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My Most Unpopular Thoughts

Updated on January 6, 2013

I remember as a kid when I used to watch soaps wondering why the couples I liked were never the mainstream couples that everyone liked. In short, I've always been the Queen of Unpopular Opinions. And here are some of my current ones:

Once Upon A Time:

Snow and Charming -- Fans of the Snow and Charming pairing called them Snowing, but they should really be called Snoring, because they're boring. It's the same thing over and over again. "I'll find you. I'll find you." Do us all a favor. Next time you two find each other, get lost.

Hook -- I keep hearing how charming Hook is, and I'm wondering if it's in a place that doesn't show. He's a bully. He has no problem punching women. And the dude might be attractive if he laid off of the mascara. I have this visual of a date with this idiot would be like. It would involved you applying your make-up to his face then he'd put on your high heels and start modeling the clothes from your closet. He truly is the worst fairy tale character introduced this season.

The Vampire Diaries:

Paul Wesley -- I keep hearing what a great actor he is and that he should be given an Oscar, but as someone who has watched every episode of the show, there hasn't been one of his performances where his acting impressed me. In some of the scenes he makes some strange acting choices. When Damon was pulling his heart out to him telling him he was all he had, he displayed less emotion than a piece of wood would. Yet, when he's in a scene with Klaus he acts like Klaus is the love of his life. I just find his acting completely over-rated.

Caroline -- Talk about an overrated character. I thought it was kind of harsh when Damon said way back in season one she was a waste of space, but in retrospect he really called that one. When you have to twist established vampire facts to try and make her look good, that shows just how lame she truly is. Her sudden over-the-top Stefan worshiping this season doesn't wash, because last season she was all, "Stefan who?" Instead of out looking for Stefan, she was urging Elena to forget about him. She was very supportive to Tyler before they slept together, but since then she's supportive of everyone but Tyler. As Damon so aptly put it, she's a waste of space.

Not that happy -- I know the DE's were gushing about how happy Damon was with Elena, but I've seen Damon really happy and I'm glad he told us he was happy, since by looking at him I wouldn't have been able to tell. Damon happy was Damon playing in bed with Katherine.

Pretty Little Liars

Hard to sympathize with the Liars -- I know the Liars are the protagonists of the show, but I'm finding it harder and harder to sympathize or root for them. They seem to think they're justified in anything they do as they try and solve the murder of their foul Queen Bee, Ali. The incident that bugged me the most was when Aria thought she was so cute destroying the photographers equipment all in the name of getting into her shop to search the place. When Spencer heard how her beloved Ali victimized Paige, she showed no sympathy and just re-victimized her in the name of Ali. That's why I love that Toby's a part of the A Team. Let's see how Spencer likes it when she's on the other end of it for once.


Same show; different character names -- I initially liked Bunheads, but had I'd ever watched an episode of the Gilmore Girls, that probably wouldn't have been the case. I have since and see why people are calling this the Gilmore Girls 2.0. The girl that plays Sasha looks like the girl who played Rory and watching Michelle is like watching Loralei. Why start a new show, when you're really just redoing your past show.

The Lying Game

Season 2 will be its last -- The problem is the villains on this show [Sutton and Mommy Dearest] are one note with absolutely not one redeeming quality. Both Sutton and Rebecca seem like complete sociopaths. Rebecca doesn't seem to give a crap about either of her kids and Sutton doesn't give a crap for the parents who raised, and had no problem helping to destroy their marriage. It's just not a fun show to watch. It actually started out fun with the switch, but now it really isn't.


This show has lost the plot -- What started out as this girl wanting to avenge her father's death has become it takes a village to get revenge. What made you root for Amanda was she was this lone person against this powerful Grayson family. Only to discover she's got an entire village behind her and the Graysons' are the ones who are the lone people against the Amanda Army. Also, Amanda isn't after the Graysons, she's after this mysterious powerful entity called The Initiative. This show needs to revitalize itself by having Amanda's victims find out who she is and one of them killing her, cause if she goes so will all the ridiculous elements she adds to the show. Get rid of Sensei Mr. T and his mutant Ninja turtles. Get rid of the Initiative. Just get back to what this show used to be and maybe it can be salvaged before it's too late.

Switched At Birth

Get Off Angelo's Back -- Yeah, he's been a bad boy. He's slept with women. He apparently got one pregnant. Anything the dude did before he returned and learned about the switch should be left off the table. Yeah, Angelo wasn't a good daddy to run-off when he was convinced Daphne wasn't his kid [which she wasn't] and neither was Regina knowing about the switch and letting things stay as they were. And Bay wasn't particularly nice using Angelo to sneak off with Medusa. All these characters have made mistakes so they need to give Angelo some slack.

And those are my unpopular thoughts for the moment.


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