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My Top 13 Finnish Disney Songs

Updated on July 19, 2019
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Niina is an animation nerd who has soft spot for Disney´s renaissance era.

Growing up in Finland in the 90´s I was spoiled with some awesome Finnish versions of Disney songs. Here are my top 13 favorites:
Growing up in Finland in the 90´s I was spoiled with some awesome Finnish versions of Disney songs. Here are my top 13 favorites:

13. Kulkuri/ He is a tramp (Kaunotar ja kulkuri/ Lady and the tramp)

This song has it all. It´s catchy and it has great beat. Peg was voiced by Finnish actress Miitta Sorvali. Just like Peg she is known from her high spirit nature and occasionally playing controversial characters. Little Easter Egg for you. Miitta Sorvali is aunt of Tuomas Holopainen from Nightwish.

12. Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (Pinokkio/ Pinocchio)

I´m not gonna lie to you this song takes me straigh back into childhood. Me and my sister used to sing this song together all the time. Especially if we went to theater to see new plays. Want to know the best part. She is all grown up now and an actress.

Pinocchio was first time released in Finland in 1995 on VHS and I still have my tape somewhere. Voice overs were recorded in the beginning of the 90´s. Finnish version was directed by Pekka Lehtosaari who directed majority of Disney´s Renaissance era animations. Pinocchio´s voice Tuomas Oksanen is also famous for being voice of Christopher Robin. Honest John aka Rehti Repo was voiced by Finnish grand old man of voice acting Petri Liski. He is Finland´s official voice of Goofy as well. You might hear Petri´s voice also in Ducktales and Bernard and Bianca Rescuers Down Under.

11. Ain Toivon/ I´m wishing (Lumikki/Snow White)

Did you know that Snow White has been dubbed in Finnish three times! First voice over was made as early as in 1962. Second time in 1982 and third time in 1994. Being the child of the 90´s I grew up with the 1994 version. Riikka Väyrynen was the speaking voice of Snow White and Kukka-Maaria Ahonen was the singing voice. I´m not massive fan of Snow White´s voice. Pitch is little bit too high for my ears but I do love singing voice of the prince who was voiced by Tom Nyman and he sounds just like a prince from a fairy tale.

10. Syntymättömyyspäivä laulu/ the unbirthday song (Liisa Ihmemaassa/Alice in Wonderland)

This song is another one of my favorites. Especially since I can sing it 364 times in a year! Voice of Liisa/Alice is one of my favorite Finnish voice actresses of all time, opera singer Mervi Hiltunen. She was also voice of Belle and Aurora. I love her clear and at the same time very soft voice.

Mad Hatter is voiced by Antti Pääkkönen who is probably the most famous voice actor in all Finland. He has dubbed tons of animations. I am just going to list some of his Disney roles here: He is the Finnish voice of Prince Ahmed and the narrator in Aladdin, also several characters in the return of Jafar, Banzai in Lion King, Lystikäs (Happy) in Snow White (1994), Woody in Toy Story, Clopin in the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Nasu/Piglet in several Winnie the Pooh films, Masi Pallopää/Michael "Mike" Wazowski in Monsters Inc, Perttu/Bert in Mary Poppins, Sebastian in the little mermaid (1989), several side characters in Goofy Movie, Incredibles and Tarzan, Mickey Mouse in Fantasia and Fantasia 2000. You can also hear his voice in the House of Mouse and Kim Possible.

Jänö/March Hare is voiced by another very famous Finnish voice actor Aarre Káren. Some of his voice over roles include kani/rabbit in Winnie the Pooh films, Ludvig von Duck in the House of Mouse, several characters in Ducktales, Georges Hautecourt in Aristocats, Pelinore in the Sword in stone, Doli in the Black Cauldron, Professor Porter in Tarzan (+ sequel), Rudy in Emperor´s New Grooves, Christian in the little mermaid and bookstore keeper in the Beauty and the beast.

