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My Take On Stacey Dash

Updated on January 23, 2016

While there can be no doubt that Stacey Dash is a beautiful woman, she is missing the mark on some of her comments about the boycott of the Oscars.

First off, she talks about BET as if it is truly a African American business when it was bought out by Viacom years ago, and is just another division of that mainstream company. We have seen things like this happen in places like Tulsa, Durham, etc where businesses that were once successful have been bought out and marginalized by others when they take them over. Case in point, NC Mechanics and Farmer's Bank which was bought out by Greenfire and that is just one example in Durham, NC.

Also she talks about how Jazz and Hip Hop are majority African American, but yet a wide majority of the artists in the jazz idiom are now white and the audience for this music is predominately white......And the same can be said for the Blues and yes even White youths are listening in significant numbers to Rap and Hip Hop.

And why shouldn't we want to see a better representation of our people and our history. Our school system surely is not doing a good job of telling the true history of African Americans, Native Americans, and so many other groups in society. And, with that better representation, why shouldn't we want to be honored when we do a great job of portraying those roles.

Now, some have countered, what about the Athletic world....Have you truly looked to see who is in leadership, there are very few minority owners in any of the professional leagues, and yes the players may be significantly African American, and even that is not exclusive as there are great athletes of various races playing, but when it comes to leadership roles --- there are still room for improvement. While I am glad that we have some successful Black coaches, among them my school mate, Doc Rivers, it would be great, if we had more in true leadership positions like owners and GMs....

Just as there was a call for diversity in Journalism a couple of decades ago, and some gains have been made, but more needs to be done, there needs to be greater diversity in sports as well......


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