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A Horror Movie Fan's Survival Guide

Updated on January 28, 2016

Please read this guide carefully and look at the examples people. This may determine whether you live or die! As you read on, you will see explanations, some with video examples, and a clear statement of each rule. For further information and more life saving rules, contact me. Here we go...


☠ Okay people...road trips are pretty exciting, and we all may take road trips this summer, but NEVER EVER stop for anyone or anything! Doesn't matter what it is. Even if you get a flat tire, just keep on drivin'. Even if you run someone over, or if they are running from something that is trying to kill them, don't be trying to help!

Examples of a bad decision:

RULE NUMBER 1: Just Keep Driving.


☠ I grew up in the country, and around here, there isn't a whole lot to do. So what do we do? We go camping, or have fires in the woods and usually get hammered. The woods should be avoided. I know a lot of you aren't just going to stop going into the woods, but if you careful.

Examples of how it all can go wrong:

RULE NUMBER 2: Unless you're prepared for the worst, stay away from the woods.(especially if you are with your boyfriend or girlfriend)


☠ Okay so maybe I'm a little paranoid here, but if you're home alone and need a nice long shower, just lock your bathroom door. An open door is not worth your life people! If you live in a dorm, I recommend showering with other people around...and not in the dark...or in the middle of the night.

Here's a little inspiration:

Note: At 00:40

Note: 1:27

RULE NUMBER 3: Take showers behind locked doors.


☠ We all witness someone surviving in a life-threatening situation either in real life or in movies, just because of their knowledge of random things that nobody else ever bothers to learn. I mean, if you are running from something, it would always come in handy if you knew how to hotwire a car right? Maybe learn how to shoot a gun? I don't know how many times I see a main character in some horror movie save the day just because they somehow aquire knowledge of cars, guns, medicine, explosives, martial arts, traps, and even tree climbing. People survive bad situations every day because they know stuff. You gotta learn everything you possibly can.

RULE NUMBER 4: Learn new random things, even if you think you'll never use them!


☠ If you're in a bad situation, you're going to want to use your cell phone. From being in your house with cut phone lines to having a flat tire, we all need some help sometimes, and cell phones are high up on my list of top items to have in a bad situation (coming soon). Sure, we may not always have a signal, but you gotta go with the best wireless company and plug that thing in!

This happens way too often:

RULE NUMBER 5: Make sure you have your cell phone and that it works!


☠ Come on people, we all should be able to follow this rule. If you're home alone or live alone, don't just open your door for whoever starts knockin'. At least look out your window or door, and if you can't see anybody just forget about opening your door to look outside. If it's important, they will call you!

RULE NUMBER 6: If you're home alone, at least find out who is at the door before you answer it.


☠ I follow this rule every time I get into my car! It's not hard for something that may or may not save your life. Before you get in, glance in your back seat. If you have a hatchback I say check that too. Do it quickly though. Your car is a good place to be...most of the time.

This example may make you as paranoid as I am:

Note: 4:58

RULE NUMBER 7: Check your back seat before you get into your car.


☠ Parking garages, graveyards, abandoned houses, empty factories, corn fields, and even small towns when nobody is on the street...those are just a few places that creep me out. You don't want to be caught in a creepy place at night...or at least I don't. If you're going to get killed, those are a few likely places that somebody is going to kill you...especially if you're alone.

Here is something scary happening in a parking garage. You'd be surprised what happens in parking garages:

RULE NUMBER 8: Avoid creepy places at night


☠ So you're driving/walking by and see something that isn't quite right. It may be some guy getting beat up, a guy dragging bloody sheets with something in them, or a small town that looks like it is in need of some assistance. I know the right thing to do is help, but not when it is a trap, or if it will just put you in their situation. Nuh uh people you are on your stinkin' own.

A perfect example of people that can't just let it go:

Note: 0:26

RULE NUMBER 9: Mind your own damn business.


☠ A few of my other rules tie in with this rule, but this rule pretty much sums up my survival guide. By reading this note, you are taking a step to follow this rule. You always have to watch your back, and understand that there are times that you can't. There are some times that things are out of your power, especially if you believe in fate, but personally...I am going to be waiting for something to mess me up, and be ready to show it what's up!

RULE NUMBER 10: Always be prepared for the worst!


Congratulations : ) you have finished reading Hilary's Survival Guide. Whether you just glanced at the main rules, or read everything and watched the videos, you officially must be bored. Regardless, this may save your life. Good luck out there people.



If there is anything I have missed or if you have any video link suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below!

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