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Which is better,Star Trek or Star Wars?

Updated on April 24, 2013

This is deadly serious

Forget your football rivalries, forget petty party political differences of are they too left wing? or are their policies too draconian. As a fan of both Sci-Fi television/movie program I am about to open the Pandora`s box of debates " Which in my opinion is better Star Wars or Star Trek?"- This is a subject I have not taken lightly ( okay a bit lightly) and i am sure I will receive abuse back about this(its all feedback!!). Which TV show is the king of space based escapism, Is the light sabre mightier than the phaser. Well as fan I have devised a series of tests to show which show format is the worthy master of the genre. And for the record this hub came about due to a few too many beers after work!

DISCLAIMER : These shows are fiction until proved otherwise!

Now I was born in 1978 and my early memories of childhood involved the Christmas holidays and watching either Star Wars or Star Trek at some stage of the festivities. I was the typical 1980`s child with X-wing models, Several Luke Skywalker figures and a box full of the special edition figures that you had to send the tokens off for!( I had a nice collection of figures, until my younger brother bit their heads off and buried them in the back garden) As I hit my teenage years I found myself drawn and almost obsessed with the Star Trek :Next Generation. Before then the only Star Trek I had really seen was the motion pictures and re-runs of the 1960`s series. So comparing Star Wars to the original Star Trek is like comparing a model T-Ford to a DB9! Do not fear or worry I have made allowances.

I have decided to judge the series on the whole franchise, so I will take into account Jar Jar Binks annoyingness and the strings on the 1960`s special effects. At the moment with our CGI and other fancy tricks I think its almost refreshing and amusing.

Right then how shall I score this? I think as a percentage of the subtopics and then averaging out the score at the end, this seems fair to me so lets begin!

Tie Fighters attacking the Millenium Falcon
Tie Fighters attacking the Millenium Falcon

Battle One- Ships

The big kid in me always dreamed of owning or piloting the X-Wing fighter from Episode IV: New Hope. As a proud Englishman they are like the Spitfires of the future, In my eyes they are still awesome, it is the Rebel Alliance`s ace in the hole and in my opinion I speculate a vastly better fighter than the Empires Tie-Fighter. If I was judging Star Wars on one ship its X-wing 100% but I have to take off marks for the following ships in the Star Wars universe. Millennium Falcon as it would fail any space M.O.T and the Imperial Destroyers could have had a lot more destructive power. Also the Death Star although a lethal moon-sized ship and scary, was let down by silly oversights in its architecture. SCORE 85%

Now Star Trek has a lot more ships within its universe but I struggle to see anything which is similar to the X-Wing. At a push the Borg/Federation fusion of the Delta Flyer from Voyager, but it would not be a fair comparison. Of course the Star Trek universe has the legendary USS Enterprise running through its history, although it has been destroyed more than the Death Star. Still as flagship of the Federation it should be feared and respected. The best ship in the Star Trek universe for me is the USS Defiant, a robust and dangerous ship than in honesty would win a fight against bigger ships in either franchise. The Defiant was destroyed once by Breen weaponry in the DS9 series. It survived assaults by the Borg in First Contact and is maybe the most offensive ship in Starfleet's armoury. The USS Defiant with its durability and the Romulan loaned Cloak may well sway the contest to Star Trek??? SCORE 90%

The best ship?

Would you rather have....

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Battle Two- Villains

Not that difficult to say who the real villains in the Star Trek universe currently are , there have been so many to choose from, although some villains evolve into friends in later series. I think the Borg are the ultimate Bad guy as they represent losing ones individuality. These cybernetic aliens have become a constant threat to the Federation and they can supply limitless resources against their prey as they seek to assimilate the universe. They look on space as their empire, as they believe all will fall to the hive mind. They have tough heavily shielded and adaptive ships, superior strength by augmentation and have knowledge and technologies that can bring down civilizations. The Borg alone are a frightening opponent and if you add into the mix the Imperial and focused Romulans, The Warriors of the Jem Hadar, The cunning of the Cardassians and the Klingon warriors ethic. It is fair to say that all Star Trek villains offer a challenge. I have omitted including the Q continuum in this section as I believe they are not truly comparable to anything most science fiction shows have. Essentially they are as powerful as gods, having the ability to shape the universe to their ideal instantly. If the Federation every went to war with the Q, the Federation would be wiped from existence and history before you could get a phaser lock.

SCORE 90% ( If we include the Ferengi recalculated score is ....)

The Star Wars villains are harder to pin down, I suppose the Emperor, Darth Vader and other Sith lords, are the main threat. Using the darker side of the force they can reap ruin and destruction across the galaxy. The Emperors use of his lightening and other dark powers is very effective, combine this with his henchmen Darth Vader and his legions of cloned Stormtroopers any opponent would be in trouble. Also let us not forget the Hutt`s and the bounty hunters who are devious, professional and lethal

SCORE 92% ( Removed 3% for the silly droids saying "Roger Roger" in Phantom Menace)

Tie Fighter seconds away from oblivion
Tie Fighter seconds away from oblivion

Best Enemy.....

Which is the best adversary

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Battle Three- Light Sabers vs Hand Weapons

Okay this might be a bit unfair, every boy born after 1974 must have put on his Christmas wish list to Father Christmas a Light saber! It didn't matter what colour it was back then it really didn't matter. Personally I would go for for a Silver Light saber and if I was greedy I would want two light sabers.

I can remember a news story when Phantom Menace first came out in the UK Cinemas. Two fans made their own Light sabers by lighting petrol in strip lights, really stupid it didn't work out well and they got burnt pretty bad.

SCORE 100%

The Federation issue Phaser, The Romulan disruptor, The Klingon Ba`leth and any other weapon in the universe are good but not in the same league as a light saber.


Ok just tallied up the scores and Star Trek got an average Of 85% and Star Wars recieved an average of 92%. So in my opinion Star Wars is superior but I love them both as I am at heart a Sci-Fi nerd

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    • Porshadoxus profile image

      Porshadoxus 5 years ago from the straight and narrow way

      Intriguing. Perhaps I'll do a hub covering tech vs tech in a space battle.

      Voted up.

    • Asp52 profile image

      Asp52 5 years ago from England

      Both are classic SCI-FI, as a 1970's kid Star Wars is very much a part of my youth!!

    • smithed profile image

      smithed 5 years ago

      In terms of overall depth of characters and overall lore, the edge goes to Star Trek. But, I grew up with Star Wars so I have to go with my heart and say, May the force be with you.

    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 6 years ago

      Very funny stuff. lol. I have to agree, I love both franchises, but I think "star wars" clearly has the edge. :D lol.

    • Mr.Spock profile image

      Mr.Spock 7 years ago

      star trek wins its more diplomatic

    • Asp52 profile image

      Asp52 7 years ago from England

      I agree, it is funny to see how dumb they had become from the "Clone Wars" to the "New Hope" era. Maybe George Lucas had a hidden message about genetic engineering lol

    • outdoorsguy profile image

      outdoorsguy 7 years ago from Tenn


      Stormtroopers never seemed that tough, all you needed was a pipe with in six feet of you and you were safe. Stormtroopers love to aim at pipes LOL.

      must be some secret pipe plot to overthrow the empire.

      but light sabre's were cool.