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My Grandfather Preached the Gospel

Updated on December 11, 2013

Grandfather's Bible

My grandfather stood before a lectern in church, for more than sixty years,

In serving all the people for his God, It was the grandest of great careers.

He wore his blue suit on every Sunday then, a white shirt and his bow tie,

carrying a Bible everywhere he went, one day to heaven, his soul did fly.

He shared verses of all of the scriptures, with all the people that he did see,

A righteous life, he lived always, and he showed the right way to be set free.

He worked in a foundry on the weekdays, served a church on his weekends,

In his being a respected pastor, it showed, he shared his life with all his friends.

He taught me all of my values, and in showing respect for the great and small,

he set the pathway for my life back then, teaching how to give my best to all.

My mother had many brothers and sisters, and a big family then had to be fed,

he performed all of his duties each so well, and then tucked them into their bed.

In the summer he had a garden, and I learned to farm, by just watching for free,

every Christmas that's in my memory, we shared the search for our cedar tree.

We decorated the whole house just right, placing ribbons, the bows, and lights,

on every weekend, piled into a car, and viewed all of the season's grand sights.

I remember the last time that I saw him alive, and it was in his retirement care,

he stood before the people there, and reading Bible scriptures for all to share.

When I asked him, if of me, he was proud, he never worried or doubted at all,

telling me that I meant the world, and in teaching, had surely answered my call.


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