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My Top 5 Favorite Christmas Movies

Updated on December 18, 2014

December means Christmas

The month of December for me is the perfect time to make a trip down memory lane. I feel nostalgic whenever December comes because most of my favorite Christmas movies are being shown on several television channels. When I was a kid, my Christmas vacation won't be complete without watching these movies showing either Santa, Christmas trees, gifts and of course hearing the famous Christmas songs .

These movies helps me set my mood in time for holidays. Christmas has this special power to put you into a festive mood no matter what. And if you have some problems, it surely makes you forget about it even just for the whole running time of the movie.

So without further ado, here are some of the Christmas-themed movies that can put you on a jovial mood:


Home Alone 1

I will never get tired of watching Kevin McAllister get left behind by his family whenever they are going on a holiday vacation. I can't imagine myself being on his shoes, living alone for days dealing with all the chores. But the idea of having the house all to myself doing what I wanted to do sounds nice. Haha. But I wouldn't want that to happen to me especially when burglars are just around the corner. What I love most about the movie is that Kevin, despite being small and just a kid was able to do "traps" inside and outside his house just to defend it from bad people trying to break in.

This movie is a family movie that all kids should watch. It shows a mother's love despite of bad behaving kids. As for the technical aspect of the movie - it's awesome. I enjoy the background songs used (Christmas songs are full of joy) and the atmosphere of the whole movie was very, very festive!

Alone again... this time in New York
Alone again... this time in New York

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

This is obviously a must see for me way back when Home Alone 2 is still in works... How can you not watch the 2nd movie if you've seen the first. Home Alone 2 have a somehow same plot with the first movie but this time the protagonist Kevin was able to join his family up to the airport. Unfortunately, this young man entered the wrong flight! He's this close to being able to go with his family, but due to a scene where he thought he saw his father entered the "supposedly" correct flight, Kevin found himself in New York.

But Kevin didn't waste his time crying and panicking. Instead, he used this incident to his advantage! Lucky for him, he was able to bring his dad's bag with him, with his dad's wallet and credit card in it. He cheecked in to an expensive hotel and voila, he lived like he is the richest man in the world. Well, he used his dad's credit card to buy him some sweets (expenisve sweets of course), toys and other hotel services. Anyway, I love this movie like the first because of Kevin's adventures in New York. of course, there's also a moral lesson in this movie. A lot actually. So this is a good movie to show to your child as well.

4 against 1 kid!
4 against 1 kid!

Home Alone 3

Okay... this post should be title, my favorite Home Alone movies... Haha kidding! before I watched this movie I honestly have doubts. Because first, Kevin is not the main character in the movie but a different child named Alex. His story is a little bit far from the first two because there's no family holiday vacation going on here. The main story or I should say the main adventure happened on a normal day where his parents need to be at work and his siblings are at school. Alex was left behind at their house because he got chicken pox.

The story involved some terrorist twist (but this one doesn;t involved guns or bombs) but just a computer chip that is of high importance to the military. What I love about this movie is that, even though Alex parents didn't believe him when he told them that there's some bad people on their neighborhood, he sees to it that he will dealt with them even though he doesn't have the help of his parents or any adult. He didn't give up. At the end of the day, Alex was declared a hero!

The story is set on a winter season (therefore it has a Christmas feel to it) and you know, even though the setting that makes it festive is just the snow, it still is a favorite Christmas movie in my list.

A romantic Christmas movies for adults
A romantic Christmas movies for adults

Love Actually

This one is not for the kids. This is for the romantics and mostly girls... I think. Love Actually have several stories in one movie. One thing that brought the stories together are how their lives are linked to other characters' lives. Actors and actresses in the movies are mostly British. You gotta love their accents! Anyway, the story started 5 weeks before Christmas and it's actually focused on love (hence the title of the movie). However I love how they incorporate love in a unique way. Like a young boys love to a young girl or a love between two different race and etc. It's a simple love stories that is very heartwarming.

I also like how they inject some humor in some scenarios like the mtv of Billy Mack's song Christmas is All Around. You will also see familiar faces in this film so if you haven;t seen this one yet, you gotta watch it.

Mostly snow, let it snow, let it snow...
Mostly snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Before you react, I know this is not a typical Christmas movie. However there is a particular scene in the film that has a Christmas feel in it. Santa even appeared in one of the scenes therefore I still consider it as one of my favorite Christmas movie. Anyway, the story revolves around the Pevensie kids namely Peter, Susan, Edward and Lucy. They found themselves in a mysterious place called Narnia where impossible things seems to be possible. Animals or mythical characters can talk, and kids can rulle a country!

Narnia is enveloped in snow at first, or I think the right term here is the place was frozen because of the eveil ruler, the witch! But due to the sudden appearance of the Pevenise kids, the witch powers started to deteriorate. When the "real snow" started to fall, the kids realize that it's already Christmas, So there came Santa bearing gifts to each of them. And so the Christmas scene ended there but it's still a good movie to watch.

Despite of it not being an ideal Christmas movie, I love the feel that this movie brings in the child in me. I love stories that have kids as heroes or protagonists. It's definitely a family movie that all ages can enjoy.

Which is your favorite

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The True Meaning of Christmas

And there you have it! Let me just remind you that Christmas is not just about movies and gifts and food but this is Jesus' day. It's his birthday! So spend your Christmas thinking about how lucky we are to have Jesus. The spirit of Christmas is about giving and being able to spend time with your love ones!

So if you're reading this on a Christmas day, Merry Christmas!


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    • sparklingcrystal profile image

      sparklingcrystal 2 years ago from Manila

      Yeah, very true. I watch it even though it's not Christmas. It's one of the movies that you can watch all over again.

    • profile image

      AshimaTan 2 years ago

      I second your opinion, one can never get tired watching home alone. Its my super favorite movie and I do not care whether its christmas time or no christmas time, I always watch it for fun...