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My Top 10 Anime List

Updated on August 16, 2014


I think it should go without saying that this list will have explanations of some anime shows you have not seen or are currently watching perhaps. Just so you know, there will be spoilers!


I would like to mention that not all of the following anime shows are dubbed, and if they are, I may not have found them yet. I watch a lot of things on so if you see something you like, check it out!

#10: School Days.

This one is subbed, but I don’t think it’s dubbed, either way this anime is an insane one filled with a ton of sex and murder. The anime is the story of a boy who likes a pretty girl but thinks he will never get her but settles for his version of second best (whom I find more attractive). The show seems to take a series of crazy twists, for one thing our main character turns a little too horny and starts screwing around with a few too many women, then he ends up with the girl he originally wanted. His “back-up-girl” doesn’t like that too much, so she does like any normal female would do after a bad break up, she kills her ex-boyfriend by stabbing him repeated in the torso, making sure to make plenty of ripping and gargling noises as she does it.

The reason I like this one may shock you, it isn’t for the crazy amount of sex scenes, but instead it’s for the humor! There are plenty of situations that’s just seem really funny to me, for example, the fall festival has each homeroom do some kind of weird dress up thing, I won’t explain the whole thing out, just look up “school days fall festival” and see if you can find it, but all of the people in the maid costumes and everyone running around in a stressed out panic, all the while a bunch of them just getting it on in the “secret” room, priceless! Aside from that scene in particular and a few other ones, the story line kinds sucks and it even has somewhat of a “WTF” ending to some people.

#9: Ghost Stories

I liked this one because its humorous, but has it’s sort of scary parts too it as well. This anime is about a girl who finds her dead mothers old spell book and reads from it, the spell somehow unleashes some ghosts and demons that her mother had previously caught and imprisoned in some way, now he and her friends use that book to get rid of all the ghosties a second time, sounds like fun doesn’t it? Well here’s another thing that spices it up for them, the demonically possessed cat that follows them around and “helps” in his own way. I like the anime because it is more of an adventure type with a ton of comedy thrown in, but the series also depicts some actually somewhat chilling stories of ghosts and demons, these kids are sometimes put in life threatening danger by things like a cursed play, an eccentric artists ghost, and much more. While the stories themselves could be seen as frightening if told the right way to the right age group and especially with the right lighting, I don’t recall any of them being depicted as overly scary in the show, so don’t be afraid to watch it, you might get a good laugh out of it.


This anime is one I’m not sure too many people will recognize outside of an adult parody created in reference to this show itself called “Ah! My sex goddess!” which I have not seen myself but have heard of. The real series is actually quite entertaining without a ton of action, it’s one of those cute and funny love stories that you just can’t help but love, plus it plays on a lot of peoples “fantasies” and gets guys riled up pretty easily without actually showing any actual action. Please don’t misunderstand me, the show does have a good deal of action in it, especially in the movie, but the main story line revolves around a pretty typical form: the greatest goddess of all just happens to help out some loser and she turns out to be the one girl to fall for him despite his looks.

I specifically enjoyed it for a number of reasons: first, because it’s an inspiring show that makes you feel like, with the help of friends, you can accomplish great things! Apart from that sappy reason, my manliness also took over when the highly attractive anime women entered the scene which is the second reason I liked it, and the third reason is just because of the humor in it, if it can make me laugh or induce any kind of emotions I like, then it’s on my list.

#7: Vampire Knight

Let me start by saying that I definitely did not like this one from the start, this anime gets off to a kind of slow start, which really annoyed me because I was being told just how great it was, yet I found it difficult to stay awake in the beginning, I also didn’t like the fact that the version I wash shown was not dubbed, there is a dubbed version, but I was told to watch it subbed because it “sounds better” but listen people, watch it dubbed, it’s the only way to follow it fully since you need to pay attention to both dialogue and image in order to understand some of it, if you have to read it along the bottom you might miss something. I particularly liked this because there is quite a bit of action and some un-foreseeable plot twists that I found to be exceptionally well played, there’s only 2 ways to keep me from figuring out a mystery pretty easily and that is if there is absolutely no hints given, not even a subtle one, or if the series itself is just too confusing to follow, in this case it was the first one.


