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My Last Visions

Updated on July 4, 2015

Film Posters

Main Poster - My Last Visions
Main Poster - My Last Visions
Teaser Poster - My Last Visions
Teaser Poster - My Last Visions
Teaser Poster - My Last Visions
Teaser Poster - My Last Visions

About the Film

'My Last Visions' is a short film based on an incident in a Green park. Here, the park is itself a narrator telling its own story regarding the incident it has witnessed. Although the Park itself, is lifeless but it has special visions. What is that incident that it wants to narrate? The story unfolds the incident ending with a social message.

The film deals with the issue of Child Safety. The film was nominated to be screened at PSA Short Film Festival in Chennai 2014 and Palm Tree Children's Festival of India in 2014. The film has traveled across the globe through film festivals in 2014-2015 and is now scheduled to be released on 11th of July 2015 exclusively on Youtube and Vimeo.

Director's Note

My Last Visions has been directed by acclaimed Indian short filmmaker and animator Varun Mehta. Talking about the film Varun said that he formed the base of the film's story through his uncle's poem. Varun adored his late Uncle 'Dr Baldev Mirza' who had once written a short poem about a green park.

In that short poem, an incident was mentioned where a child plays around and suddenly disappears, no one knows where did it go except the Green Park. It knew the whole story but it didn't have the power to convey. Varun found this idea challenging and formed it into a short film. However, he has kept the ending of the film leaving to viewers imagination.

Varun said he believes in working towards the social issues and their awareness which can help enlightening the society for a better perceptive. Varun's previously directed shorts - The Unknown World, The Wonder Stone, Save Trees, The Art of Farming all were related to social causes.

Promotions and Release

The promotions of My Last Visions started in 2014 itself with the launch of the main trailer. Filmmaker Varun Mehta revealed the first look of the film at 'Blossom Short Film Festival' India in March 2014.

The film was further promoted with a promotional drawing competition held in cities of India where the children were asked to sit in a green park and draw various things around them. This move was quite appreciated by the school officials.

Varun went on to attend 'Animday Awards' held in Mumbai last year in october 2014 where he promoted the film. The Trailer of the film was played throughout the event and in a special session Mehta talked about the importance and appeal of the film towards the society.

In Late 2014, Two online contests were further organized to promote the film. The first contest was to submit a 10 second animated short revolving around the film while the other one was a trailer based competition where the participants had to submit an edited out version of the trailer in 20 seconds.

In 2015 two more online contests were organized for promotions. Facebook and Twitter were simultaneously taken and participants were asked to share and tweet the posts related to the film coming though their official pages.

The film is all set to release on 11th of July 2015 exclusively on Youtube and Vimeo.

Production Stills from the movie

My Last Visions Trailer

My Last Visions Film Trailer

My Last Visions Trailer


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