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My Top 10 Summer Movies Of 2014

Updated on August 20, 2014

10-Edge Of Tomorrow

To start off this list I chose a movie I went to see on Fathers day with my dad and brother and I am glad I went to go see it sometime because with everything being either remade or re-upped as of late this story was so fresh and new that it kept you going from the first 5 minutes into the story.Edge Of Tomorrow does have its flaws don't get me wrong since it was originally suppose to keep the title of the book its based after which is called "All You Need Is Kill" but the studio decided to go a different direction and call the film Edge Of Tomorrow which isn't bad at the end of the day.But when the story came out about Tom Cruise's character being a general in the army who basically worked his rear end off without having to actually be in the hard part of war he ends up getting thrown into it by another higher up overseas to try and stop the movement of robots taking out the world one day at a time.But while in battle for the first time he ends up blasting one of the more rare robots wide open with a grenade and the blood from said robot gets on him and then out of nowhere he turns into Bill Murray and lives out the first day of battle every day until he can stop the robots and move on with his life.One big refreshing performance was Emily Blunt in this because she wasn't the girl behind the counter from Devil Wears Prada anymore she was built like an MMA fighter and she was angry and ready to go which was a different and good side to see from her and she fit in perfectly with this film.I did just find out when the movie comes out on blu ray and DVD they have decided to change the title of the film AGAIN to Live. Die. Repeat. and only have Edge Of Tomorrow in hashtags on Twitter but nonetheless have 3 title changes in a movie actual happen is something I have never heard of for a movie that has worked.Despite crazy working titles all together this movie made money when it was released and it was able to get noticed during a summer where it seemed people were crowding theaters to see robots fight over and over again when this film actually has some substance.


The king of the monsters is back with this lets call it redemption film from Gareth Edwards that basically shot Godzilla to number 1 on the box office and made him look like a superhero on the big IMAX screen every week he was screened.The big thing that was brought up about this movie was the films cast because you had Bryan Cranston,Elizabeth Olsen,Ken Watanbe,Aaron Taylor Johnson and many more and even though some though the major Achilles heel of the film was the character development they really did make a presence during the times they needed to be there but of course the biggest character people came to see REALLY delivered the best way possible and that was Godzilla himself.whether it was waiting until everyone needed him before he came out of hiding or just the fight scenes where he didn't even think he just roared as loud as he could then jumped at the chance to take on two monsters that could either fly or were making it an uneven match but at the end of the day it didn't matter because by the end of the movie you knew how it was going to end because it was basically a big boxing match where Godzilla came out the victor with breathing fire included and he helps Taylor-Johnson push the boat out to sea so when the bomb goes off you know he saves everyone else and can save himself at the same time too.This film was light years better then the Matthew Broderick film that came out so many years ago I mean that one sort of fell off the rails when they nested in Madison Square Garden and they had Godzilla babies it was just a big mess.But with this one you had the guy who directed the independent film Monsters and even that movie was good so it really let you know that Edwards knew what he was doing behind that directors chair and wanted to make the right choices.After the film was made it was such a colossal hit that Disney and the people over at the Star Wars camp asked Edwards to do a solo Star Wars film before doing the sequel to Godzilla which WILL come too because he did promise fans that it was going to no matter what because no matter what happens the king of the monsters never dies.

8-The Purge Anarchy

Number 8 is the second installment in the Purge series but this time instead of being inside of a house for the entire movie they are running around the streets of LA during the annual Purge.This movie had one big breathe of life that the first one didn't and I am glad that the people who do the casting chose Frank Grillo do be one of the leads in Anarchy because he literally took over the role and became the dark brooding character who wants to drive around all night and is looking for one thing and one thing only until he decides to sort of become the Superman character and start helping people even when he doesn't want to and when his group of people starts from 3 to 6 to like 7 it starts to become something that gets out of hand but Grillo does a awesome job keeping things even keel and being the "Dad" of the group.Also me myself knowing what Frank was capable of before walking into the movie on how he could basically take down anyone and anything in that movie without thinking or even losing breathe doing it it seems.One of the best parts of the movie is when they end up getting caught by the kids who are driving around beating up the people and just throwing them in the back of their truck then you learn to find out they don't kill people but they sort of corral people for the super rich so they don't have to go out into the night and when the rich by people they put them into a sort of paintball/laser tag set up where they try and kill them but once again when you get into it with Frank Grillo you better bring it.The only upper hand the rich have while they do it is they have glasses on that shows heat and body imaging so it basically gives a HUGE upper hand to them but before you know it Grillo gets his hands on 2 pairs then turns the tide and before you know it even if you thought the last hour was dumb or just like the last movie you will be in it for that 10 minutes of the movie for sure.Then after that for sure it does get interesting that I wont get into because I would rather you go see it but this film doesn't have any waiting it literally goes until the LAST second before the horn going off to end the Purge and stopping all the violence.When it added that it did make it more interesting as well with that factor and I do think this one is a bit more on the violent side as well so for people that like a good action movie with a lot of violence then you would actually enjoy this installment of The Purge.

