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My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie

Updated on August 1, 2017

Pinkie Pie

Welcome to my Fan Page I think. Can we party now?
Welcome to my Fan Page I think. Can we party now?

Let's Party!

Oh joy Oh joy Oh joy! You actually came to my fan page. Yay yay yay! Umm what do I do on a fan name is Pinkie Pie! Haha I love joy and making people smile. It always wasn't this way in the beginning but now it is and its GREAT! I work at Sugarcube Corner as a baker and confectioner so I always have the best cakes and cupcakes for parties. Twilight said something about telling stories and I love stories. Have you ever heard the story about the little pony who can? Oh. She meant my life story didn't she. Yeah! That makes a lot more sense then just saying a random story on my page. Hmmm let me think where should I start. Well today I had an extra yummy cupcake. Is that enough of a story? OH! My life story ok here we go ^.^

It all started with poor little Pinkie Pie on a rock farm. Me and my family never had fun and where tired all the time from the hard work moving the rocks from right field to left field. Everyday no one smiled and no one was happy. Then one day I saw a huge rainbow and it just filled me with joy and smiles! I wanted to make everyone feel the way I did when I saw that rainbow so I threw a party for everyone on the farm. One day when they came in I had all the balloons and cake out on a table and decorated everything perfectly for fun. When they smiled for the first time I knew that was my calling - to make everyone HAPPY! Thats how Equestra was made. Maybe next time I can tell you the story about how I got my cutie mark.

My Pet! My Pet! You Have to meet my Pet!

I have a cute little alligator named Gummy. Gummy is mega awesome and loves to party just like me. We eat cake all the time and can set up a room full of balloons in 10 seconds flat! Gummy has many parties for him and always gives me someone to talk to when im lonely. I try not to be lonely a lot because if im lonely thats not fun at all.


Picture Time!

Whats a party and a fun celebration without pictures of to remember them! Heres some pictures of me so hopefully you will always have a smile on your face even when im not around!

Pinkie Pie es Numoro uno!
Pinkie Pie es Numoro uno!
This was when I was little on the rock farm. Wasn't really fun back then.
This was when I was little on the rock farm. Wasn't really fun back then.


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