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Original Piano Compositions by J.P. Dennis

Updated on March 24, 2013
J.P. Dennis at a Steinway Piano at Tennessee Technological University in 2005.
J.P. Dennis at a Steinway Piano at Tennessee Technological University in 2005.

A Little About Me

My name is J.P. Dennis. I started playing piano and writing my own compositions when I was 15 years old. I am currently a full time composer and songwriter. Below are some YouTube videos of my best piano compositions. I hope that you enjoy! If you would like to hear more live records, please visit my website at!

I hope that you enjoy!

New for 2013!

"The Lone Dancer" for piano is my newest original composition that was premiered on March 1, 2013. I am very excited by all of the things I was able to do with it to make it more musical and give it some contrast harmonically.

The Knight's Revenge

The music for "The Knight's Revenge" is exciting and follows the story of a young and in-love knight who falls in love with girl. For this particular "scene" that is this piece, it starts off with some slow, but frustrated melodies which represent the knight mourning the loss of his true love, who was brutally tortured and taken away from him. As the piece progresses you can hear the chaos and the battle that is going on as he seeks revenge for her. There is also some magic as one of his friends, which happens to be a wizard, comes to try and convince him to wait and to seek the revenge at a later time. However, he gives into his passion and enters a deadly battle.

The Knight's Revenge is under Copyright 2009.

Movement I

Movement II

The War of Fantasia - Mov. I & II

"The War of Fantasia" is one of my earlier compositions where I did a little bit of experimenting with arpeggios, time change, tempo change, modulations, accidentals, and some of other fun patterns and such. To this day it is still my most requested and often performed works. The War of Fantasia was also arranged as a larger concert band work and published by Lovebird Music Company. This was a big senior year project that I did and I am happy to say that it is available for sale on the world's largest sheet music store: !

Movement I is the more experimental piece, but still very tonal. Movement II is my mother's favorite. It is just simply beautiful. Please enjoy!

The War of Fantasia - Mov. I and II are under Copyright 2005.


"Majestuoso" is a piece I wrote while I was participating in the Rockwood High School Marching Band. In fall of 2004, we were doing a Spanish show titled En Fuego. I took a lot of inspiration from that show to create "Majestuoso". The piece has two parts. One slow and one fast. I also threw a little theme from "The War of Fantasia" even though I think most people do not know where it is at in the piece.

Other Piano Works

Another piano composition I did was a multi-movement piano Sonata in C# Minor.  Recordings for that are on .  You will also find orchestra, band, and various other small ensemble recordings!  Please check it out and leave me a comment below.  I always enjoy a good critiquing!

Thank you!

-J.P. Dennis

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List of Works by J.P. Dennis

Concert Band:

2007 - The War of Fantasia

It’s Christmas Day

2005 - O Holy Night (Arrangement)

2004 - Angels We Have Heard on High (Arrangement)


2008 – The Knight’s Revenge (Incomplete)

2007 – Mount Angel (Incomplete)

2006 – Out of the Darkness

Small Ensemble and Instrumental Solo:

2009 – Mount Angel for Bassoon

2006 – Race to the Finish (Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, and Piano)

It’s Christmas Day (Violin and Piano)


2011 – Music from The Frog Prince (Current Project with some finished scores):

· I Just Want to Be Free

· The Prince is Coming

· (I Can Be Your) Prince Charming

· Man of Your Dreams

· Big Burtha

· It’s Christmas Day


2009 – It’s Christmas Day (Female and Piano)

One Gold Rose (Male and Female Duet with Piano)


2013 – The Lone Dancer

Theme for a New World (Incomplete)

2012 – Tucker’s Space Adventure

2009 – The Knight’s Revenge

2007 – Medieval Fantasy (Arrangement)

2006 – Sonata No. 1 in C# Minor

· I – “Solitude”

· II – “Unrevealed Hope”

· III – “Fury”

2005 – The War of Fantasia (Mov. I, II)


2004 – Angel Falls

Starlet Sky

2003 – An Irish Spring


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    • ComposerGoneWild profile image

      John Preston Dennis 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Thank you very much for stopping by! I believe I have listened to your music in the past and I currently have it playing right now. Thank you!

    • Irenebonjour profile image

      Irenebonjour 6 years ago from MA, USA

      I like your original music!! Thanks for sharing!! Check out my original music as well!! THanks :)