7-Lets Be Cops

When I first saw this trailer I literally was in a movie and I said out loud "Hey Look!! The two guys from New Girl!!!!!".So when I saw that they were going to be in it I was hooked from a second and wanted to see it but then once I paid attention to the story about how they were kind of loners and felt like losers and wanted to mix it up with their lives they decided to go to their reunion party dress up as cops and use the outfits from Damon Wayans Jr.'s idea cause he makes video games and works at a company that does the same.Once they get to the party Jake Johnson gets to relive the fact that he played QB for Purdue in college and was on top of the world until he got that "Injury" much like every other movie but he didn't get hurt during a game he got crazy at a house party and jumped off a house into a pool and messed up his leg so it isn't as glamorous as it seems.But once they leave the party they are talking about leaving LA cause they can't handle it and then out of nowhere they are getting stared at by people on the streets and kids are walking faster then normal by them then they might realize that the outfits are doing something then out of nowhere a bunch of girls come up and kiss them saying they needed to kiss cops for their wedding hunt.Then Jake Johnson tries out the classic FREEZE on people and everyone in the area stops then tells them to carry on and when Wayans tries it out some guy flies off his skateboard then they totally buy it.Now this movie almost isn't perfect or good without a love interest or girl in it that one of them likes and Nina Dobrev is that girl.She is a waitress in the film and catches Damon Wayans eye and he first was nervous to talk to her until the outfit is on then she's all over it and then they develop a relationship on a lie for most of the film.Also having the big bad guys in the film as well is like the mob type guys and they drive around in high priced Mercedes trucks and then once when you finally see the angry bad guy he is like covered in tattooed who kind of honestly look like something they picked out of children's book and come off with water but he seriously plays the crazy card in the movie like over the top and if you like crazy CRAZY bad guys then you will like the movie but if you like guys that are more level headed then this dude is more of not your thing.This movie is FILLED with comedians who are most likely friends of theirs because when you watch the movie your eyes open wide every time someone opens a door because its someone from something else or another person from another hit show.For instance Keegan Key plays the driver of the drugs and sort of their buddy by the end of it.Rob Riggle is an cop in the movie and thinks they are cops as well even though they almost give up they are not at least 4 or 5 times.Jonathan Lajoie is Damon's boss and everyone will know him as Taco in the hit show The League and he isn't in the movie much but he does make his impact as usual.The last big one was Natasha Leggero who is the owner of the house they use to have a stakeout and she is basically very easy in the film and yeah if you see the film you can tell in more ways then one how she is.But when the film was over I did laugh a bit and liked this movie a lot but this one wasn't as great and I wouldn't recommend it as much as another movie a few places above on this list.

