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My Top Greek Mythology Movies And Television Shows

Updated on December 23, 2011
Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson | Source
Xena: Warrior Princess
Xena: Warrior Princess | Source


I don't know about you but I find all kinds of different mythologies to be entertaining and of coarse Greek Mythology is indeed one of them. I love watching television shows and movies about Greek Mythology. Though I like the Fiction based movies I also enjoy the non-fiction based. This hub are some movies that I find to be my top favorite. I say my top favorite because I personally cannot speak for everyone.

If you're one that's seeking out a good movie or television show to watch about Greek mythology than you have landed on the right hub.

Percy Jackson And The Olympians: The Lightening Thief

This film came out in the year 2010 and was based on the Percy Jackson series. My reason behind Percy Jackson being on one my top list is because they not only mention the Olympian Gods but they do a fairly great job in portraying the God's personalities based on the mythologies. They also do a wonderful job on the mythological creatures. I don't really agree with the way they made the Fury look in the move based on how they are supposed to look but still, they did a great job, especially on the satyrs and the centaurs.


When I say Hercules here I am not talking about any of the movies they have out about Hercules I am speaking of the television series that they had out around the year of 1995. Hercules was played by Kevin Sorbo. They did a wonderful job on this show with what technology they did have during those days. It's one of the best ones out there about Hercules and I give Kevin Sorbo props. I believe he played the best Hercules. They depicted Zeus rather well in the series. The showed how difficult Hera made things on Hercules. Altogether this show is wonderful.

They do not air this show anymore but they do have it on DVD.

Xena: Warrior Princess

This is also a television series almost like Hercules but more female based and Xena was more of a warrior. She was not a demi-god like Hercules. Xena was played by the actress Lucy Lawless who did a remarkable job. This one includes the Amazons more into the show and may be why I like it so much. However some of their information is incorrect on the mythologies. If you look pass that it is still a great show.

Though they do not air this show anymore they are available on DVD.

Clash Of The Titans

There are two versions of this film. The 1981 and 2010. Both I rather enjoy, though I like the graphics more in the newer one I believe that in 1981 their information was more correct. Clash Of The Titans is a movie based on the Greek myth of Perseus. Both of versions have their positive sides as well as their negative sides but they are both great enough to make it on my top favorite list because it's one of the best movies based on Perseus.


This 2004 film kind of disappointed me upon first watching it, that I will admit however it did grow on me. Well known names such as Achilles and Odysseus are mentioned here. If you are a fan of the Trojan war you may just like this film. I will admit that I am not such a big fan. I like the stories behind it, like which Greek God supported it and which did not. And there is a story that states that the war was actually a war of the Gods and not of the humans however that's for another time. Obviously this movie is worth the time to watch.

Hercules- the Disney Animated movie

This one, though meant for children has also always been my favorites ever since it came out when I was little. My brother always enjoyed Hades while I always liked Pegasus the winged horse. This cartoon is a great one for children to learn a little a bit about Greek mythology. Though not all of it is mentioned, it's enough for children to learn off from. Brings up how Hades is the God of the underworld And Zeus is Hercules father. Information like that may be wonderful. It was this movie that actually sparked my brother's interest in Greek Mythology, resulting in him wanting to learn more. There's no harm in that right?

The Odyssey

This is a mini-series that was produced aired in 1997, basically split up into two parts. Obviously by its title this is about the poem "The Odyssey" written by Homer. A classic, and one that many of us had to read while in school. If you are one who enjoys Greek mythology then you are one who enjoys The Odyssey. If you have not seen this then I highly recommend you to.


Now there is the newer one out called The Immortals. I wish I could say that this film is also on my list however truth be told I have yet to watch this. By what my brother has to say it is rather good. I'll have to wait to watch it myself to have my own opinion. I am pleased however that they are beginning to get back into Greek Mythology again. It took them a couple of years but I am very glad. After all, myths are truly fascinating.


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    • Cresentmoon2007 profile image

      Cresentmoon2007 5 years ago from Caledonia, MI

      Hypersapien, I actually wasn't aware of those ones sadly enough and am going to have to look into them. Thank you for mentioning them.

    • Hypersapien profile image

      Hypersapien 5 years ago

      The Hercules series was called "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" and was actually developed form a couple of made-for-TV movies (also starring Kevin Sorbo) that proved popular. Xena was a spinoff of that Hercules show. I'm surprised you don't have the old "Jason and the Argonauts" listed here, or "Ulysses" with Kirk Douglas.

    • Cresentmoon2007 profile image

      Cresentmoon2007 6 years ago from Caledonia, MI

      At first I was disappointed by Troy but the movie quickly grew on me. 300, I still don't really care for. I wasn't very fascinated by it. I can understand why others can be but I myself wasn't. Thank you for reading Kitty.

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from the Ether

      You weren't a fan of Troy or 300? I thought both movies were fascinating. Love your selection though. Voted up and awesome!