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My Personal Top 50 Comedy Films: 42

Updated on May 1, 2013

42. Hot Shots!

Hotshots for me is an odd one. It basically ended Charlie Sheen's career as a serious actor and made every serious role he had ever had in the past lack something. That something, was a joke.

The very same thing can be said for Leslie Nielsen after the Naked Guns & Police Squad. The moment you see either of them now, you wait for the joke.

Two characters from this film of course went on to star in Two and a Half Men (Jim "Wash-Out" Pfaffenbach (Jon Cryer) and Topper Harley (Charlie Sheen) ) Another one came from Airplane (Lloyd Bridges). And watching Rain Man is somewhat hard after Hot Shots due to Valeria Golino being in both.

Like I have said in other reviews where past/present clashing roles have happened (Spaceballs and Lost Highway) you should probably leave a wide gap in viewing, if you like both films of course.

Hot Shots is very obviously a parody/spoof of Top Gun. It follows the same trail as Airplane too, on the comedy scale. But still has a few good jokes that have clearly gone on to inspire such films as the Scary Movie series. But still, they come from the same pool.

Pilot Topper Harley (Charlie Sheen) is having problems and needs to see a psychologist, which he does. However, his psychologist, Ramada (Valeria Golino) recommends that he should not fly.

Of course, Chopper does fly and he and Ramada start a relationship together too. A lot of cooking is also done..

Later a top secret mission is revealed to Topper and his fellow flying men. They must take out an Iraqi nuclear power plant before it becomes active. However, the mission is hampered by an unknown saboteur who sabotages all of the pilots planes..

Hot Shots is a good watch if you feel like watching something silly, punny, and comical. There is nothing deep or demanding from this film but that's perfect as you will laugh.


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