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My Top Twenty Action Films: #8 and #7

Updated on March 12, 2013

8. The Bourne Ultimatum

As with a lot of films, realism can really add depth and draw you in.

I found The Bourne Ultimatum to be the best of the Matt Damon trilogy. It was relatively realistic as action films go. Realistic in the way that I personally SUPPOSE world government's secret-ish services/hired employees realistically behave. Of course, there must be an element of fantasy also.

The film starts off in Moscow. Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is suffering from a gunshot wound, a gift from a Russian assassin called Kirill. Bourne patches himself up and goes into hiding for six weeks.

Resurfacing in Paris, Bourne meets with his dead girlfriend's (Marie Kreutz/Franka Potente) Brother, Martin Kreutz (Daniel Brühl) and breaks the bad news that his sister is dead. At the same time Guardian reporter, Simon Ross (Paddy Considine) has a meeting with an unknown person to discuss his knowledge of Bourne and Operation Treadstone.

Later while on a phone call, Ross mentions the words "Operation Blackbriar" from the information he has received from his unknown source. These words have been "flagged" and are picked up by a listening substation that is listening to all local calls. Ross is now put under surveillance as ordered by CIA Deputy Director, Noah Vosen (David Strathairn).

Bourne contacts Ross after reading his work in The Guardian and arranges to meet him at Waterloo station in London. During the meeting hired hitman/cell operative, Paz (Spanish for peace... Edgar Ramirez) is given the green light by Vosen to shoot and kill both Bourne and Ross.

Ross ends up being shot and killed but Bourne escapes.

The film is seriously action packed and very tense and as I said, definitely the best of the trilogy.

7. Aliens

This I think this is the best of all the Alien films.

Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is conned into going back out into space to track down and eradicate the aliens that have been haunting her dreams ever since she managed to escape one that got lose on a ship and killed all her crew mates.

Ripley is conned into the trip by slimy Carter Burke (Paul Reiser) and also her feeling of dread for the people, or more specifically, families who are known to be located in an area where the aliens are.

Ripley is labeled (quite happily) as an adviser only and her role on the mission is as an observer only. For support, and to do the "grunt" work, a team of heavily armed crack marines are sent out with her, Burke and an artificial life form know as Bishop (Lance Henriksen).

The marines seem to be under the illusion that the aliens will be a push over and the task will be very easy..

It is not long before the marines find that the mission is not an easy walk in the park, made worse by the fact that their commanding officer, Lieutenant Gorman (William Hope), has seen less action than them. This forces Ripley to get her hands dirty in order to save the remaining marines from their mission's initial failure.

It is not long before the aliens ruin any easy chance of escape and to make things worse, the colony's power station is set to explode. The remaining marines, Corporal Hicks (Michael Biehn), Private Hudson (Bill Paxton), Ripley, Burke, Bishop and a girl called "Newt" need to find a way off of the planet, but everyone has different motivations..


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