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My Landlord Left the Country

Updated on October 21, 2012

I Can't Find My Landlord

So there I find myself. The first week of the month has passed and there has been no sign of the landlord. My landlord has never provided an address where I can mail the rent check to, so every month I find myself waiting for him to come around looking for the rent. Sometimes this doesn't happen until the middle of the month as he never seems to be in a hurry, however this particular month I was short on cash and wanted to see if I could hold off until my next payday.

So, I call him on the phone and receive a recording telling me that he is in Central America for six weeks. I am then instructed to leave a message and he will return the call when he arrives back in the country. I guess that he is not going to mind if I am a week late paying the rent.

Now I know that this sort of thing could really upset some people. If there is a maintenance issue, will it be taken care of? Why would my landlord leave the country for an extended amount of time with no notice? These are perfectly normal things to ponder, yet somehow seem normal with my landlord.

Not Your Normal Landlord

Thats right, there are many types of landlords, but none are quite like mine. Its quite simple to have problems taken care of with a single call to the maintenance man. Within the day the situation is taken care of with a smile. Yet when it comes time to pay the rent, he is nowhere to be found.

The situation gets even more interesting when his ex-wife shows up. This will happen every few months, apparently there is an agreement that they are to share the income from the rental properties. So I learned that collecting the rent is not the only thing mr. landlord has a difficult time remembering.

A few months ago mrs. landlord showed up at the door saying that I needed to pay the rent because I was several months behind. I knew this was not correct because i pay my rent each month. Turns out mr. landlord was telling his ex-wife that tenants were not paying their rent so that he did not have to share it with her.

Needless to say I now save all my cancelled rent checks. After all, a landlord who forgets to collect the rent could easily forget who has paid. It would be just my luck to become the first homeless man paying rent.


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    • mollymeadows profile image

      Mary Strain 5 years ago from The Shire

      Count your blessings, CJ! Lots of people would love to have an absentee landlord, lol!

      This reminds me of the time that I went to see my GP and found out he had moved back to South America. Quickly. Weird..scary...