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My Theory and Questions on Netflix’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’

Updated on February 18, 2017

Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events has my son and I (and countless others) anxiously awaiting season 2 since we were so captivated by season 1. It’s a great adaptation of the book and does a good job holding viewers’ attention throughout all eight episodes (although there were some dragging in the almost hour long episodes but it didn’t undermine the overall story). No need to go over the synopsis of the story because you’ve probably either read the books or have finished the first season (and if you haven’t done either you can read the Netflix synopsis here), so let’s get into my theories and unanswered questions:

1) Connection between Lemony Snicket and Count Olaf:

I figured Lemony Snicket and Count Olaf had a connection when in the first episode one of Olaf’s henchmen named the wedding cake sample and upon him saying ‘Lemon’ Olaf reminded him to never say that word around him. My hunch was confirmed towards the end of the last episode where there is a zoom in on a picture of Lemony Snicket and Count Olaf together at the boarding school with some of the enrolled children. So, what is the motivation behind Lemony Snicket’s investigation into the history of the Baudelaire children and did it start when he found out Count Olaf was involved? Also, in one episode Lemony states that he is an historian – so maybe he was a history teacher at the boarding school and possibly Count Olaf was some sort of Drama teacher due to his love of theater?

2) We still haven’t seen the Baudelaire children’s parents

I don’t think the couple shown throughout the season are the Baudelaire children’s parents, as evidenced in the last episode in the scene where three children not resembling the Baudelaire children are seen wearing pajamas in the couples’ home prior to it burning. There aren’t any pictures or flashbacks showing the Baudelaire children with this couple (or any parents) at all. I think the couple were to be the Baudelaire children’s guardians after their parents’ death, but due to the couple being kidnapped (a kidnapping most likely connected to Count Olaf) they were unable to do so – which may be a backstory for the two children we see in the last scene of the final episode. But there are three children present in the couple’s home but only two are shown in the last scene of the final episode – so what happed to the third (possibly the eldest) child?

3) The Baudelaire’s parents were members of a secret society and so were many more characters featured in the series

This one is a given as plenty of clues are revealed beginning with the first episode and continues throughout the season. But if for some reason, you hadn’t notice - the Baudelaire children’s parents, all the adults appointed as the Baudelaire children’s guardians (including Count Olaf), and the additional adults that were to aid in the care of the Baudelaire children (for example, Mr. Poe’s secretary) all belong (or belonged) to a secret organization that Justice Strauss is probably reading about in her book of The Incomplete History of Secret Organizations. Which has me (and I’m sure many other viewers) wondering what happened to cause Count Olaf to become the cruel individual he is now – I’m assuming there was jealousy on Count Olaf’s part, he was kicked out of the organization and now he seeks revenge on the group with first trying to kill the Baudelaire family and unnamed family shown in the last episode and then moving on to killing the other members of the secret organization. The last episode shows a figure setting the unnamed family’s house on fire – which we would assume is Count Olaf.

What’s to come?

I love how the creators left the last episode opened – what’s the true connection between the Baudelaire children and the other orphans introduced in the last episode and what will be revealed once the two pieces of the telescope are connected? Season 2 is said to be in the works which is great news but it’s too early in the development for a release date to be provided. Hopefully Season 4 of The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show will be released to keep us happily occupied as we await Season 2 of A Series of Unfortunate Events – I really need to know how (or if ever) Mr. Peabody and Sherman are going to get their penthouse back. Also, if you can’t wait on the second season you can always read up in the Lemony Snicket’s books if you haven’t done so already (obviously, I haven’t – that’s why I have these theories) to get a preview of what’s to come.

If this series has become one of your favorites on Netflix, feel free to share your theories and unanswered questions in the comments below


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