 they bought Kaman Music Corporation. Kaman was the biggest distributor of instruments and accessories. They even distribute Takamine guitars, that I wrote about earlier.

Over the weekend, we had gone to a local music store to test out a new amp. I had to pick out a guitar to plug into the amp. I picked out a beautiful light blue one. It was a Fender, made in America. My mom almost passed out when she saw that the price tag said $1000! You can see me playing it in the photo above.

There were other Fenders there as well, but about half the price. I asked the salesperson about this. He said that the $500 guitars were made in China or Japan. The very expensive ones are made in America and are made of higher quality wood and other parts.

Below, I am shown with my Christmas Fender guitar! It is an electric acoustic and my favorite Christmas present this year (2008).

My Very Own Fender

Matthew Schulze and his Fender electric acoustic guitar, Christmas 2008.
Matthew Schulze and his Fender electric acoustic guitar, Christmas 2008.

Gibson Guitar Brand

The Gibson guitar brand is one of the finest in all the world. This company makes their guitars in Nashville, Tennessee at Gibson USA. Their world headquarters was built in 1974 and they make every kind of guitar you can imagine, both electric and acoustic. They are famous for making vintage model guitars today.

This brand of guitar is used by many famous bands and artists, both in country and in rock and roll. This guitar brand is top quality. Top of the line equipment means high prices as well, but they are worth every penny.

Back in 1898, Orville Gibson started this company in Michigan, making mandolins.

Currently, you must go to a music store to purchase a genuine Gibson guitar.

You can check their site to see which guitar you want. You can also check to see what dealers sell them. There are several big music stores in our area that sell Gibson guitars and I love to go there and visit them.

Ibanez Guitar Brand

Now I am going to inform you about the Ibanez guitar brand.

Back in 1908, a sheet music store in Nagoya, Japan opened. It was called Hoshino. In 1963, Hoshino started selling Ibanez, a Spanish guitar brand. Later, they bought the rights to the Ibanez name and started selling the guitars in the United States in department stores.

I got my Ibanez electric guitar almost two years ago and it is my favorite guitar. My dad surprised me when he came home on leave from Iraq and took me to a music store and bought it for me. It is a beautiful instrument and so much fun to play. I think it is a good quality guitar and I recommend it.

Today they work with famous guitar players and make some of the best selling guitars and bass guitars in the world.

You can find an authorized Ibanez dealer on the Ibanez web site.

Les Paul Guitars

Les Paul guitars are the finest pieces of wood with six strings attached. This is my personal favorite guitar brand. They are beautiful electric guitars. There are 20 models to choose from in the Epiphone line and many more Gibson models.

The money you pay for it is most likely worth it. Famous artists such as Slash, Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, and John Lennon have been known to use these guitars.

John Lennon had a 1965 Casino. Another good Epiphone guitar is the Les Paul Ultra.

These guitars have a revolutionary lightweight. They come with alnico classic humbuckers. The body of this brand of guitar is made of chambered mahogany wood. The top is quilted mahogany. The finish is faded cherry sunburst.

If you do not know, Epiphone is owned by Gibson. Les Paul is a 93 year old accomplished jazz guitarist so Gibson decided to do a line of guitars with his name. He still plays a guitar on stage once a week with his name in New York City. Les Paul electrics are truly top of the line instruments.

Don't be fooled. Other companies besides Gibson produce imitation guitars that are very similar to the originals. They were also featured in the video game Guitar Hero until Gibson sued them.

Washburn Guitar Brand

The Washburn guitar brand has meant top quality for 120 years. Each guitar is designed and crafted by top notch employees. When you choose this brand of guitar, you know you are getting a top quality product for the most reasonable price.

This fine company started out in Chicago back in 1883. In the early 1920s, in the midst of prohibition, the Washburn guitar factory area of Chicago became a place for Blues musicians from the South to come and play their music.

Guess what brand of guitars these musicians were buying to play their music? That is right. Washburn guitar brand was growing popular among blues players and then among rock and roll players.

Today this is one of the top selling guitar brands among famous musicians, not to mention guitar lovers everywhere.

This guitar company makes electric, acoustic, bass guitars, mandolins, banjos, and amplifiers. They even some left handed models available for you to buy.

You can buy this brand of guitar at your local music store or directly from their website. Of course, you will have to pay shipping charges if you order it from the website so it may be a little cheaper to buy it from your local music store.

If you're looking for a good quality guitar that will not cost you a ton of money, this is your brand!

I have owned an electric Washburn for five years. It was my first electric guitar. I still have it and use it. This is a good quality guitar with a great sound. I highly recommend it. Holding one in your hands, whether acoustic or electric, will make you feel like a professional musician!

Takamine Guitar Brand

Now I am going to inform you about the Takamine guitar brand.

Takamine guitars are made in Sakashita, Japan at the bottom of a mountain called Takamine.

For over 40 years, a family business has been making great guitars. Their classical guitars began to be sold around the world starting in 1975 after a gentleman by the name of Mass Hirade joined the company. He made a lot of improvements in the company. I have one of their classical guitars and so does Kenny Chesney.

Then, in 1978, they started making acoustic electric guitars. You cannot buy a guitar direct from their website. You have to go through a dealer.

I got my Jasmine classical acoustic guitar 7 years ago. My guitar teacher at the time suggested it and my dad bought it for me for Christmas. It is a very good looking guitar. From its body to its head, it is a very nice guitar. The sound is okay. The wood is good quality and I have enjoyed playing it.

Taylor Guitar Brand

The Taylor guitar brand was started back in 1964. These guitars are one of the finest brands you can buy. The Taylor brand is famous for their design and for the fine acoustic guitars they create.

The Taylor guitar has been used by many artists including Trace Adkin and AeroSmith. These are award-winning guitars, limited edition guitars, instruments made out of the finest woods. They are, in short, fabulous. Can you tell that I want one???

Quality is really what sets this brand apart from others. Quality in every detail, both in those you can and cannot see. They do not skimp on their product. This is a company dedicated to excellence so you can focus on your music with one of the finest quality instruments money can make.

You can pick from a wide variety of colors, styles, and types of wood for your new guitar. They are shown on the official web site. Have fun trying out many different combinations, trying to find your perfect guitar! Good luck.

I hope you have enjoyed my reviews of just a few of the best guitar brands in the world.


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