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My Top 20 Female Celebs

Updated on June 4, 2009

Top 5 Female Celebs!

The Top 5 Female celebs in my mind are as follows:

Miley Cyrus

Taylor Swift

Jennifer Aniston

Holly Madison

Britney Spears

These are the five that I feel are at the top of the list. Many of you wont agree but I just feel like these are the ones that are most discussed all over the internet and the papers the most these days. I am not judging them by the amount of income that they produce each year but rather about how many people will search for any type of information on them on a daily basis and then of course how I personally feel about them.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Picture
Miley Cyrus Picture

Britney Spears

A great pic of Britney
A great pic of Britney

The Next 5 On the List:

The next 5 on my list are as follows.

Kim Kardashian

Demi Moore

Sandra Bullock


Lindsay Lohan

I put fergie in this list only because I believe that she is searched for far more than anyone thinks. Especially since she just married hearththrob Josh Duhmel.. And what a great power couple they are these days.

The Next 5 On the list:

The next five female celebs on my list is as follows.

Angelina Jolie

Tori Spelling

Paris Hilton

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Alba

The Last 5 on the list.

The last five on my list is as follows.

Kelly Ripa

Christina Aguilera

Ann Hathaway

Nicole Kidman

Renee Zellwegger

These are my favorite celebs that I love to watch whether on the tv on a show or on the silver screen. I hope you enjoyed my hub and will agree with the most of the list that I have posted. Thanks for reading,

Lindsay Lohan

A great sexy picture
A great sexy picture


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