6-What If

This movie was one that I stumbled upon the trailer on Youtube and just saw Daniel Radcliffe on there and figured "Eh lets watch it".By the end I was like yeah I want to see this when it comes out! But for my luck when it was released it was for a limited release so it was almost impossible to find but once I did I jumped at the opportunity to go see it and boy was I impressed by it.When I saw it I expected it to be along the lines of That Awkward Moment because when I saw that that movie is like the tolerable chick flick that doesn't make you want to run away when you are a guy and it can still manage to be funny at the same time.But watching the scenes in this film like the dialogue in this when Radcliffe and Kazan first meet it literally makes you think that they have been together for a long time or they have known each other for years because they don't miss a beat at all.When they hang out every time during the film you actually do believe that their relationship is growing and the fact that one might like more and you have to think and believe that Radcliffe likes her a little more but at the same time she likes him too although she has a boyfriend.One of the funnier scenes is when Radcliffe comes over to the girls house for dinner as friends to basically take the big step to meet the boyfriend and get to know him you see the boyfriend cooking and while she walks away he plants his flag and says "Hey don't mess around with my girl and so on" Then out of nowhere he gets something in his eye so he tries to fix it and they bump into each other and the boyfriend falls out of a window and falls two floors and smacks to the ground.Another big factor in the film is having Adam Driver being Daniel's best friend because yes everyone knows him on Girls but now he is like one of the many people who is connected to Star Wars Episode 7 as an unspecified character and seeing him in this shows that he can knock comedy out of the park and he really does it well and handles every situation in the movie to the best of any situation.But for the movie overall I would say this is one of the biggest surprises of the summer and when it comes out on DVD/Blu Ray I will most definitely be getting it because I did like it a lot and it kept me interested the entire time and I didn't feel out of it at all which is a great thing and I felt good for Daniel too to see him being a normal guy and not flashing a wand every chance he gets and he can do what he wants now which is great.

5-22 Jump Street

Earlier I mentioned during Lets Be Cops that one movie was better and had me going during the whole film and made me want to mention it to others and this is that film for sure.This movie features the ultimate Bromance team with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill back again for the second film that shows the boys going off to college and trying to find the supplier and drugs much like 21 Jump Street did.But with this one 22 had a bigger scene to follow and even showed them going to Spring Break at one point so this movie really does ramp it up on a bigger scale for most comedies that have sequels like how you saw The Hangover pt.2 it was basically the same story in a different place but this is another case but they got bigger and bigger and they make the movie 10 to 15 times more hilarious then 21 Jump Street which when you look at it now seems crazy to do.The only drawback for me watching it was Jonah Hill's love interest has a roommate who ends up being the bad guy/drug lord and she just over does it as much as the bad guy in Lets Be Cops so literally 22 Jump Street rules all when it comes to those two films until they meet there because its the same.There is a scene when you first see them going to the church to meet Ice Cube to get intel on the mission and right away they even hint on the fact of a 23 Jump Street without even caring or thinking because the guys who directed the movie who also did The Lego Movie know that they are dealing with something that is amazing and can get better and better for years and years to come.

4-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This movie was another one when I heard the news about it being made I was honestly a little scared because of the whole "Live action" tag they were adding to it but then seeing the first pictures of it people literally ripped the pictures apart because they looked too kiddy or weren't real enough and how Meghan Fox wouldn't be able to hack it in the film.The only thing I will forever have with this movie is Michael Bay doing this movie because Bay RUINED the Transformers franchise and I am in my mid 20's so the Ninja Turtles are my thing growing up and watching him ruin that would of been it.But when it came time to go see the movie I went in thinking I am going to count off how many puns Bay will give in the film and see what I think after and literally I was very VERY surprised by it by the time the credits rolled.The best part of it BY FAR was the turtles and their comedy because literally if you could put them on stage doing comedy people could and would show because it was so funny especially Mikey.The story for the movie was great and with the movie being number 1 for 2 weeks straight at the box office they did announce a sequel already so more Turtles are on the way so if anyone reading this like the movie then you will be happy to hear you will get more in the future.Bay did have some weak dialogue in there and some REALLY lame jokes that you could tell that he would put them in there and it could of possibly have killed the film but since the Turtles are so hilarious they move and keep the film going and Meghan Fox actually plays April O'Neil well and doesn't just sit there and stare and wear nothing so it was good for her to actually try and act and I am excited to see where they take the story next.

3-X-Men:Days Of Future Past

This movie was rated as my number 1 and was going to be the winner on the post I had when I did the summer movies but it did end up at number 3 in this list.The new X-Men film was overly hyped and had everybody going before the release and even had the hype of being just as good or if not being better then "The Dark Knight".But after it came out it is up there but not better its like saying for example in comic book movie sense that Shawshank is better then The Godfather because that has been hyped as the best film ever for about a decade so I figured I would give that as an example.But forming two casts together from Bryan Singers cast to the new First Class cast and making it such a great film and story at the same time.Adding Peter Dinklage as the villain in the film basically makes it and turns the story and with him being such a tiny guy he really throws the competition around during the whole movie with the Sentinels and how he can use them to the X-Men's advantage and the acting in this movie is just AMAZING by everyone involved and if you haven't gotten to see it then you MUST watch it when it comes out on Blu Ray/DVD because its worth the rent or purchase for sure.

