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My Personal Top 50 Comedy Films: 48 and 47

Updated on April 18, 2013

48. Ace Ventura

One of the better family orientated mainstream comedy films out there this one.

An eccentric private investigator named Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey) has a knack with animals and has a knack of solving cases. Due to the way he operates, he does not get a lot of work.

However, Ace is hired by Melissa Robinson (Courteney Cox) when the Miami Dolphins' mascot is kidnapped before a big game. The team's owner is a superstitious guy and therefore strongly believes that his team will lose the big game unless the mascot is returned prior to the game.

Throughout Ace and Melissa's joint investigation, a Police Lt. called Lois Einhorn (Sean Young) (whos surname becomes an in joke at the end of the film) seeks to expose Ace for the fake he is not. When that fails, she.. tries everything she... can to stop Ace.

The closer Ace comes to solving the case, the more the people with the answers start to mysteriously pass away. Something is not quite right here, and Ace needs to find out what it is before the game takes place and before he himself passes away strangely.

Carrey is clearly a Bill Hicks fan. This can be seen in this film and a lot of his other films. His mannerisms and body language, and of course, a lot of the faces he pulls are similar faces to Hicks and Carey makes the exact same noises. I suspect it is a homage to the late great dead comedian rather than ripping him off.

A great family film that can be enjoyed by all age groups.

47. Shaun Of The Dead

A lot of people rave about this film. They say it is an amazing film. I think it is good. Definitely the best of the Simon Pegg films.

I do think that the problem with Pegg's films is that they feature the same casts, within the same relationships.

Shaun (Simon Pegg) is unknowingly having problems with his girlfriend, Liz (Kate Ashfield). This stems from him being a little bit predictable and a tad repetitive with his social life.

Shaun's social life is basically hanging around with his lay about friend Ed (real life bumchum Nick Frost) and going to the Winchester, a local water hole (pub/bar)

Shaun's flatmate, the uptight Pete (Peter Serafinowicz) hates Ed and is constantly reminding Shaun about all the things he does and even more the things he doesn't do. But Shaun finds it near impossible to say what needs to be said to Ed which causes further tension with everyone else he know.

One day, their local environment changes for the worse and Shaun and his cohorts from different places find themselves safely boarded up the famous Winchester pub.

But for how long..

And how will they escape..


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