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My Favorite Youtube Channels: SGD Sacred Geometry Decoded, Danz Newz and More

Updated on October 17, 2017

Sacred Geometry Decoded

My favorite youtuber is SGD, or Sacred Geometry Decoded. He can be found by searching "sacred geometry decoded" in the youtube search bar.

This Australian youtuber creates long and short videos, from a few minutes to a couple hours. The videos are mainly on sacred architecture, measurements and how measuring systems are connected and span the millenia. There are also connections the the Earth, moon and stars, mathematics, and physics. Topics also include sacred geometry and numbers (especially the canonical numbers of base 27, 54, 108, 216, 432, 864). The Great Pyramid, city measurements and layouts, hermetics, mythology, alchemy, astronomy, Freemasons, ancient knowledge, phi and pi, platonic solids and how to draw them, and the caduceus.

My favorite SGD video is "The Great Pyramid, a Hermetic Legacy of Harmonics" which can be found on the front page on his channel.

SGD has 542 videos, most of them on sacred architecture. He has nearly 2000 subscribers. He also has videos on Vidme, although I haven't checked that out yet. He is still posting new videos on youtube.

He has put a lot of work into his videos, and it shows. I truly recommend this youtuber if you are interested in the mysteries of the universe. He has somehow found mysterious connections between certain numbers, geometry, astronomy, and the Earth itself. These connections are not coincidences. There is something intriguing going on. And this has been known throughout the ages, and into the modern day, as it is reflected in all ages of architecture. There have been secrets handed down through time, but there is more to it than that. Something more is going on. Somehow, some people just "know" these things.

SGD doesn't resolve the mystery, but helps in understanding the connections, to help us all get a little closer to figuring it all out.

Danz Newz

Danz Newz isn't news at all really, I'm not sure why he chose that name. He mostly does gaming videos.

Dan is a youngish man from the United States, who used to be a member of the YouTube channel, TheCreatureHub. He also has his own channel (Danz Newz), with over 375,000 subscribers.

He does a lot of different gaming playthroughs, like Minecraft, Batman, and Mass Effect. I mostly watch Dan for the Skyrim playthroughs. He's done one rather long playthrough (which took over a year) and is now into the second playthrough, for the Special Edition.

Dan has rather long videos, usually 20 minutes to an hour. I've watched his first Skyrim playthrough two times.

New Thinking Allowed

Another of my favorite YouTube channels is New Thinking Allowed, by Dr. Jeffery Mishlove.

The full title of this series is New Thinking Allowed Conversations on the Leading Edge of Knowledge and Discovery.

Dr. Mishlove interviews all types of people in the fields of the paranormal, metaphysics and alternative science.

New Thinking Allowed has over 16,000 subscribers,and over 400 videos. Most of the videos are just under a half an hour.

Here is one of my favorites below.


scienceandnonduality is another of my favorite YouTube channels.

SAND explores the deep questions, like consciousness, reality, life, the self, nonduality, spirit,and much more.

There are mainly videos of interviews and SAND conferences. Videos tend to run from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

There are also a series of short films on various topics.

Here is one of my favorites below.

Watercolor Misfit

Watercolor Misfit is one of my favorite Youubers. She is a watercolor and mixed media artist.

Carrie has over 69,000 subscribers, and over 100 videos. The best thing about her channel is the art tutorials and the watercoloring tips.

Her videos are made well, and the step-by-step tutorials are fantastic.

Her playlists are organized into different topics, such as tips for beginners, supplies and techniques, and how-to's.

Watercolor Misfit is also a very good artist,ans definitely worth watching.

These are my favorite YouTube channels for now. I will be adding more later as I find them. I am always looking for something new. I spend quite a bit of time searching YouTube for interesting videos to watch. It is how I relax at night. I enjoy art tutorials and painting demonstration videos. I am also fond of esoteric subjects like sacred geometry, consciousness, alternative science, alchemy, religion, chakras, and meditation. I also enjoy sharing what I find that is good and worth watching, especially when those topics may be obscure.


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