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My Summer Movie Marathon!!!!!

Updated on June 16, 2014

When summer started me and my younger brother were looking for something fun and exciting and sort of different to do.So when we decided to think it over we both compiled a list of 40-45 films that we would watch and try and finish the list in a weeks time and then share our experiences.The list has genres rating all over the movie map and isn't just big blockbuster films or stuff that has come out in the past 5 years.So lets start with the list!

1.The Dark Knight

2.Beverly Hills Cop

3.Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol

4.Pulp Fiction

5.End Of Watch





10.Lego Movie


12.Hobbit-An Unexpected Journey

13.Hobbit-Desolation Of Smaug

14.King Kong(Peter Jackson Version)

15.Mighty Ducks

16.D2 Mighty Ducks


18.Major League


20.Nightmare On Elm Street(2010)

21.Freddy's New Nightmare

22.21 Jump Street

23.Catching Fire


25.Scream 2

26.Scream 3

27.Scream 4

28.Waynes World

29.Terminator 2:Judgment Day


31.Rocky 4

32.12 Years A Slave




36.World War Z

37.The Purge

38.Wolf Of Wall Street

39.Dallas Buyers Club

40.Urban Legend

41.Anchorman 2

42.X-Men:First Class

43.Shaun Of The Dead

44.Hot Fuzz

45.The Worlds End

with that being the list I am going to go in order and of course start with my favorite all time film which is The Dark Knight and if you have seen this film you already know how amazing it is and what type of benchmark it sets for comic book movies and how it totally changed the game moving forward as well.Now with Beverly Hills Cop I actually haven't seen it yet but I heard that it is hilarious at times and when it was made was one of the funnier films of its time so I am in for a treat with that.Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol I have seen but good god how can you not love this movie I mean when you see the whole plan and scenes when they are in Dubai it is just breathtaking and almost hard to watch because you know Tom Cruise did all of that without any stuntmen.Number 4 with Pulp Fiction I mean whenever I watch this movie I almost have a hard time trying to find things wrong with this film because everything Quentin Tarantino did with it was perfect with the cast,dialogue,scenes,that classic scene with Samuel L Jackson I mean it is just a classic film.Number 5 End Of Watch is one I haven't seen but I heard while watching Jake Gylenhaal's inside the actors studio that he mentioned it was one of the most intense films he has ever been in and he loved every second of it.

Number 6 Zodiac which also has Gylenhaal and is a LITTLE long but it is such a good movie once you get into it with all the characters and how they intertwine you to the story right within the first 15 mins of the movie and they just keep you going and going until the credits roll.7 is Serenity which I haven't gotten around to watching yet but I have watched all the episodes of Firefly so I do know all the characters and understand what is what in the world that Joss Whedon created so well back then.8 is Fargo which of course I have seen since the directing duo is from where I am from and the film is basically almost my way of life with the crazy accents and that townie areas they have in the scenery at times but it is always a good one to watch again.9 is Mr.Nobody which is probably the only Jared Leto film I haven't seen being a big fan of his and liking his work as an actor and musician with 30 Seconds To Mars it will be interesting to take on this role because the story is so out there.Number 10 we have the Lego Movie which I will have to view on demand for now since it isn't out on DVD yet but I have heard nothing but great things and glowing reviews for it and its from the same great group that did 21 and 22 Jump Street.

11 is one of the craziest and most different films in Gravity,Like goodness gracious did this film ever turn Hollywood sideways for all the different and innovative things it decided to do and how many Oscars it brought home because of that.12 is the first Hobbit film and I haven't watched either so I was thinking why not start watching them now since I have seen the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.13 is the second Hobbit with Smaug and the big reveal of him and again haven't seen it but I do intend on going back to back on both films so I can flow with the story easier.14 is the Peter Jackson King Kong and once again another film that is like an hour too long but besides that it is a good one with a great fight scene between Kong and a T Rex.15 is the first Mighty Ducks movie and with many movies that get more then one I am one of those people that always thinks that the first is always the best but with this one I don't.I just think it wasn't as funny compared to the other two and the story could have been so much better since the other two rose up to the occasion when it came to that.

16 is D2 and if I had to choose one this would be the favorite because they had the best villain in this one with Team Iceland and trying to conquer them in the Goodwill Games and all the comedy that ensues.17 is D3 and yes that one is good and they are in college now and I like that a majority of it is set in my home state of Minnesota but at the same time I didn't like how whiny some of the kids were when in the second one they were happy and trying to be goofy and having as much fun as they could.18 is Major League and this one is like a classic when it comes to sports films in my mind because when it comes to baseball players coming out to theme music it always reminds me of Ricky Vaughn and Wild Thing and how awesome it was.19 is Watchmen and that film is another like Gravity that just blows you away for how visually stunning it is and since it is a graphic novel people want it to be good and some people thought it didn't live up to expectations but to me I thought it definitely was something new for sure.20 is the remake to Nightmare On Elm Street in 2010 that a whole new take on the Freddy Krueger and I dug it and thought it was a dark and good take to have and having Rooney Mara playing one of the main characters and having it being one of her first films and who she is now just shows that the biggest stars start in horror at times.

