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My Top 10 Favorite Utada's Songs

Updated on April 12, 2011

In case you don't know who Utada Hikaru is, let me tell you, she is one of the best Japanese pop singers of all time. She is also considered as one of the biggest superstars in the universe with over 50 million albums sold worldwide.

Utada Hikaru was born in New York in 1983 from Japanese parents who are also famous musicians in Japan. That is why she is fluent in both Japanese and English. She moved to Japan in 1997 to start music career there and started to become famous since then.

She started to be well-known internationally by the song "Simple and Clean" which is the theme song for the popular video game "Kingdom Hearts". Though in the US, she is not really popular, in Asia, she is very successful.

Note: She's currently on hiatus (2011) and she will be back in the next few years.

So here's the list of my top 10 favorite songs from her.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these videos. Most of the videos below are uploaded to Utada's own channel in YouTube.

1. Heart Station

It's my most favorite from her. It's the first Japanese song that I've listened to and I started to love her since then. This song is a bitter-sweet song about a couple going to break up but are not sure whether other side is feeling the same way. So she uses the "Heart Station" that no one knows. That Heart Station uses secret frequency of the hearts to communicate people.

2. Come Back to Me

It's an English song of her latest English album "This is the One" (2009). The song was written by Utada herself and the famous song writer Stargate. The meaning of the song focuses about the breakup of the relationship of her boyfriend and her. But she keeps asking the guy to come back to her and start it all over again. She admitted that she cheated but she didn't know why she did that and she regret it so much.

3. Eternally ~Drama Mix~

It's a 2008 remix from her 2001 album "Distance". Eternally ~Drama Mix~ is a little different from the original as she adds more instrument into the new song. This song was featured in a TV drama "Innocent Love" and was also voted for the most epic Japanese love song ever. It's a deep sweet song of her about the fact that she wants the stay there with the one she loves forever.

4. Colors

Colors is the only Utada Hikaru's single to release in 2003. It has a very strong ethereal wave genre of music. Added by her gorgeous voice, addictive melody, and stylish music video, this song gives viewers a very unique sensation.

5. Prisoner of Love

A 2008 song and also a theme song for a popular Japanese TV drama Last Friends which was very successful in term of digital downloads. It has sold over 2.9 million downloads according to Yahoo Japan. The music video was filmed in her place which she struggled writing songs. The video is simple but her vocal is extremely beautiful.

6. First Love

First Love is a 1999 song from her most successful album (of the same name) as well as the best selling album in Japanese history with about 10 million copies sold world wide. The song itself is really beautiful and it also brings back old memories.

7. Sakura Drops

If you don't know what sakura means, well sakura means cherry blossom which is the national flower of Japan. This song gives a sad feeling featuring a very creative and artistic music video. That is called real music!

8. Flavor of Life

It's her best selling digital song that could reach the number one best selling digital song in the world in 2007. This song is also the theme song for Hana Yori Dango 2 (Boys over Flower 2). This song is sad talking about different flavors in life. It has three versions - "Flavor Of Life", "Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version-" and "Flavor Of Life -Antidote Mix-".

9. You Make Me Want to Be a Man

This 2004 song is related to the fact that she was fighting with her husband (now ex-husband as she already got divorced a few years ago). The point of this song is that she wishes she was a man so that she could understand what her lover is thinking. It's another artistic English song of Utada Hikaru.

10. Easy Breezy

Last but not least, my 10th favorite song is Easy Breezy. It's another 2004 English song. Enjoy.


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    • profile image

      brandonsroy 5 years ago

      come back to me, simple and clean, exodus are some of favorites.

    • normaiper profile image

      normaiper 6 years ago

      @lightolane: Thx for reading my hubs and commenting. Yeah those songs are nice indeed. For me Heart Station, Come Back to Me, and Eternally are my top 3 :D

    • profile image

      lightolane 6 years ago

      3 of the songs are ma favorites--come back to me, prisoner of love and first love. btw, nice description, indeed. :)