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101 Fun Things About Philly, PA

Updated on May 9, 2017

Love Park in Philadelphia (Philly)

Love Park in Philly
Love Park in Philly | Source

The City of Philadelphia Poll

What is NOT a popular nickname for Philadelphia ?

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The US City of Philly (Philadelphia)

Perhaps Philadelphia is a great city due to the many nicknames (City of Brotherly Love, Cradle of Liberty, Philly, The Birthplace of America, The City of Neighborhoods, The City That Loves You Back, The Quaker City). Perhaps it is the Greek phrase brotherly love that translates into "The City of Brotherly Love" that is the reason why Philly (I prefer this nickname) is a great city.

From the Greek Restaurant and the multiple cheesesteak places on South Street to the Wells Fargo Center (where the Flyers play), Philly is all around a great place to visit for a long weekend. Add in the Hard Rock Cafe and Broad Street and you have many different neighborhoods to become familiar with. I recommend walking up and down Broad Street for some fantastic pictures of these great places (Academy of Music, Avenue of the Arts, Citizens Bank Park, Lincoln Financial Field, Tower Records and Wells Fargo Center). Since the entire length of Broad Street is more than 10 miles, I would break up the walk in very small segments.

While I did not originate from this area and do not consider myself a Philadelphia resident, I have grown to like the city environment for a long weekend or a night in a Jazz club. There is so much history and ethnicity that it is difficult not to like Philly.

I wanted to create a tribute to Philadelphia (Philly) and I thought about facts and trivia but I also wanted it to be fun. I dug deep into the the right side of my brain and used my left hand to point and click to find 101 fun things about Philadelphia. I hope you enjoy my compilation.

  • 25 of my top entertainment facts
  • 10 of my top attractions
  • 10 of my top movies
  • 10 of my top music artists
  • 10 of my top "Philly" movies and music
  • 10 of my top facts and trivia
  • 15 of my top foods
  • 11 of my top memories

Billy Joel Summer Concert in Philly

Billy Joel - Summer of 2015
Billy Joel - Summer of 2015 | Source

Black Eyed Peas Concert in Philly

The Black Eyed Peas at Wachovia (now Wells Fargo)
The Black Eyed Peas at Wachovia (now Wells Fargo) | Source

Bruce Springsteen Summer Concert in Philly

Summer of 2016
Summer of 2016 | Source

25 Entertainment Facts on Philadelphia

  1. The first US public school was opened in Philly in 1689
  2. The oldest US residential street (Elfreth's Alley) in Philly dates back to 1702
  3. The oldest US Botanical Garden in Philly was established in 1728
  4. The first US public library opened in Philly in 1731
  5. The first US volunteer fire company launched in Philly in 1736
  6. The first US university UPenn was established in Philly in 1740
  7. The first US hospital opened in Philly in 1755
  8. The first US presidential mansion was built in Philly in 1767
  9. The first US piano was built in Philly in 1775
  10. The US Declaration of Independence was signed in Philly in 1776
  11. The first public reading of the Declaration of Independence was July 8th 1776
  12. The first US flag was adopted in Philly in 1777
  13. The first US daily newspaper was published in Philly in 1784
  14. The city of Philly was incorporated in 1789
  15. The first US presidential mansion in Philly was occupied in 1790
  16. The first US stock exchange originated in Philly in 1790
  17. The first US bank was created in Philly in 1791
  18. The first US turnpike opened in Philly in 1795
  19. The first US soft pretzels were introduced in Philly in the 1800s
  20. The oldest US art school is the Philly Academy of Fine Arts founded in 1805
  21. The oldest US theater is the Walnut Street Theater in Philly in 1809
  22. The first US public zoo was founded in Philly in 1859
  23. The first US advertising agency Ayer & Son was founded in 1869
  24. The cheesesteak was invented in Philly in the 1930s
  25. The first computer (ENIAC) was created in Philly in 1946

Philadelphia Bridges (South Street), Buildings (Comcast)

Philly buildings - picture taken as were passing the city and you can see the Comcast building.
Philly buildings - picture taken as were passing the city and you can see the Comcast building. | Source

Independence Hall in Philly

Independence Hall in Philly
Independence Hall in Philly | Source

Liberty Bell in Philly

Liberty Bell in Philly
Liberty Bell in Philly | Source

South Street in Philly

South Street in Philly
South Street in Philly | Source

Living so close to Philly makes any weekend a thrill - especially with no agenda.