The action is truly amazing, it isn’t too much of a “Dragonball Z” thing with too much fighting and even more talking, there’s a pretty good balance even though it still maintains that common thing in anime where the people stop mid-fight for a short dialogue, or the thing with a little too much showing off, but it’s still just plain fun to watch! The part about our main character, yuki that I found to be both likeable and annoying was how close she tried to be with all of the night class vampires, even though she seems to have a good healthy fear of them, but the big plot twist is that she was once one of the most powerful of the pure blood vampires! And her brother just happens to be the guy she has a major crush on! Some serious incest going on there… but in the end, after a huge final battle and a total turnaround from what you thought you knew, everyone lives happily forever after. The one thing I dislike about the end is that it is the end, like I said, the show starts off pretty slow and boring, so it’s kind of a letdown when It ends just as it’s really getting good.

#6: Full Metal Alchemist

I’m sure you are all too familiar with this one, it seems to be pretty popular since I hear it talked about so often, so I decided to give it a try to I fell victim to its awesomeness as well. This anime is about these two kids who experiment with alchemy, the concept of which revolves around the theory of equivalent exchange, meaning you can only make something from something. Most of the time a person can only perform alchemy with some kind of circle with symbols and it uses some kind of science I really can’t follow, but the basic idea is draw a circle and use magic to make cool stuff out of whatever is in the circle. Our main male protagonist doesn’t need a circle to perform his alchemy, the reason is because after his mother’s death, he decided to try using human alchemy to try reviving her, but it failed and cost him an arm and a leg (literally) now he is capable of doing those things with his mind.

I enjoyed this show because it had some mystery involved as well as the action that went alongside it. The 7 deadly sins were also well thought out, enemies to toss toward the main protagonists of the series and they did a good job of not only distracting the good guys, but the viewers as well, plus, when you knew if someone was a bad guy pretending to be a good guy, it eats at you little by little until your heart just can’t take it any longer.

#5: Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate.

This one is on my list despite the fact that I haven’t finished the Hellsing Ultimate series yet, I would highly recommend both versions to anyone who asked. This series is just a ton of blood and gore and evil, basically the main character, Alucard (I know, not too creative) is first seen saving a girl from death by making her a vampire, she then plays a much bigger part in the series and makes great use of several over powered weapons that are given to her. Alucard is the best of the best, an over powered vampire demon that loves to wreak havoc and destruction, but is limited to the rules and regulations of his masters in the Hellsing family.

I love this one, simply because there is some serious action, the blood and gore is pretty cool, and the powers and weapons our main protagonists use are outrageously awesome! From a critic’s point of view though, there are a few flaws in both versions, the main flaw being the fact that one of the people we follow throughout the whole thing are extremely OP (Over Powered) and so there really doesn’t stand a chance, so there aren’t many suspenseful scenes or episodes regarding Alucard, he could be nuked 5 times back to back and still find some way of coming back.

How to tell if you would like Elfen Lied.

  1. If you like seeing a naked girl with a bunch of sexual content. WATCH THIS.
  2. If you love seeing a naked demon girl with a mental problem and a bunch of sexual content. WATCH THIS.
  3. If you enjoy mindless violence. WATCH THIS
  4. If you enjoy blood and gore. WATCH THIS.
  5. If you enjoy blood and gore paired with some really painful looking torture scenes involved. WATCH THIS.
  6. If you get off too any of the last 3 things I just said. THAT”S CREEPY BUT SHOULD DEFINITELY WATCH THIS SHOW!

#4: Elfen Lied

I don’t know just how popular this one is, but if you read this I am about to tell you how to determine if you like it, but first, the description! Elfen Lied is about these demons that can rip a person apart from a distance, the way they do this is with these weird invisible hands that come out of them and vibrate in some way that allows them to slice through things, or something to that effect. It is a short lived anime with an open ending that could be described as a “WTF” ending, but it is worth it for more reasons than one.

Elfen Lied

#3: Princess Resurrection.

