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3 Idiots: Best Bollywood Movie

Updated on May 15, 2012

The Intro

I've already watched this Bollywood movie many times and even I already memorized the whole direction of the story, I still couldn't stopped my tears to fall especially on the part that Rajo and Rancho hugging each other while their own tears are falling down. This part of the movie is one of those scenes that made me emotional and it actually made me sobbed every time I saw it.

"Joy Lobo"
"Joy Lobo"
"Dr. Virus"
"Dr. Virus"


When I first saw this movie, I never expected to be one of my favorite movies of all. In fact, I even closed and replaced it with a Hollywood movie because it bores me. For the record, this was the first ever Indian movie I'd watched and I don't have any idea about those music video-like scenes in the first part that actually gave me the decision to snubbed it and settle for another movie. However, I'm about to open another when I received a text message from one of my close friends. He asked me if I already saw the movie "3 idiots" and mentioned that it was a great movie as told by her girlfriend. I was actually surprised with his message, especially on the part that this one is a great movie. So, just by that, I re-open the movie again and for me not to get bored with it again, I skipped the intermission part and went to where Rancho is entering the lobby of their dormitory where the senior's are currently "baptizing" the freshmen. At this point, I began to see the real worth of this movie, it may be one of the funniest parts but it was educational given the part that Rancho applies law of electricity to humiliate the "chief" of the seniors. And when the director of their college, who is known as "Dr Virus" to the three characters delivered his words to the freshmen, it gave me the complete idea that this one will really turn to be a great movie, just like what my friend says in his text message.

Then Joy Lobo, came into the scene. Looking to finish his project to pass his subject and be able to graduate, the inconsiderate "Dr. Virus" reject him, which later on gave him the "I quit" idea and commit suicide. For that part, he turned my eyes to let off tears for the first time in movies and since then, I realized that this is not a just a great movie, but it was definitely the best of best movies I've ever seen in my whole life.


“Three idiots” is a story that revolves around the life of engineering students and perhaps the reason why I could not resist my tears to fall is that I can relate with their frustrations being also as a computer engineering student myself that time(when I first saw the movie).

The creation of a movie like this is a very great way to motivate yourself from failure. In addition, this can also serve as a wakeup call for those who can't stand by themselves. Rancho shows himself into this movie as a funny person even the fact that there are a lot of burden placed in his shoulders that really shows how strong person he was. He never back out to any challenge given to him. With his “all is well” mentality, he set the direction of the story to which it became as one of the best Asian movies of all time.


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    • profile image

      rohan 23 months ago

      great movie

    • profile image

      Bia 2 years ago

      Nice movie

    • profile image

      shanavas 5 years ago

      thanks for loving Aamir khan

    • xBlizz08 profile image

      xBlizz08 5 years ago from Laoag City, Philippines

      Thanks for the comment.just like what i said in this article, 3 idiots is really one of my favorites to, actually, all aamir khan's movies.

    • yvonne16 profile image

      yvonne16 5 years ago from Phillipines

      great hub and really entertaining! this is one of my favorite bollywood film!