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Updated on March 22, 2018

My Life

This is not some heart-wrenching story actually it's quite the opposite. I can't believe how perfect my life is sometimes too perfect to be true. I am an only child with two loving parents which I can't even think to live with out. One amazing loving grand mother who always fill my day with great stories that fill my heart with wonder. I am a good student, not to sound like a complete snob but I do have an okay looking face as well. Only problem is that I have very strange, vivid dreams which I can't tell from reality. Which are different every time.One time when I was 9, I dreamt that my pet parrot died but woke up the next morning to hear her singing or once I dreamt that my father lost his job and he was devastated about it but when I woke up, I see nothing of this sort ever occurred. I had a huge fight with my best friend Carley, we didn't speak for months but one morning all of this changed as if our fight never happened.. My grandma was diagnosed of cancer but again I woke up and she's well. The only thing common in my dream is that pupils of my eye, they split.So it looks like I have four pupils. How weird is that, right? . With all these thoughts running in my mind, my mother calls me to have breakfast as its time to go to school. Rosetta, she calls my name. I run to her and take my break fast. She packs me my lunch and kisses me goodbye and wishes me to have a great day at school. I say to her, "I love you mama". She says, " I love you too my precious angel". I complained about the sandwiches she made, said how she needs to work on her cooking. She started yelling, I started laughing. I always tease her about her cooking but I love her cooking. It's just I love teasing her sometimes. My dad comes in the living room where we are and say, it's time to go to school sweetie. He drops me off to school saying " don't have too much fun with out me" I replied, "No way, I'm looking forward for our trip to Disney Land this summer break, like you promised. I'm getting all A's you know". He replied, "I wouldn't miss it for the world" we giggled and then he left. My dad usually drops me off to school and goes to the house to pick up mom and they both leave to their work. My dad is a software engineer and my mom is a biology professor. I love them to death. They, like other parents do absolutely everything to make me happy. I can't thank God enough for blessing me with two amazing, loving, hard working parents.

Love Can Do Wonders


The Unbearable News

As my dad leaves to pick up my mother, to go to their respectable jobs. I move towards my class. I see my three best friends, Vanessa, Carley and James. We study in eight grade, it's lots of fun. Teachers are nice, I have weird but amazing friends. I love them all. During my Math class, I notice some teacher comes with worried look on their faces and talk to my Math teacher, Jerold. They both suddenly look towards me and I wondered If I did something wrong but they didn't look angry, they look quite worried and looked at me with such pity. My friends started looking at me. Then next thing you know, the whole class stared at me. I didn't have a clue what was going in their heads. I was called into the office said it's an emergency. I went into the office quite worried my self. The Dean of my school said to me, "there happened to be an accident, your parents they... are... injured" Your Grand mother will come to pick you up. I started to suddenly cry not knowing What should I do. My grand mother comes to pick me up. I look at her and see her red eyes, noticed she must be crying so much. I asked her about my parents. She just hugged me and we went into the hospital. Running towards the hospital room, where my parents were supposed to be admitted in. I saw two people, fully covered with white sheath. I didn't understand or I didn't want to understand what was going on. I pulled up their sheaths. I saw their pale faces and started to call them. Mom, Dad please wake up! don't leave me. I said to my dad, " see I didn't have too much fun at school like you said. I am so looking forward for our trip to Disney land, like you promised. Mom, I ate the sandwiches you made me, please I'll be a good girl. I do what ever you say. I'm not going to tease you anymore for your cooking. I love your cooking, please wake up" I look at my grand mother, starting yelling at her to wake my parents up from sleep. She started to scream at me, saying their dead. I couldn't believe her. I fell towards the ground, started screaming, " I want my parents back, this isn't real, this isn't real. My life is perfect, it always has been. It's must be my dream. I always had such vivid dreams" I cried, yelled screamed. My grand mother, she held me, tried to comfort me but she couldn't bear this news her self. She suddenly looked at me, saying, "Rosetta.... What happened to your eyes?" I walk towards the mirror on the corner of the room. I saw my pupils splitting. Next thing I know, I woke up in my bed, It's six in the morning and there's comes a voice. Calling my name, "Rosetta, come get your breakfast" It's my mom!

