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My Little Pony: Rainbow Dash

Updated on July 31, 2017

Rainbow Dash

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my 20% cooler fan page you will share with a friend in 10 seconds flat!
Hey! Thanks for stopping by my 20% cooler fan page you will share with a friend in 10 seconds flat!

When you're sad, stop being sad and be awesome instead.

— RD

Oh Hey!

So you did come to check me out - I wasn't surprised at all! Why wouldn't you want to come learn more about the best flyer in Cloudsdale? Now where should I start in telling you how awesome I am!

I made a list of why im the best:

1. Im the Fastest Flyer in the World!
1. Im the Coolest of all Ponies
1. Im the Radist of all Ponies
1. Im the Awesomest of all Ponies
1. Im the most agile of all Ponies
1. Im the only pony to ever do a Sonic Rainboom!!

There are millions of other reasons why I Rainbow Dash is the best. Those are just the highlights. If you don't believe me why not challenge me to a race? Scare are you - thats predictable. If you ever did want to race though you can probably find me taking a nap up on a cloud somewhere. Awesome girls do need their sleep to stay energized and ready at all times after all!

One day I will be one of the Wonderbolts and you will come see me do spectacular aerobatic flight shows. There simply the coolest of cool - the best team of flyers ever! I really want to be a Wonderbolt and im sure it won't be long till I am one! After all someone as cool and awesome as me is a shoe in for something like the Wonderbolts.

Who is Rainbow Dash?

I also have an Awesome Pet too!

For the longest time I didn't have a pet because I didn't think I could find one that meets my standards. I went to Fluttershy who showed me a large variety of pets. There were cool flying pets like Eagles and Falcons, and some awesome pets like a Wasp and Bat. All of these seemed cool and I put them all to a test and they all averaged out together so I had to do a tie breaker. During the tiebreaker all of these pets were so focused on beating each other they didn't even stop to help me get my wing out of a large bolder! Luckily, the tortoise who wasn't cool, wasn't awesome, wasn't a choice for me to even consider came along and moved the rock. He then carried me on his shell to the finish line and won the race by completing it with me. I named him Tank and decided he should be my pet. The problem was he couldn't fly and keep up with me so we equipped him with a helicopter rotor so he could fly with me.



Heres some awesome pictures of me, sorry no autographs at this time!

Chill on a cloud!
Chill on a cloud!
Ready to race?
Ready to race?
The dress Rarity made me!
The dress Rarity made me!
Pointing out the right way.
Pointing out the right way.
Happy, simply Happy!
Happy, simply Happy!


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    • thranax profile image

      Andrew 5 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      Sure is fact its 20% cooler in 10 seconds flat!


    • profile image

      VinylScratch 5 years ago