This was actually the first thing I watched on, this one has it all, suspense, creeps, harem, sexual references and content, an amazing story line, and some mystery, it also plays on almost every fantasy I know of that is used to turn a guy on. This one is about a boy appropriately named Hiro (pronounced “hero” in English) sacrifices himself to save a pretty girl from being crushed to death by some steel beams, the girl in turn revives him with a little purple flame which makes him “half-immortal” so he can heal from any wound, no matter how bad it is, but only for as long as he is given this flame, it is then revealed that she is a princes who calls herself Hime, which translates to “princess” in English. Like I said, this one covers it all so it’s pretty obvious as to why I loved it, and it is actually my favorite anime, however, due to the fact that it doesn’t follow the manga much, once it ended abruptly I couldn’t find out how it would have continued had that been the exact story line. In all, I highly recommend this anime.

#2: Claymore

Standing just above princess resurrection, this anime has a lot of the same features, it has a love story blossoming, it has some sexual and graphic content, and it is one of those shows that makes you feel a multitude of emotions once you’re fully engulfed in its power. Claymore is about a woman with a huge sword on her back, she has super strength and speed and stamina (gigity) and her job is to kill a bunch of man eating monsters, along the way, she kills one such monster who had taken the form of one boys older brother, once she kills it, the boy has no one to turn to, so he follows the emotionless Claymore girl on her journey. This series has a few mysteries, some of which remain un-answered like what it is that’s so grotesque about these sexy super women that once they undress they are repulsive enough to make grown men run away, vomit, etc… I mean seriously? What could it possibly be? With a body like that it would have to be pretty intense to turn me away!

Diva and Saya

#1: Blood+

You guys had to see this coming, after seeing the other picks on the list you should know this was gonna be here and why. This is about vampires (Chiropterans) and Saya, a vampire queen, has to use her blood to kill a bunch of bad vampires, the whole time she does, she has to also fight against her twin sister, Diva, who is just a crazy bratty bundle of evil, which is hardly her fault since she was locked away in a tower and treated like an animal while Saya is treated more humanly. This one is at the top because it hits everything I told you I liked, it has comedy, it has drama, it has happy scenes, sad scenes, enraging scenes, intense scenes, triumphant victories and horrible defeats. There is mystery to start out with and every time one question is answered another one pops up to take it’s place. This is a really good show to get into and I am recommending it to anyone that reads this without having seen it. This is one anime I would love to talk more about but I can’t do that without ruining some scenes and I desperately want you to go into watching it without any preparation.


Do you like anything that’s on my list or think that any were better than I gave them credit for? Tell me! I would also love to hear about any other anime you have seen and enjoyed, if I haven’t seen it, maybe I will also like it! Just talk to me in the comments section below. Thank you!


What do you think of my List?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I knew this was gonna be a treat of a list when I saw the words "top 10" alongside a picture of school days. Honestly, I think you really need to have a long hard think to yourself on what makes an anime good. School Days has a terrible plot, an extremely boring main character (who manages to screw everyone even while being the dullest protagonist I've ever seen, which emphasizes the horrible writing), and some of the worst pacing I've ever seen. Honestly, after reading this, I wouldn't be surprised if these were the only 10 anime you'd every seen.

    • Zeron87 profile image


      4 years ago

      I'll give you points just for having School Days on the list. The main thing that pisses people off is the ending. Other than that, it's an extremely well constructed story with some of best pacing I've seen (The show fits A LOT of content in just 12 episodes). If people remembered tragedy, from the school of Shakespeare, they'd see why School Days is a masterpiece. Liked your other choices too (Hellsing Ultimate, Blood +, Elfin Lied). Good job.

    • Drake Slade profile imageAUTHOR

      Michael Alsis 

      4 years ago

      Really? I only watched them because of references from other people, and I liked them. To each his own of course. Thank you for the suggestions too!

    • RpgtheMute profile image


      4 years ago from Kansas, United States

      First of all, I have no idea why you would have Ghost Stories and School Days since I have heard mostly negative feedback on both of these anime. Also, I think you might like Kara No Kyoukai (film series), Texhnolyze, Fate/Zero and Haibane Renmei.


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