My Parents Revival

I can't believe this. Did I have a nightmare? but everything felt so real. My crying, my grandmother's screaming. That awful call to my school. Did that never happen? With the sigh of greatest relief, I jumped out of bed and rushed towards my mom. I hugged her as hard as I can, saying, " don't ever leave me again, I love your cooking". My mom replied sarcastically, "you're choking me dear" and then there comes dad with a smile on his face, saying that he bought the Disney land tickets. "We will go this summer, okay Rosetta". " I don't care about the tickets, I just care about you guys", I replied. "okay, something is definitely wrong with her", said my mom. On the way to school, I firmly told my dad to always drive carefully and made him promise, he would drive slow. "okay, sure kiddo, it's so cute to see you care about your old man this much" bye Dad, remember what I told you", "bye sweetie". It was my math class and all I was thinking was what awful nightmare I had. I was terrified but thank fully, there as no call for me. Time went by and school bell rung and it's time to go home. I waited anxiously for my mom to pick me up. My Mom always picks me up after school. I was waiting for her for 30 minutes but she never came. I got so worried, there was so much going in my head. My grand mother came in a taxi to pick me up. I was stunned. I couldn't even breathe. I couldn't say anything. I looked at her face, she seemed okay, no red eyes. So it didn't seem, she was not crying. She said, " your parents had an accident". I started crying, screaming out my lungs. She continued, "sweetie, don't need to worry, they're fine. Their car how ever isn't. They went into the police station to file a report about the man who was driving recklessly. They'll come home soon darling". I started to calm down but I thought to my self, the nightmare I had, wasn't just a nightmare.

My Superpower


My Grand Mother Died

Years went by and I notice my dreams got worse, I don't know what's real or not. I just look in the mirror to see if my eyes are okay or not. If my pupils spit, this indicates that I must be dreaming. It's 9:00 p.m now. It's usually when I go to sleep but my grand mother puts me to sleep every night. She tells stories and sings to me so that I can fall asleep but she never came. My mom came and said get ready. We are going to the hospital. Your grandma is sick. We took grandma to the hospital. I was holding her hand and telling, everything's going to be okay. she was admitted to a room where no one was allowed to go. She was in serious condition, she had trouble breathing. The doctor said something to my dad, he started crying. Then the Doctor said, she is calling Rosetta. I went to her as she takes her last breath. I said to her, "I'm not ready for you to go, you're not going any where Grandma, I'll make sure of that". She said, " I can see your eyes, your pupils they are starting to split". I said you can see that Grandma? I thought I was the only one who noticed my eyes do that sometimes. "I KNOW YOU'RE SPECIAL, I KNOW YOU CAN BRING ME BACK, PLEASE DON'T". I was stunned of what she was saying. I asked her what she was trying to say. She said she was aware of my gift that I should control it and not always change the reality of things. She said I had ESSOKINESIS. It means I can alter the very existence of things and alter reality. I was shook.I asked how did she know all this, about my gift. She said her sister had the same gift. "Before my sister died, she explained her gift to me, I believed every word of her. She died of old age, I noticed you can split your pupils like her too." I asked her, why hasn't she told me this before, She said she was waiting for me to turn 18 so that I could understand better. "I'm dying so I think I should tell you now, bye darling remember to control you powers, not to use it often. It's okay if your life isn't perfect, imperfection is the thing that makes life special" she died after saying this.

I Am Gifted

I'm sixteen now, an year has passed after my Grandma's death. I will always cherish her memories. I know she is with me and looking after me. I am fully aware of my gifts but not sure if my gift is a blessing or not. I will never know if something's real or the love of someone is real or not. Do they love me for who I am or because I gave them no choice and made reality this way.



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    • profile image

      MJS LAKHO 

      7 months ago

      Mashayah Allah, your article is very good, with great detail, you have written the best way. I hope you give Allaah more successÛ”


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