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My Six Recommended Shows To Watch

Updated on August 22, 2017

TV has been around for awhile now but more and more shows appear for the public to watch, some might not last long as others but here are six I suggest you watch.

#6, Wakfu. A show I recently found out about Wakfu is about a young child, he is a rare being but I won't go too deep into detail. Yugo the main protagonist must venture across the world, through each episode there is a new thing happening which kind of gives it an appeal of old shows with different episodes while still maintaining a good story line. Yugo along with his team he eventually creates have a stew of different personalities. From sweet and nice, to greedy but helpful. The show has somewhat of a game look to it, I did notice it myself at first but have grown quite intrigued by it. The animation is rather good for a cartoon, there are some small instances where some adult themes might come into play but nothing noticeable. I definitely recommend you watch Yugo try to find his family with the help of his friends.

#5, The Devil Is a Part-timer. Anime is filled with different things, demons and devils are a fan favorite but did you know that they can also star in comedies? Enta Isle is the fictional world where the Devil himself lived, he tried taking over other parts of the world but was met with retaliation. After a hard fought battle Satan retreated along with his general into a portal, the portal transported them to are world where they are just characters in books. With the loss of their magic they are forced to get a job and a home, the hero who fought the devil also comes through the portal. The show is filled with comical moments, some sadness here and there and even a part with a evil child. The plot is rather funny, the devil once evil ruler now hard worker at a fast food joint. The characters all have very funny interactions with one another and while the show might not focus on action much the small instances that they do are worth wild to watch.

#4, Original Teen Titans. Before Teen Titans Go began to muck up the once proud name of Teen Titans we had the original from Cartoon Network, the good one. Teen Titans was about a bunch of hero's coming together, from a demon to a cyborg they had several different characters from different backgrounds. Each character had a different personality which made them unique and while they could have moments of goofiness they still held their dignity. It was a creation of both Western and Eastern design, while it held a more cartoon-y appearance there were many instances where the characters would turn anime. The show also dealt with some serious topics like the feeling of not belonging and creating ones own destiny. If you want to watch a show about teen hero's eating pizza Teen Titans the original series will be your best shot.

#3, Ai-Yori-Aoshi. Another anime on the list is this show, it's about to meant to be wedded folks reuniting years later. It is a Harem Anime, meaning one guy surrounded by alot of women with the usual hi jinks to ensue. Kaoru and Aoi are the two main characters, the show basically centers around them while still having the others there as well. Aoi lives in a large house with a friend of the family who basically bosses everyone around, Kaoru and several others move into the house which makes some very funny things happen. The show makes the characters very like able and friendly, there are moments of love and sadness as well as some spooks thrown in. It is a romantic comedy so don't expect any action.

#2, Ed, Edd n Eddy. The Ed's were a trio of guys who more or less had the same name, they were the sort of outcasts of their home in the Cul-De-Sac. The show is drawn in what some would say a scribble like fashion, the characters don't really look human but they are far from looking scary. Ed is the love-able but dimwitted muscle head, Edd is the book loving but physical exercise despising intellectual, Eddy is the short and money hungry scammer of the group and is the main leader. The episodes usually revolve around the Ed's trying to scam the other kids out of money in hopes of getting jawbreakers, the end movie Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show is a great ending for this series. I must say this is one of the best shows I have ever watched.

#1, Steven Universe. Steven Universe is a visually vibrant and engaging show, from the plot to the songs they sing. Beach City is the town they reside in an honestly just sounds like the best place to live, Steven is the son of Mr. Universe a musician turned car wash owner but is mainly made up of his mother. Rose Quartz is a Crystal Gem, an alien warrior like species who like to take over planets. Sacrificing herself she created her son Steven, with the help of Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl the Crystal Gem Trio they go on all sorts of adventures. The colors are beautiful and stunning, the characters have a large variety of different personalities and it all just fits together so well.


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