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My Top Five Fave Children and Family Movies

Updated on March 16, 2016

Are you looking for something fun to do with the family? Is it raining or getting to quiet time before bed? Are you just a kid at heart and want to relive your child hood? Maybe you just want to share some of the magical films you loved when you were growing up with the new generations of your family. Which ever the circumstance there are no doubt that there are plenty of movies to choose from. Because if your anything like me there are the ones you watched over and over so much that they became apart of you; you knew the characters like you knew your own family or maybe better in some cases. Bearing all that in mind what you'll find within this article is a list that, after lots of thought, consideration, and painful choices, are my top five favorite movies that I still find myself going back too time and time again. These are the movies that keep me company on sick, rainy, or gloomy days when I remind myself that I am an adult and I do not need to call my dad just because the world is not right. These are the movies that may even be just a little bit apart of my soul, my very being.

Labyrinth Movie Cover
Labyrinth Movie Cover | Source

1: The Labyrinth

Jim Henson's the Labyrinth has to be one of my favorite movies of all time. It's full of magic, goblin kings, adventure and music. What's not to love? When I was little there was nothing i did not love about it. Besides what big sister at some point did not joke about selling their little brother or giving them back. I loved the idea that I could wish him away to a magic kingdom. I never did try it. But now it remains one of my favorites. I love the glitter, the magic, the fun, and the story of course. I love the music and David Bowie in all his brilliance and glittery glory. There is no one else that I can imagine that could play the Goblin King and actually be the Goblin King. May he rest in peace, his brilliance will be missed. But, I digress there is something about this movie that makes me smile when I am having a bad day, and makes me feel a bit better when I am sick. But beyond that this movie also has lessons that you take away from it and hopefully learn from. Lessons such as: Be careful what you wish for, the power of words, and life's not always fair. It is these lessons, the imagination, and magic that make this movie a true story telling masterpiece and a classic that lasts the span of time. I was very excited to share this movie with my nephew as it remains one of my all time favorite movies and is now one of his as well.


This edition of the movie was fantastic. I was happy I bought it and now I have it on DVD I can relive the magic whenever and where ever I want too.

Dark Crystal DVD cover
Dark Crystal DVD cover | Source

2: The Dark Crystal

Another Jim Henson classic, The Dark Crystal has adventure, magic, mystery, and of course muppet magic! What would a Jim Henson production be without a bit of muppet magic.This movie is truly a classic, that can be enjoyed while your little and when your older. While this movie is a bit dark and has the potential to be a bit scary, this movie has enough cute magical creatures to take away some of the fear. So as a heads up if you by chance have not seen this and wanted to share it with your kids. I will say I did not notice the dark tones and sometimes scary scenes when I was little, because I was to busy being apart of the adventure. Not to mention that this movie also has lessons that can be taken away from it and hopefully learned from, like the labyrinth. One such lesson is: that even the smallest of creatures can do impossible things. Another lesson that is that even when you feel alone, you can find friends and aid when you least expect it. Really there is nothing that I do not love about this movie. It has lovable heroes and almost lovable enemies. It's a fun adventure all about saving the world as the characters know it. This was another gem that I loved sharing with my nephew and find myself going back to time and time again.

The Dark Crystal
The Dark Crystal

I might have a thing for collectors editions, but I was very happy that I got this one. it brought back the magic. It was fantastic!

DVD cover of Neverending story
DVD cover of Neverending story | Source

3. The Neverending Story

The Neverending story....I find that I have a never ending love for this movie. I remember watching it over and over, when I was younger. There's an adventure, there's a dragon, but there is so much more. This movie inspires imagination, and a love for reading. The idea that you bring the stories to life by reading them, that you become apart of them, and they become a part of you. In sense I suppose that the books you read do become apart of who you are, because the ones you love leave an imprint some sorts. This movie also instills an idea of hope, that the future can be whatever we make it as long as we believe. That we shape the world around us in some way with our ideas. That no matter how great or small we are, we matter and are not really nothing in the great scheme of things. Because sometimes our belief in something might just make the impossible possible.There are so many things that can be taken away from this, and it truly is a classic that lives on. It is defiantly one that I have had the pleasure to share the love of. A must see if you have not already.

Beethoven DVD Cover
Beethoven DVD Cover | Source


This movie, a family favorite that never gets old. It is full of fun and mischief with the right about of family bonding. It may not have magic in the same as the three movies I mentioned before, but it has a different kind of magic. It shows that love can grow even between the most unlikely pair and even when you did not expect it. It shows a family sticking together even when forces are trying to take one member away. This movie is a movie about a family coming back together when it has grown apart. It shows that family should be there for you no matter what, and that there is love out there, you just have to let it in. This movie never fails to make me smile, and even at 30, I find that I still watch it with my family. It has become a tradition in a way for us, something that brings us all in the same room, for at least a little while no matter how busy we are in our lives. I think as much as Beethoven became apart of the family in the movie, he also became apart of our family. While there have been a series of Beethoven movies, this one will always be my favorite. It will always hold a special place in our hearts.

DVD cover of The Land Before Time
DVD cover of The Land Before Time | Source

The Land Before Time

The first Land Before Time. It truly was where the adventure began. Because even though there are a million of them now or so it seems, this was the original. It was this movie that brought dinosaurs alive for me in away that no other movie had There is really something in this movie for all ages. It has music, family, adventure, friendship, Dinosaurs and its own kind of magic just like Beethoven. This movie shows us what working as team can accomplish. That friends and family come is all different shapes and sizes, and that you never know where your going to meet them. It shows that sometimes, like Sarah learns, we all need a little help and support even if we're to stubborn to realize or admit it. I think there is a little bit of each of them inside of all of us, because we are all a little shy, stubborn, talkative, afraid and strong. This movie like all the others on my list show us that sometimes it is the smallest creatures that make a difference. I was very happy to find this on DVD as out VHS was wearing out from the amount of times that we watched it and still continue too.

So whether your looking for a movie for family movie night or you just need a pick me up sometimes the place to look is with the tried and beloved classics that you grew up with. The ones that even though your an adult you always find your way back to in some form or another. Because like the movies on this list did for me, they became apart of me and remained apart of me; just like you may have your own list. Even if we are not turning to watching them, the lessons that we learned from them and maybe even some of the magic stays with you as apart of you everyday of your life whether you realize it or not. These are the movies we should be sharing with the younger generations and those closest to us. So whether you pick one of these or maybe another that's on your list, pick a movie, pop some popcorn, grab a pillow and blanket, and your family or favorite group of people and have a movie night. Enjoy and by all means comment with your favorite movies or thoughts on my choices. I would love to hear them.

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