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My Personal Top 50 Comedy Films: 43

Updated on April 26, 2013

43. Happy Gilmore

The oddly named Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler) has a dream of becoming a hockey player. Tragically the one skill he does not possess is how to skate, he makes up for this by being able to hit a puck very hard.

Still this is not enough for him to be selected for a team.

To make matters worse, Happy's Grandmother (Frances Bay) has recently had her house repossessed by the IRS due to not paying her taxes for years.

Lucky to escape jail and somehow managing to find the money to move into a nursing home, Happy's grandmother seems safe.

Matters get worse though, as it turns out, unknown to Happy, but know to his grandmother, the nursing home is in fact an OAP sweatshop.

The head of the nursing home/sweatshop is Hal (Ben Stiller) who keeps the old folks in line with threats while they are alone and projects an image of serenity when relatives are visiting.

Happy is desperate to find the money he needs to pay off the IRS and get back his grandmother's house. So he heads down to a driving range and sets out to hustle the golfers there.

When a former golf champ, Chubbs Peterson (Carl Weathers) spots Happy's powerful swing he immediately propositions Happy and offers him tutoring. Happy can hit hard at this stage, but that is it.

Happy initially rejects Chubbs' offer but after learning about the potential income, he accepts and starts to enter tournaments; all the time being the butt of many jokes and pranks set by a cocky pro player called Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald).

From the start it is clear that McGavin feels threatened by Happy's swing and progress..


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