21 is the what looked to be the last installment in the Freddy series with New Nightmare and besides the original film that was made way back when I did like this one a lot because it took the original character and her super stardom and tied it together with the dreams and everything sort of blended together which was a different touch and feel.22 is 21 Jump Street which I obviously have to watch since I am going to see 22 Jump Street sometime this weekend and just can't get enough of 21 every time I watch it and all the memorable lines in the film.23 is Catching Fire which is the next installment in The Hunger Games film series and book series and I have heard that this one was almost better then the first and had a lot more action going for it at times and was a more memorable film even though I haven't watched it yet I have heard nothing but amazing things about it.24 is Scream and I remember seeing this for the first time when I was like 12 and really getting hooked on it and also being in a small town and thinking it could happen to anybody since it was based on a true story.25 is Scream 2 also watched over 15 plus times and can't get enough of it every time I watch it and love the fact that they switch up the scenery with it being in film school and everything involved with that.26 is Scream 3 which most people thought was end of the big end to it all and when I saw it in theaters the last 20 minutes of it for a fan of the films it was sort of hard to watch cause you thought it would be all over and for how they ended it you didn't expect that to happen which made it even better.

27 is Scream 4 which being made SO many years after the fact of the 3rd one still holds up and was able to stick to the times with all the social media and having all the original characters come back as well was a great thing for the 4th movie.28 is a classic in my eyes with Wayne's World and my god do I love this movie like every time I watch this it does hold a special place in my heart for the Bohemian Rhapsody scene and even when they go to the Alice Cooper show and end up meeting him and it turns out he is just a normal guy with a lot of backstory.29 is T2 which is another one that I saw when I was young and I obviously didn't get it then but watching it now its such an awesome film and the technology in it and story is just amazing.30 is one of the first horror/Sci-Fi films that is another classic with Alien which I do love the tagline for it which is "In space no one can hear you scream" and it is perfect for the film in every way.

31 is another great and a great sports film that involves boxing with Rocky 4,Now I know most people are probably thinking "Why not pick the first Rocky film??" well I do like that one I did choose this one as my favorite and I mean it does have my favorite villain in the series with Drago and having Rocky having to overcome all that to beat him.32 was this years Best Picture winner with 12 Years A Slave and I do own the film and haven't gotten around to watching it yet but I have heard that it is one film that by the time the credits roll it will change your life by the end so I am ready to take the ride by the time I get there.33 is an early Christopher Nolan directed film with Memento and the story of this film is just awesome and shows how genius of a movie it really is once you get it and finally see it.34 is the latest in the Bond series with Skyfall and seeing this in theaters was one film where they did everything right from director to story to villain and singer for the theme song like it was just a perfect step in the right direction for the giant series of films.35 is Trainspotting and I know this is another cult following type film that I haven't gotten around to just yet but I will soon here and seeing Danny Boyle's direction with all the great players in the film makes it a great film.

36 is the Brad Pitt led World War Z and the first time I saw this film I was sort of underwhelmed by it because I was SO amped for it but maybe watching it again will make me want to like it more and maybe not be so on the fence for it.37 is FIght Club which to me is a film that will NEVER get old to me and was something that when I saw it for the first time just totally blew me away and knocked me on my back in a way that not a lot of movies could.38 is Wolf Of Wall Street and seeing this movie last Christmas was awesome like seeing this movie was better then christmas itself because it was THAT good and it was Dicaprio at his VERY best and something you have never seen him do before.39 is Dallas Buyers Club this one holds sort of a special place in my heart as I mentioned earlier because with me seeing every Jared Leto movie and when I heard he was gaining steam for awards for his performance in this as Rayon got me really excited and he ended up winning anywhere from 30 plus awards including the Golden Globe and Academy Award for best supporting actor which was amazing to see.40 is another sort of cheesy horror movie that has Leto in it but I do love it and it is the first Urban Legend film and I have seen this film more then any movie I own because it just doesn't get old to me ever and the first time I watched it it just kept me guessing and guessing the more it went by and I loved every second of it.

41 is the sequel to one of the biggest comedies that has been released in Anchorman 2 and this is one that I haven't seen but I heard that if you watch the uncut version it does give you the same OMG feeling that the first one gives you and make your side hurt by the end.42 is X-Men:First Class which in my mind was the HUGE comeback for the series and a very good film in the series and a GREAT reboot resetting the series the way it should have been done and picking Mcavoy and Fassbender as their Magneto and Professor X were genius castings.43 is Shaun Of The Dead because I mean why not? This film is just hilarious the more you watch it and with all the zombie craze going on it is nice to see something funny come out of it that is great and has good depth to it as well.44 is Hot Fuzz which is the second part of the Cornetto Trilogy and has the grouping of Pegg/Frost being cops is another genius move and is another funny one that sometimes will keep you guessing until the very end depending on who you are.45 and the last film is The Worlds End which is the finale in the Cornetto Trilogy and is the whackiest of the 3 which involves some high school friends trying to relive a tradition they did way back when in their old town but all have grown up except Simon Pegg's character and he plays it beautifully and to the best of his ability and the shenanigans that goes on in the film is just amazing and great to close out the trilogy that Simon Pegg,Nick Frost and Edgar Wright helped create.

Well now that I have listed all the films that I will watch I am going to dive in in a day or 2 here and will update on how far I've gotten and what surprises I've seen and what has caught my eye from certain films I didn't see yet and certain scenes I still am deeply in love with to this day.This will definitely be something fun and different to do including while trying to see all the summer movies in the theaters as well so HERE I GO!!!!!

How Many Movies Have You Watched In A Day?

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