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My Favorite YouTube Channels Featuring Kids

Updated on July 17, 2018
Laura335 profile image

I am the author of three middle grade children's books, and I blog on the side. My favorite topics are movies, writing, and pop culture.

YouTube is a place where all opinions and age groups are represented. That includes kids. Children have found stardom just by unboxing videos, doing silly voices, or just humoring their parents' crazy ideas. Below are some channels that I watch regularly which feature children as the subject of the videos.


BatDad has a lot on his plate. He pops up in a series of Vines where he is seen disciplining his children, scaring his wife, and driving around town. While he is front and center in a plastic Batman mask, his four kids steal the show. They haze him with insults, provide punchlines to his jokes, and cause mayhem wherever they go. The things that come out of their mouths can be shocking, but you can't help but laugh at how they hold their own against their gravelly-voiced superhero dad.

Katie Ryan

Katie Ryan has a channel that features her young daughter, Ava, and her collection of growing characters, like Charlene and Bossy Boss Lady. Ava is funniest, though, when she's just being herself. Her Vines began as a toddler with her croaking, "I smell like beef" as she watches the sun set out the window to an elementary school-aged girl who dreams of pizza nonstop and motivates joggers running past with encouragements like, "You're winning at life!" She's super sharp at such a young age and can ad lib like an improv pro. Her videos are longer now. They feature her signature characters that provide a child's perspective on what adult life is like, and she pretty much gets it right.

HiHo Kids

This channel features kids who sit down with an adult artist who draws pictures based on the kids' descriptions of certain topics, like their parents, their fears, and their dream jobs. They also have the kids try new foods and film their reactions or engage in conversations with older adults. You can see them learning while reminding adults what it's like to have the perspective of someone who is so new to the world.

Bored Shorts TV

The “Kid Snippets” series on this channel employs the magic of editing to create hundreds of hilarious shorts. Two or three young children are given a scenario to act out. Their dialogue is recorded and then re-enacted by adults with the children’s voice overs synced perfectly with the adults’ performances. They discuss everything from learning how to swim to marriage counseling. Some of my favorite videos in this series are adult situations that are re-imagined by kids, such as going on a first date. It’s a really clever and hilarious concept to have adults playing make believe with the most accurate dialogue provided to them. They've even ended up on a Haribo TV commercial, explaining the product in their hilarious kiddie voices.

Action Movie Kid

You may have seen these videos circulating throughout social media sites. A highly trained dad has created his own YouTube channel where he takes ordinary videos of his young son and adds special effects to turn him into a super or action hero. This little boy’s powers and skills cover everything from shooting laser beams to jumping over lava-covered living room floors. The boy is cute, the effects are impressive, and the videos are short but sweet. He also now has a kid sister with superpowers of her own.

Action Movie Kid

Convos With My Two-Year-Old

This is another reenactment series where an ordinary dad (Matthew Clarke) recreates conversations that he has with his young daughter on film. The catch is that his daughter is played by a full grown man (David Milchard). The seriousness of the performances is what makes it funny, and his young daughter, Coco, makes cute little cameos in each video. It is fun to see this dad get pushed around by a little girl who knows what she wants and won’t let anybody stand in her way.


Kevin is your average, quirky teenager with a very fun grandma. At first, he began filming his conversations with his grandma without her knowledge while driving around town. In their videos, they make frequent stops at the Dunkin’ Donuts drive thru, nag terrible drivers, and hang out like best friends do.

In some videos, he asks his grandma for advice for some of his friends at school. He talks to her about celebrity news as if their mishaps and minor crimes were being carried out by his classmates. He also asks her questions from his viewers and pretends that it's kids from school asking for her advice. She humors him with his antics, playing the straight man to his off-the-wall on-camera persona. Still, it’s grandma’s commentary on everything from what to look for in a man to how the guy in front of her is driving that will have you clicking on each video multiple times. She now knows that she is being filmed, but her personality remains the same.


Brothers Benny and Rafi have become Internet stars with over 10 million subscribers on their YouTube Channel. They have several different series, but my favorite is their “React” series, particularly the “Kids React” videos. In this series, a group of regular school-aged children are asked to comment on retro or current events, pop culture, or technology. Their observations and opinions are both hilarious and thought-provoking (you’d never guess that they have never seen a rotary phone before or know how to use it). Some of the other series on this channel do the same with teens and adults. It’s interesting to see how the different generations respond to both foreign and familiar objects, interests, and ideas. Some parts of the video are hilarious while others can be heartbreaking. Still, it’s all about the kids being themselves and saying whatever is on their mind.

What are your favorite YouTube videos featuring kids? Leave your answers in the comments below.


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    • Laura335 profile imageAUTHOR

      Laura Smith 

      4 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA

      Thanks for reading. Yeah, the React series is so funny and thought provoking, and Action Movie Kid is hysterical.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thanks for introducing these programs. They all sound like fun, but I am especially interested in the React Series by TheFineBros and the Action Movie Kid. Thanks for sharing.


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