My Top 10 Attractions in Philadelphia

  1. South Street or any Cheese Steak place
  2. Liberty Bell - Market Street
  3. Independence Hall - Chestnut Street
  4. National Constitution Center - Arch Street
  5. Franklin Court - Market Street
  6. Elfreth's Alley - list the street, seriously ?
  7. Betsy Ross House - Arch Street
  8. American Philosophical Society Museum - 5th Street
  9. Carpenter's Hall - Chestnut Street
  10. Declaration House - 7th and Market Street

Building Poll

Which is the tallest building in Philadelphia ?

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YouTube - Always Sunny in Philadelphia

YouTube - Streets of Philadelphia

Movies and Music are a great entertainment for me. See these Philly artists, actors and actresses...

My Top 10 Movies and Music with Philadelphia in the Title

  1. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - movie
  2. Streets of Philadelphia - song by Bruce Springsteen
  3. Philadelphia - movie
  4. Philadelphia Freedom - song by Elton John
  5. The Philadelphia Story - movie
  6. Philly, Philly - song by Eve
  7. Philadelphia Here I come - movie
  8. Philly Dog - song by Herbie Mann
  9. The Philadelphia Experiment - movie
  10. Philly Soul - song by Summa Funkaz

Just some useless pieces of information to store...

My Top 10 Facts and Trivia on Philadelphia

  1. 22 by 8 blocks was the original Philadelphia grid pattern
  2. Chestnut and Walnut were not the original names of these Philly streets
  3. In 1776 the approximate population of Philadelphia was 25,000 people
  4. In 1781 - 1800 Philadelphia was the capital of the US
  5. Humphrey Morrey was the first mayor in Philly
  6. There are 17 four year degree colleges and universities in Philly
  7. There are 10 two year degree colleges and technical institutes in Philly
  8. There is at least 1 Greek church in Philly
  9. Philly is one of 12 US cities with a professional sports team for Basketball, Baseball, Football and Hockey
  10. The Flyers NHL team has retired 5 jerseys (#1, #2, #4, #7, #16)

Philadelphia Regional Food - Cheesesteak - OPA!

Philly cheesesteak
Philly cheesesteak | Source

Cheesesteak Poll

Who invented the Cheesesteak ?

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Philadelphia and South Street Greek Restaurant - OPA!

South Street Greek Restaurant
South Street Greek Restaurant | Source

Food Poll

Which food will you NOT find in Philadelphia ?

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Philadelphia Phantoms Calder Cup Final (AAA of Hockey)

Philadelphia Phantoms Calder Cup Final
Philadelphia Phantoms Calder Cup Final | Source

Philadelphia Sports - Flyers versus Devil's

Flyers professional Ice Hockey home game
Flyers professional Ice Hockey home game | Source

Ice Hockey Poll

When was the last Flyer appearence in the Stanley Cup final ?

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Philly Sports

(click column header to sort results)
Philadelphia team  
last championship  
last appearance in a final  
MLB - Phillies
NBA - 76ers
1982 - 1983
2000 - 2001
NHL - Flyers
1974 - 1975
2010 - 2011
NFL - Eagles

11 of My Top Memories of Philly

  1. the Round Midnight Blue Martini in many years
  2. the first time we ate at the Greek restaurant on South Street - OPA!
  3. a romantic horse and buggy ride with champagne in 1988
  4. the Egyptian Mummy exhibit in 2003
  5. Zanzibar Blue Jazz Club in 2004
  6. watching the Phantoms win the Calder Cup in 2005
  7. taking the Pat's Steaks and Geno's Steak challenge - Pat's won in 2009
  8. the Billy Joel and Elton John in concert in 2009
  9. the Black Eyed Peas concert in 2010
  10. the Billy Joel concert concert in 2015
  11. the Bruce Springsteen concert in 2016

101 in Philadelphia

  • B101 - Soft Rock radio in Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia Hoagies 101
  • Art 101 in Philly
  • Baseball 101 in Philly
  • Football 101 in Philly
  • Hockey 101 in Philly
  • Wine 101 in Philly

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