2-Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

For some time I thought that this film was going to be number 1 by the time the summer was over because when Dawn Of Planet Of The Apes came out it was such a GREAT film and the acting was AMAZING like how I said that all of the X-Men basically acted off of each other during Days Of Future Past but for Apes Andy Serkis who plays Caesar and Toby Kebbell who play Koba literally made the movie and took it to another dimension without even trying to do that.The story and slight relationship Caesar tries to have with the humans for an amount of time during the movie before everything breaks out it makes the movie get better and better as time goes on and it just amps up more and more as time goes on and when the movie was done after seeing it in 3D I texted my friend who saw it before me and just told him "THAT MOVIE WAS FREAKIN AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".There was no doubt that I knew I was going to like but my expectations were blown away the more I watched the movie and everything in it just got better whether it was human based with Jason Clarke or Gary Oldman or with the Apes and their community with what they have going on.Also with the sort of after credits tidbit you get because you hear the score playing but then it dies down and you hear rocks moving and something get up and move and an Ape run away and yell which clues everyone in with the face that Koba is still going to be alive and live on to want his revenge on Caesar and the next film in the series will become very VERY interesting in every sense of the word and both of the new Apes films are just AMAZING and keep getting better so number 2 for this film is a perfect spot for it to be.

1-Guardians Of The Galaxy

Well here it is!!! Number 1!!!!! What else could it possibly be but everyones favorite band of intergalactic misfits with Guardians Of The Galaxy.When I first saw this and knew that it was going to be a Marvel film I knew it was going to be great and I would walk out loving it and thinking it was something special like I normally do but instead when the credits rolled and after I saw the after credits scene I walked up to my friend and said "I know you LOVE The Avengers but that was better then it!!" I thought Guardians was clever,different,cute at times and overly hilarious in the best possible way with Rocket and Groot bouncing off of each other.Another big thing I loved with me being a big music guy was the soundtrack or the "Awesome Mix Vol.1".Like every song in the movie that is played is awesome and the way it is used and where it fits in the story is something you don't see in the story anymore or you just don't see it in films at all.Like when it comes to that this was something fresh for superhero movies because it was so different and that you don't see any other Marvel or DC movie doing and you never know in the near future it could be the thing and we could have awesome soundtracks and scores instead of just scores but having this for Guardians was a major plus for this movie.This movie is one where when I got out of it I wished i could go to a store and pick it up at a Target or Wal Mart on DVD/Blu Ray because I thought it was THAT good and got me that hyped just from seeing it once and I ended up seeing it a few more times after that because it never gets old.

Disappointments Of The Summer...

This section is for some of the major disappointments of the summer of 2014 and yes there is always some because it makes you think that one summer or one year we could have a clean sweep with all good movies but this year was not one of them.I am going to start off the list with Tammy because everyone expected this to be a great and hilarious film but then when people saw it they started to realize that you don't have to be a movie fan to see that Melissa Mccarthy is doing the same movie over and over again and just being a different character again and again.This was one of those movies where I like was sitting watching it and I literally was writhing in pain to actually finish it because she can either be really fun or make me want to run out of the theatre as fast as possible and unfortunately for her its the second.This one is a no brainer because Transformers:Age Of Extinction ends up on this list because it was 3 hours long almost and the acting and dialogue was almost grade school bad with some of the sets looking as bad as the acting.Some thought that Mark Wahlberg would be a step up from Shia Labeouf and now its like its a wash because he didn't even excel the movie in any way it just made it stand in the same position it was the only thing good the Transformers franchise has going for it now is that Michael Bay is considering leaving now for a passion project so we might actually get something good out of this and not the crap piles we have been receiving year after year.This next one I am just going to go nice and quick with..Step Up All In or Step Up 5.Why God Why? I think they might learn after the 3D one that they are losing their luster and they aren't any good when it is the SAME STORY but in a different location and it is getting so bad that you have to bring the girl back from the 2nd one to try and ignite something.One that ended up being bad that I was bummed about was Lucy because I was excited to see it and then when I finally got around to seeing it and getting a feeling for the story like that movie was different and yes it felt like Limitless but wow did it get weird QUICK like the last 15 minutes of the film literally makes you scratch your head and not understand what you just watched its so weird which is how much of a turn it takes which does suck because the movie did have the potential to be a great and awesome film like Limitless was but at the end of the day it wasn't.The last one of the list is going to be Hercules and not the one with Kellan Lutz but the epic film that was hyped with The Rock.This one actually had some steam going into release because you thought he was going to be able to bring this live action version to the screen the right way but it just didn't feel right at all and all the other characters who were supporting just didn't follow along to the momentum that he was doing because he was going all out the whole time and everyone else wasn't and in the end it just ended up being a bad movie that didn't make what it needed to make at the end of the day.

