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My Top 10 Albums (that I own): Part 2

Updated on August 17, 2011

Here is part 2 of my Top 10 list. 10-6 can be found here. Without further ado, here is my Top 5 albums (that I own).

The White Stripes - The White Stripes
The White Stripes - The White Stripes | Source

5. The White Stripes - The White Stripes

The first White Stripes album I bought was Icky Thump, so I was a little late to the party. Each White stripes album is great, but of all six, the first is by far the best. It is still low-fi, not too much studio work, auto tuning the holy frak out of it. It's just Jack, with all the imperfections, and he sounds brilliant. And Meg is there. I think. I mean, she's listed in the credits, and on the album cover, so....

There are amazing manic songs on this one, like Hear My Name and Broken Bricks, that are fantastic contrasts to Wasting My Time. The Big Three Killed My Baby is about the most blatant anti-establishment song I have heard, other than Frak The Police. The best song on the album is a remake of Bob Dylan's One More Cup of Coffee. I don't know why remakes of Dylan's songs are so amazing, but Jack and Jimi did them right. This song, to me, is just an old man, telling stories around the fireplace, with all of the kids at rapt attention at his feet. It's pretty cool; with just him singing, his guitar, and Meg's "drumming", it shows you don't need a lot to make a great song

Demon Days  Gorillaz
Demon Days Gorillaz | Source

4. Demon Days – Gorillaz

When this came out, I had just had surgery, and was laid up in bed. My grandma was going shopping, and I asked her to pick this up for me. It would have been hilarious to see her ask the guy at the record store for this. Anyway, I wasn't in the best of moods anyway, and I listened to this album for a solid month. This is a hugely depressive album, with few upbeat songs. However, I loved every song, and somehow it cheered me up, through a month-long stint in a body cast.

Listen to El Mañana and Every Planet We Reach Is Dead, and see if you are in a happy-go-lucky mood after that. Those songs are slow, and sad, and dreadfully depressing. But it is offset earlier by Dirty Harry and later by Don't Get Lost In Heaven, which has a total heavenly choir at the pearly gates kind of feel. Feel Good Inc is one of the weirdest songs by a band that I like to ever become a hit, but it did that for a reason. It's catchy, it has guest appearances by some hip hop guys, and lyrics that don't make any sense. "City's breaking down on a camel's back" is the first line....

Wolfmother  Wolfmother
Wolfmother Wolfmother | Source

3. Wolfmother – Wolfmother

With a name like Wolfmother, you expect a band with an epic style, dripping with fantasy overtones, and an album cover reminiscent of Frank Frazetta. Well...... Yeah. They are a mix of Zeppelin, Floyd, and Sabbath, that melds together to make something totally unique. Andrew Stockdale is an all around rock star, who could hit notes that would give Robert Plant a sore throat. His amazing guitar riffs, and all of the variety of sounds and styles the three-person band can play, and there’s just nobody like them.

Woman and Love Train were their big hits, and those are incredible in their own right. Joker and the Thief has been played on enough commercials, you have heard it. The one that stands out to me, though, is Minds Eye. I am always drawn more to the slower and softer songs on an album, but this one is odd. The verses are slow, and it swells to this huge high note, with heavy guitar, and then slows way back down for the next verse. If you started Lord of the Rings, and This album at the same time.... You'd run out of music 1/4 of the way in, but it would totally work.

Good Apollo, Im Burning Star IV: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness  Coheed and Cambria
Good Apollo, Im Burning Star IV: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness Coheed and Cambria | Source

2. Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness – Coheed and Cambria

I’m not going into the complete back story of this album, since it is the fourth in a five-album long story. This album is about Claudio, the main character and hero in the entire story, is dealing with his parents death, and the fact that he is the savior of the universe. So no big deal, right? His uncle, Jesse, is preparing for was against the enemy, Wilhelm Ryan. Meanwhile, the Writer of this story, is heartbroken over his girlfriend, Erica Court. He has inner struggles about all of that, and how to end Claudio’s story, with his subconscious taking the form of a demonic bicycle, to convince him to end the story in a way that the writer doesn’t like. Hold on, my nose is bleeding again….

No song on this album is like any other on the album, even one song that is broken into 2 parts, each half is different somehow. Always and Never eases you in, while at the same time being really creepy, then slides into the much harder Welcome Home, which will blow you away. The last half is a four part song, The Willing Well, that reminds you of Zeppelin, Floyd, and one song that could have been a song on Rush’s 2112. The last track, The Willing Well IV: The Final Cut, has one of the greatest guitar riffs that has been recorded in a long time.

The Black Parade  My Chemical Romance
The Black Parade My Chemical Romance | Source

1. The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance

This is hands down my favorite album in my collection. It is described as a “rock opera”, or a concept album, about The Patient, who finds out he is dying. He goes through the gamut of emotions; fear, anger, depression, even happiness, when Death comes to him in the form of his fondest memory, a parade that his Father took him to when he was young (now transformed into The Black Parade). He hits bottom towards the end, until he finds hope in an afterlife, and even redeems some of the bad things he as done with his life. The end of the album also marks The Patients death.

There is usually one song on every album I’ll skip, one I don’t like as much as the rest of the album. Except this one. From the fast and heavy songs Dead! and House of Wolves, to slower, but more intense songs like Mama and Teenagers, every song is incredible. The ones that I am most drawn to (surprise, surprise) are the songs that chill you to the core, such as The Black Parade, or Cancer. The Black Parade is a fantastic song, from the slow start, to the ramp up to the huge song, to that very last bass drum beat. That last beat gets me every time. Cancer is…well, it’s hugely depressing. What did you expect? This album will get into your head, and stay there for awhile, not just with the music, but the message. No regrets.


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