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My Love For the Beatles

Updated on July 23, 2015
Ethan Bridges profile image

I am currently an English Major in hopes to become one of the great writers of all time.

Good Day, Sunshine

Before the Beatles, I was just this kid who listened to whatever music that interested me. Thought I was known to love older rock music, my first obsession came when I was in kindergarten. Elvis Presley became my life and soul, and through his music, I learned how to woo a woman by crooning to her with a few simple lines from one of his songs. Of course, I was aware of other older, classic rockers like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and so on. My father loves his classic rock bands and the blues, so I grew up, immersed in what I call good music. Good music is an opinion, I know, but to me, the music of yesterday is better than the music of this day and age.

I knew a few songs growing up by the great Lennon and McCartney, and many of which I recognized; but I wasn't the greatest fan of them as I was today. It wasn't until later that I found that they were really good, and the messages they displayed in their songs helped me understand the world just a bit more. In a sense, the Beatles saved my life, but they didn't save it in a way that most people would think.


My passion and love for the Beatles started with a girl. We were the best of friends and grew really close with one another. At this point in my life, I was this arrogant, narcissistic snob, who was this holier-than-thou little git. When this girl came into my life, she showed me a more peaceful side of life, one that I would soon grow accustom to. It started with the discussion of who was our favorite Beatle.

I had no earthly idea; I barely listened to them. The only song I had by them was Live and Let Die (soon realized that wasn't even the Beatles, just Paul). So I thought, Hey! Why not John? Little did I realize then, John Lennon would save my life. Over the short period of time I spent with her, my Beatles collection of songs grew from a few hits that I liked to buying the entire albums. Little did she know, when I obsess over something or someone, I truly obsess over them. The collection grew to a total of 16 albums within a two month period.

We began to discuss favorite songs, why we didn't like certain songs, why we just drooled over George Harrison's guitar solo in While My Guitar Gently Weeps. We did this daily, and my passion not only grew for the Beatles but for her also. Until she had to leave...

"Is there anybody going to listen to my story, all about the Girl who came to stay? She's the kind of girl you want so much it makes you sorry. Still you don't regret a single day."

Across the Universe

During my short time with this girl, something within me stirred for the first time. I began to open up my mind and look at the world with a different perspective unlike I had before. I began to realize that there was more to life than just this running about trying to keep a job to make money while paying off your debt. There was more to life than just this hustle and bustle that we are all hum-drummed into believing.

By now, I not only listened to the Beatles, but I was actually listening to the lyrics. I began to realize that there were so many truths hidden with in each line that my mind almost exploded. Most of these strong lyrics came from the great mind of John Lennon, my favorite Beatle. He opened a door for me that I never knew would open.

I started to look at people, not just as in separation of gender, race, or religion, but looking at them as one. We are all one and made by one. When my obsession grew past the Beatles and into the music of John Lennon, I realized even more of how much more he was the "smart Beatle." His words "flowed out like endless rain into a paper cup," and I saw more than all the truths of the world through his visage and words and music. Truths that would become my foundation for my own thoughts and ideas about the world.

In My Life (1966)

In My Life

Words from the lyrics of the Beatles created a different person within myself. I now know how to solve things with a fairness, rather than my quick judgements like I used to. I thought that happiness depended on others', but I soon realized that it is my happiness that I need to worry about and no one else's. With these beautiful lyrics, I began to see what the Fab Four were talking about. It wasn't just one issue but a diverseness of issues that they had to deal with on a regular basis. After John's incriminating statement that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus, I saw that he was poking fun of those people who misunderstood his comment in his song The Ballad of John and Yoko: "They're gonna crucify me." They sung about what they wanted to sing; not because anyone told them they had to sing a certain way; although, Brian Epstein did tell them how to dress when they had to perform but that was mainly image rather than him wanting them to dress that way. They were more human as a group than other famous singers of that era. People knew they were dabbling in drugs. People knew this! How many people actually knew that Elvis or Johnny Cash were also doing the same thing? Especially during the 60s music era. The Beatles allowed for people to come into their lives through their songs, and that really amazes me that they had the power to do that with an entire generation.


Through the changes that came into my life after she left became the epitome of who I am today. I became more knowledgeable toward other aspects in my life. I no longer was as arrogant as I was before. I became less of a conceited person because the Beatles taught me to not be that way. I began to express how I really felt toward humanity more so than I had before. My love for peace and prosperity grew heavily, and my love for other humans grew faster than before. I was a mean person, who totally took the turnabout and became a different being because I came to loath how I treated others who were different from me. I grew to love all humans and respect their decisions and their views on life. The more I respected, the more people began to respect me.

My work life became more easy to deal with because I wanted to keep peace between others and myself. I hated the confrontations between coworkers, and I did my best to resolve things in a peaceful attitude. People began to come to me with their problems, and I did my best to help them resolve their problems. I became the go-to guy, and I love it.

The Beatles helped me mold my being even more of who I am today. I learned what being human meant by showing compassion toward my fellow human beings. The lyrics give me hope and faith that I can become a better person, and through this I know that there can be more to life.

This is why I love the Beatles.

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    • word55 profile image

      Word 3 years ago from Chicago

      Wonderful, how you can learn and grow so much via music Ethan. The Beatles began as a youthful and innovative group. Therefore, they were filled with deep rooted music that would last for decades and even centuries.

    • oldiesmusic profile image

      oldiesmusic 3 years ago from United States

      I am amazed at how you can relate and learn lessons just by listening to the Beatles' music. I can also relate with their lyrics too and compare them with a few events of my life. Love these guys. Voted up, etc. and shared.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 3 years ago from Auburn, WA

      So happy to hear about your discovery of the Beatles. I'm always worried that real talent will be forgotten in today's haze of technologically-enhanced "artists." This was refreshing. Great job. Voted up and shared.