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My Soapbox Rant! Part 2

Updated on January 3, 2013

***Climbs back up on my soapbox***

Credit Bureaus...

Companies should not be able to pull your credit unless you're applying for some sort of lending/credit product. Why does a potential employer and/or insurance company need to know what's on my credit, you're not giving me anything without something in return, I'm either paying for it and/or working for if I don't do what I'm supposed to do then I get fired and/or're not out anything but time. Not everyone with bad credit is a deadbeat and/or just means they fell on some hard times.

If a company is able to post negative information on your credit report, then they should also have to post the shouldn't be allowed to do one without the other.

Stop worrying about whether or not the wealthy need to pay more or less taxes, trust me it doesn't effect us people on the bottom of the totem pole one bit either way...worry about the poor and middle class struggling just to survive and all the unnecessary hoops they have to jump through just to make it in this world today.

Ignorant Republicans...

(Disclaimer...I don't have a problem with Republicans...just ignorant people. I'm sure if a Republican won the election this section would be titled "Ignorant Democrats".)

Just for the record...not all Democrats/Independents are unhealthy, uneducated and living off the government. I can't tell you how many times after Obama won the election I've read/heard people bashing the Democrats/Independents because they thought Obama was the better man for the job and voted for him. One such person I heard bashing him didn't even vote...what nerve.

I know it sucks that it wasn't your candidate who won...but what did your parents teach you about being a poor sport when you were younger...and now that we know who's going to be occupying the white house for the next four years, we (Democrats and Republicans) need to put aside our differences and work together to make this great country of ours shine.

Trust me, I would be saying this even if Romney's time to grow up and stop acting like little immature brats...besides, with Obama winning it gives Rush Limbaugh at least four more years of bashing Democrats/Independents you're welcome.

Speaking of ignorant people...

People Threatening to Leave the Country and/or Secede from the United States as a Whole Because Obama Won the Election...

My response to's your hat what's your hurry. These people really think highly of themselves, like we as a country, or individuals for that matter are really going to miss them if they picked up and left...just remember though, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. These people remind me of the kids we would play with when we were younger, the kind that if they didn't get what they wanted would take their ball and go home...come on people, grow up.

Sue-Happy People...

Anyone who sues over every little thing should get beat with a wiffleball bat. If your life is really that bad where you are constantly put in situations that warrant suing...then you are either in an ACME cartoon or one of the unluckiest people around and probably should never leave your house again...just saying. We should have the option to sue the people that are suing like crazy, because let's be honest here, in the long run it's only hurting us.

Bailout Plan...

I'm all in favor of bailing out select companies with the purpose of trying to keep people working and keeping goods manufactured here in America, but what I don't understand is bailing out all the big banks that caused most of the problems in the first place. Why not bail out the people hurt most by all this, the poor and middle class...and no I'm not talking about giving them all free money and/or government assistance, so put away your pitchforks and torches Republicans.

In my opinion, what they should have done is waived, deferred and/or lowered interest rates, over the limit fees and other various charges assessed to credit cards to a reasonable amount for an adequate amount of time, which would allow people to catch up on payments without ending up defaulting...even if they were unemployed.

Also offer some kind of credit counseling and reasonable repayment options for delinquent accounts so people who are struggling can get back on their feet without ruining their credit and/or ultimately filing for bankruptcy.

Hateful People...

Why do we still have hate, I mean I know why we do, but I just don't get it. This is such an easy fix, it just doesn't make sense to me that in today's day and age there are people who still go around hating on others for something they are not...or to be more forward, something they are fearful of. Live and let live people, erase the hate from your heart and mind and start loving others. We really, really need to give peace a chance.

Or the Terrorists Win, Help Save the Economy and Other Stupid Sayings Used to Get Us to Spend Money...

All I can say about this stop being sheep. Involve yourself in the world, educate yourself and don't just take what is spoon fed to you and believe it to be truth, find out what's really going on first hand and do something about it to better the situation and yourself.


Don't you just love when people wrong you, then they apologize and expect everything to be alright again...and even have to nerve to get mad at you if you don't just let things go. I got news for you people, it's not up to you when people are ready to forgive you for what you did to wrong them...just because you're ready to be forgiven doesn't mean they are ready to forgive. Make amends, then allow the person you've wronged to respond in their time, and when they're ready, about how they feel about things.

OK, time for me to get off my soapbox (again) and to stop bothering you good people with all my nonsense.



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    • MichaelJohnMele profile image

      Michael John Mele 5 years ago from Seffner, Florida

      @KT Banks...thank you my new rock the catbox. I'm also very happy to know that I'm not the only one who thinks like this.

    • KT Banks profile image

      KT Banks 5 years ago from Texas

      I LOVE this hub!!! I actually agreed with everything you said. I'm So happy to have found you - well, actually, I think you found me first, so I just want to say, Thanks.