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My Top Five Songs by Six Female Vocalists

Updated on November 15, 2012


Over the years I have heard many great songs. This Hub is just a taste of some of my favorites. Dedicated to six great female vocalists.

Elaine Page and Barbara Dickson Duet

Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson

These are two of the great female vocalists of the 1980's. Elaine Paige found fame as the first "Evita" on the West End Stage. Barbara Dickson came through the pop scene to prove herself a wonderfully wide ranging singer.

The performance I chose to showcase these two British greats is "I Know Him So Well" from the 1980's musical Chess, written by Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Anderson (formerly of the Swedish pop group ABBA) and lyricist Tim Rice.

The premise of the story is a series of World Chess Championships during the Cold War, which was still going on at the time the musical was written. Paige plays the mistress of the Soviet chess champion, Dickson, his wife. In this duet they sing about how both are torn and tested in their respective relationships. A very poignant story.

Katrina Leskanich

Katrina Leskanich

In 1997 Katrina and the Waves were chosen to be the United Kingdom Eurovision Song Contest entrants.

The song "Love Shine a Light" was a great fun song and was up until the date of this hubs publication, the UK's last winning entry.

The choice of Katrina Leskanich was not uncontrovercial at the time. Katrina was Canadian and it was claimed that her choice was showing a lack of British talent. But few cannot say Katrina could not sing. She could really get an audience to enjoy every moment of her performance.

Marti Webb

Marti Webb

Marti Webb followed Elaine Paige in the role of Eva Peron in the West End production of "Evita".

She followed that success with a series of shows. One of these was a one woman show as part of "Song and Dance" written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The dance performances were performed by Wayne Sleep, while the song performance was Marti's own.

The show later dropped the Dance performance and was represented under the title "Tell Me On a Sunday." The story tells us of a young English woman who comes to work in the United States. She has a series of boyfriends and broken relationships finding some dismay at life in the US se tells her story in song.

This is on of the more powerful songs from the show and shows off Marti's range particularly well.

Bonnie Tyler

Bonnie Tyler

Bonnie Tyler was one of the great female vocalists of the late 80's and 1990's.

I particularly love this song, It's a Heartache' because it reminds me of an undergraduate music course I took some years ago. I had to analyse this very song for its rhythms and tones.

Bonnie was famous for her rather deep voice, but as Rock Chick extrordinnaire there is no equal.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

Carrie is one of the few truly great artists to emerge from the reality game show "American Idol."

She is a talented singer, mostly in the Country music scene. This is a mixed genre song. But she certainly knows how to pack a punch with her songs. As well as a Louisville slugger.


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