Looking Toward The Future And The Years End Into 2015….

A lot of you might be asking after reading the Top 10 list like "Where is Sin City 2?".I do love the Sin City movies but since it isn't released yet and I will see it this weekend it is going to be considered part of the future part of this article.I think that if I would of done this article a week later and went to see Sin City:A Dame To Kill For I think it would of ended up somewhere on the list for sure because the first one was released so long ago and I still love it like I just watched it for the first time to this day.So I am excited to see that one and think it will be another great chapter to that story and love all the new additions to the cast and think it works perfectly.The next two good ones come out in late September on the 26th with The Equalizer and The Two Night Stand.The Equalizer has Denzel being his bad ass self again much like he was in Training Day or American Gangster but he works at like a Home Depot type place and he sort of plays the Robin Hood role and helps people out by getting a coworker her ring back after she gets robbed and then Denzel bumps in Chloe Grace Moretz in a diner and sees she gets beat up and how she's involved with like the russian mob or some kind of mob and then to help her out and save her he goes back to his evil dark side and wow I can't wait to see it because he enters a room in one scene and counts how many seconds it'll take to take down the 6 guys in the room and he ends up being 3 seconds off.The additional plus for me is that the trailer debuted a brand new Eminem song in the trailer and only hearing about 30 seconds of it makes you want it if you are a fan and it totally fits the movie in the best way possible.The other movie I was talking about isn't really in the same vein as the Denzel movie but after watching the trailer it does get you interested in the movie and wanting to see it.The film is called Two Night Stand it stars Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton and Tipton's character just got dumped and her friend recommends that she go on a dating site and openly say that she is open to having a one night stand then out of nowhere you find out she has slept with Teller and then they have the awkward moments the next morning then when Analeigh tries to leave she is blocked in by a gigantic snowstorm and it is like the blizzard of the century and they are locked in the same apartment all day together and they both immediately call their friends and are panicking not knowing what is what then they end up getting to know each other over time and from the looks of Teller's Minnesota Twin's shirt it might be set there which would make sense for the ridiculous weather and how it snows all the time but it does look good as well like in the same vein of That Awkward Moment or this years What If as well.October 3rd is the release of Gone Girl which is the adaption of the Gillian Flynn novel where a husband ends up searching relentlessly for his missing wife but as you start to search more and more for the details of the story you start to think that possibly the husband who is being played by Ben Affleck could have killed his own wife.David Fincher directed the film so you do know it is going to be a very fast paced and dark film like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network is or possibly even Fight Club.When I first saw the trailer for it I was HOOKED because having Affleck being the role of Nick Dunne and the many other players in the star studded cast it is literally a not to be missed film and something you can't even make up because it is such a great story.This Halloween you will be able to see Jake Gylenhaal playing some what of a crazy person in Nightcrawler.You see him running all over LA taking pictures and videos in the night for car accidents and stuff that are along those lines but then you soon realize that he is a freelance photographer for a news company and watching the trailer it actually looks like a great film and something to see like when you watch the trailer and you see Jake's name with the Academy Award Nominee above you get why because of this movie for how he acts.November 7th is the BIGGEST and last one I will mention on here because when it was announced I have been looking for it for what it seems to be like all year long and that is Interstellar.When Christopher Nolan was announced for this movie his fan base and then some were already on board for it and then getting his all star cast that he has for it makes it a movie that would be ridiculously dumb for missing.When you get to see the 2nd trailer for the movie and you see them going into space the visuals are out of this world and completely just knocking people including myself out of my seat and if anyone was concerned about what Nolan was going to do after The Dark Knight trilogy you must not be concerned because this film is going to soar beyond expectations and could possibly make a billion dollars for how his movies are doing nowadays.

What Movie Did You Like The Most This Summer?

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