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Favourite Bands in the 90's - Classic Rock Songs

Updated on January 28, 2013

Bands in the 90s - Mainly Grunge!

For me the 90's was a unique decade for music which came and went for many people all too soon, despite the popularity of the genre it never managed to stay with us and for the sake of our mental health that's probably a good thing!

It was a time of rebellion, poverty and the realisation that people wouldn't be able to support their overly exuberant lifestyles with the debt of the western countries mounting up and business after business being shut down the, hype of the 70's and 80's had worn off and a recession had taken over.

All of these factors play a vital role in understanding where the inspiration came for the sudden tremor that hit the music industry which is a question worth knowing the answer to because it was such a dramatic change!

It wasn't the most...up building time for music being directly linked to an increase in teenage suicides as well as painting a very grim view of the world around us with lyrics such as "down in a hole and i don't know if i can be saved" and "i want you to scrape me off the wall and go crazy like you made me" it is understandably not everybody's cup of tea which didn't evoke the best attitude in the victims that it had enticed into its world, however i would always argue that it is still better than the mindless Top of the charts music that we are forced to listen to 20 years on and for me personally i would say that we have had a devolution of music ever since that period ended, instead of genuine artists we now have people who, granted have good voices but havent got that uniqueness that you need to be considered a true artist and basically all you need is an OK voice with a sob story attached to it and you can get other people to write your lyrics for you and that is what is acceptable to the general public these days.

well that's my little rant over Here are some of my personal favourites starting in no particular order, some you will have heard of and some may have been unbeknown st to you depending on how much you are into the decade of music.

Rusty Cage Live 1992

Their best known album

Chris Cornell and Soundgarden

Perhaps a lesser known band of the 90's grunge scene was nonetheless one of the most respected and is still making music even today (Made a song for Avengers Assemble movie) while their first album was one to forget the rest of them where very inspirational pieces of art that had a very unique sound to them and the main reason for this was the lead singer's incredibly powerful voice (Chris Cornell). the band split up late 90's because of a dispute within the band about where the band can go from where they were so Chris Cornell left the band and merged with the rage against the machine artists (who i will be talking about later) and for a new super band called Audio slave which had great success in America.

Some of their best known songs are Black hole Sun and Superunkown however i don't think it would be fair to mention just these songs and ignore the rest of them which is why i highly recommend that you check out all of their albums...except the first one!

Radiohead live 1994


Radiohead are one of the only great bands of the 90's to have a completely different style from that of its competitors, while not a grunge band it certainly adds to that Mellon collie period in music history makes this band in my eyes certainly among the best of this era but also one of the best ever conceived. Lead singer (Thom Yorke) is the brains behind the bands success writing the majority of the songs and its when you hear this band live that you realise just how awesome they are, Thom's vocals are perfect and the music is inch perfect but not only that the atmosphere this band manages to create is incredibly complex, while everyone is having a great time you cant help noticing all of the fear stricken, pondering faces that float about as though they have just witnessed some sort of apocalyptic scene and need a few minutes to grasp the meaning of what they just witnessed.

Junkhead Live 1992

Alice in Chains Dirt

Alice in Chains

Possibly the darkest band of the 90's Alice in chains made it big in 1992 when they released their album Dirt which was critically acclaimed and given a quadruple platinum award, when you listen to this album you really feel the emotion that went into making it. this is an album that is completely unique to the band and not in any way mainstream or a copy of anything else that was out at the time and for that you must address Layne staley as a genius!...albeit a completely drugged up demonised looking genius but one nonetheless, its possible to make out two obsessions that this man has, one is of course drugs and the other is the thought of his own mortality and i would like to at this point just quote some of his lyrics so you can get a sense of just how disturbed this individual was..."i want you to scrape me off the wall and go crazy just like you made me", "Down in a hole and i don't know if i can be saved", "you are so special you have the talent to make me feel like dirt" and finally "some say were born into the grave". Sadly Layne staley is no longer with us because he died from drug abuse in 2002, not something that you couldn't have guessed would happen but is still a very tragic end to a great artist. Alice in chains have not disbanded and they have a new lead singer (William Duvall) however they will never be the same without their star man and it just further proves that Layne was the inspiration behind the band.


yeah that's right nirvana, OK not the most imaginative choice but it doesn't have to be because you cant get away from the fact that they dominated the grunge scene during this period and while i certainly don't agree that they should have been the most popular it doesn't get away from the fact that when people think of the 90's their first thoughts are "Nirvana".

Nirvana Live on jonothan ross

Pearl Jam 1992

Pearl Jam 10

Pearl Jam

This is a cool band, lead singer Eddie Vedder has such a powerful low pitched voice that it gives them an advantage over their competitors because he can hit notes that the majority of people wouldn't even know that the human voice could make such a noise! To go with that voice we are blessed with great music and great lyrics too and in comparison to some of the other bands mentioned these are actually quite serene and calm, not that they didn't have their wild side with tracks such a 'blood' and 'animal' but they had a lot of more mellow tracks that gave them a fine balance between madness and thoughtfulness, their most well know album perhaps is 'ten' which has the hit track 'alive' on it but its that balance that they posses within their music which makes them one of my favourites of this period.

In conclusion...

All of these bands had their own very unique style and message which was personal to them and they emoted it in a way that had us enticed for a number of years and that is what makes these people true artists, Their music is timeless and will not be forgotten by me nor will it be forgotten by anyone who was lucky enough to be growing up during the 90's.

But that was then and this is now so here is a little taster of what talent we have to look forward to in the future!


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    • profile image

      Stargrrl 3 years ago

      I love the 90's! If only I could go back in time....awesome hub.

    • Dannytaylor02 profile image

      Daniel Nathan Taylor 5 years ago from United Kingdom, Liverpool

      yeah i also like stone temple pilots, vasoline and army ants are great songs! but they werent really influential enough for me to put down :) thanks for commenting!!

    • rcrumple profile image

      Rich 5 years ago from Kentucky

      Some strong entries here. Went a little heavier at times, myself, with Dream Theater, Danzig, King's X and Megadeth, as well as those you mention. Also, Stone Temple Pilots in their earlier efforts did well. Saw AIC in concert in the early 90's as a middle band. Sepultura opened, then AIC, and the headliner was Ozzy. Fairly strong show. Good Job!