9. Notre Damen Kellot/ Bells of Notre Dame (Notre Damen Kellonsoittaja/ the Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Straight away another brilliant voice role from Antti Pääkkönen who is the voice of Clopin. This song gives me chills in any language but especially in Finnish because Frollo´s Finnish voice Ossi Ahlapuro has the perfect voice for a villain. You can not listen this version without feeling little bit scared of him (or a lot).

8. Sävelmä tää/I bring you a song (Bambi)

Bambi has been dubbed twice in Finnish. First time in 1969 and second time in 2005. I have only seen the 1969 version and I love it. Especially this Finnish version of I bring you a song/ sävelmä tää (this melody). This version is hauntingly beautiful and is performed by singer Jukka Kuoppamäki. I can listen it over and over again.

7. Tuulen värit/Colors of the wind (Pocahontas)

Colors of the wind is considered to be one of the most beautiful Disney songs ever written and I am so happy that the Finnish version of the song is amazing as well. Some people were skeptical when Finnish tango singer Arja Koriseva was chosen to do the voice of Pocahontas but it is fair to say that now we can not imagine anyone else to be Pocahontas. Arja´s dark warm voice is perfect and I love this version even more than the original English one.

6. Thomas O´Malley (Aristokatit/Aristocats)

Aristocats has been dubbed in Finnish twice. First time in 1971 directed by Reino Bäckman and second time in 1994 directed by Pekka Lehtosaari. I grew up watching the 1994 version and Aristocats is one of my favorite Disney movies ever made. It must be the combination of cats and Paris that I can´t get enough off. 1994 version´s Thomas O´Malley was voiced by the director Pekka Lehtosaari. He has done several other Disney voices as well. His best known Disney performance is probably Baloo in the Jungle Book. I personally think Lehtosaari has perfect voice for Thomas O´Malley the care free alley cat with laid back attitude.

Fun fact: in the 1971 version Thomas O´Malley´s voice was Ossi Ahlapuro. Same guy who did the voice of Frollo.

5. Tunnemme Tien/We know the way (Vaiana/Moana)

I have not seen Moana in Finnish yet. I have only seen the English version but I have listened all the songs from the Finnish version and I absolutely love we know the way. Finnish Translation once again is very impressive.

Song is performed by Pekka Kuorikoski who is also Finland´s official Phil Collins. He performed all the songs in Tarzan and my brother bear as well.

4. En saa rakastaa/ I won´t say I´m in love (Herkules/Hercules)

Definitely one of the best songs in the movie composed by Alan Menken. Megara´s Finnish voice is well known pop singer Laura Voutilainen who is no stranger to voice acting. She is also an official Disney princess being the voice of Tiana from Princess and the frog as well. I personally think Laura´s voice is perfect for resistant Meg who is secretly in love to the man she is supposed to destroy.

3. Prinssi Ali/Prince Ali (Aladdin)

This list can not be completed without songs from Aladdin. Vesa-Matti Loiri who is the Finnish voice of genie won a special achievement award from Disney studios for the being the best international voice of genie. Loiri himself is notoriously famous Finnish singer, musician, actor and a song writer. Loiri being an actor/comedian himself did not watch Robin William´s performance until after his own part was recorded on so he did all his improvisations as genie without getting any influences from elsewhere.

2. Gaston (Kaunotar ja Hirviö/Beauty and the Beast

I could have chosen any song from the Finnish version of Beauty and the Beast because they are all brilliant but what can I say no one sings in Finnish like Gaston. Voiced by opera singer Esa Ruuttunen who´s deep baritone voice fits perfectly for this arrogant, cocky character that we all are supposed to hate but we can´t because he is too hilarious.

1. Teistä miehen teen /I´ll make a man out of you (Mulan)

This song is pure steel just like it´s main character and my favorite Disney song of all times and in all languages. Finnish version is perfection to the T. Lyrics were translated to be similar to Chinese Haiku poems and in a weird way this fits very well to theme of the song. Finnish voice of Captain Chang is actor Santeri Kinnunen who also voiced John Smith in the Finnish version of Pocahontas. Kinnunen´s voice is warm and at the same time filled with toughness and authority.

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