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My Mad Max Fury Road review

Updated on May 26, 2015

My summary: If you care about the plot of the movie you will be disappointed. So there is this guy named Mad Max who is running away from this guy who looks like Sweettooth from Twisted Metal. He is driving away from his entire army with a bunch of wives and they blow stuff up. That's it. Yes there is a little more (not really) but you won't care because all you want to see is chases and explosions done right.

The Good: Everyone in the entire world is going crazy over this movie from the fans to the original Mad Max to even the critics. It has a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes which is rare for an action movie with little story. I have to say the beginning sequence is amazingly executed with Mad Max being tortured then freed and having a fight with the wives. The vehicle chases are creatively done and I was very impressed by the choreography of the fight sequences. You actually feel the strong tension while not just two characters are fighting but an entire group of them at once. It takes work to make it but watching it ensue so on point is entertaining. I do like how the pacing never deceives you at all and the energy is all there from the actors to the chases to the fights it is all one huge testosterone fueled rush. The cinematography is beautiful as you see everything so dark that matches the tone of the film. It's not easy to have such dark themes and dark cinematography while also making a fast paced adrenaline rush.

The Bad: The critics consensus is With exhilarating action and a surprising amount of narrative heft, Mad Max: Fury Road brings George Miller's post-apocalyptic franchise roaring vigorously back to life. Now I never seen the original but I don't feel like I need to here. The main issue I have with the film is the fact that I never cared for any of the characters except for maybe Nicholas Hoult. The main character is played by the amazing Tom Hardy who I have already said is an amazing actor. He gave it his all but I never cared about his character because I have no idea what motivates him, what happened in his past, what his personality is besides just a tough guy, and what his plan is. All I was looking for in the film is somewhere in the middle of the film have Mad Max and Charlize's character have a talk about where they are from and what happened to them to get them where they are now. Maybe a time in their past that shaped who they are now. Many films do this like I, Robot, Batman 1989, Rambo, Terminator 2, and so on. Just so you have an idea of backstory so you can understand why you are rooting for this character. But since this movie does not have it you keep questioning why you even care about this character. The action scenes can only entertain for so long before they start to become boring. You just don't feel anything for these characters. The wives all we know about is one of them is pregnant with the Sweettooth looking character. Charlize's character is a tough female character and that's all you get about her. You don't know why she matters outside the fact that she can shoot a gun and drive a vehicle (I don't know what you call it). None of them have any personality and that aspect makes it all too obvious that you're watching a nonsensical action movie. I can deal with a movie without plot but not without characters as well. The mistakes in this movie are like the mistakes in Fast and Furious 7 but backwards. While Furious 7 had too much drama and predictable formulas Mad Max had no drama and no formula. While Furious had way too much talking and less tension Mad Max had little talking and too much tension. I have no idea why everyone is loving this film so much and I highly disagree with the critics on Rotten Tomatoes that is has any narrative heft at all. It is boring after the first couple scenes and then it starts to drag.

Verdict: Boring!

I don't care if people tell me it is a nonsensical action movie because even nonsensical action movies can have plot and personality. If you use the excuse that it is supposed to be like the original 1979 or 1981 film I'll tell you this is not the 80s anymore where action films were just about unrealistic blow-em-up action movies anymore. In this decade action movies have a higher standard due to technical, social, and political advances in the last 30 years. The reason why films like Rambo, Terminator, Die Hard, Commando, Lethal Weapon, and Robocop worked is because they either had an engaging plot or personality carrying stars to substitute for the unrealistic and over-the-top action. This film has none of those essential elements. It's just mindless action that is well executed I will say but that is it. Nowadays action movies require more than just those essential elements. Films like Sin City, Bourne Identity, The Dark Knight, Casino Royale, Fast and Furious now require something else to add along with it. I expect better out of a film that had very much promise and I'm disappointed at how much praise it is getting from everyone. But I know everyone is allowed to have their opinions. I honestly was just waiting for the movie to end half way through.


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    • alexseidler profile image

      alexseidler 2 years ago

      Yeah the leads are good actors just not personified well enough.

    • profile image

      Pat Mills 2 years ago from East Chicago, Indiana

      I think Max, who's an ex-cop, tries to still do good in a world up for grabs. I'm not as high on Fury Road as others, but I do like the leads.