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My Undying Love for Stranger Things

Updated on February 20, 2018
Josh Collinson profile image

Josh is 18 years old and has recently discovered a passion for writing. He is writing everyday and improving himself. He aims to continue.

So, if you have Netflix or any type of social media you would have most likely heard of Stranger Things. Heck, you've probably watched it yourself. Personally I love it. I don't think I've ever been so attached to a show in my life. I mean, I can watch both seasons within a few days and still want to start it all over again.

There's just something about an 80's sci-fi that I love. This show takes inspiration from all kinds of 80's movies, from Stand By Me to E.T. Now, I wasn't born in the 80's but that doesn't mean I don't love it. In fact, I'm obsessed with the 80's so this show is perfect for me.

The show is made by a great cast and crew. I couldn't imagine it being directed by anyone else, or being acted out by anyone better. It's just an overall feel good show and I' sure most of you will agree with me.

It hasn't become so popular by accident, I know that for sure. The attention to detail blows my mind. There's not many shows that I can watch over and over again and still find things I missed.

There's just something about an 80's sci-fi that I love.

Endless joy from both seasons.

The fact that I can watch this series without being able to remember last detail proves it's filled with plenty of entertainment. Each scene is carefully thought out by everyone involved in the show.

I'm currently watching season 2 and I'd be lying if I told you I remembered half of what happened in season 1. Don't get me wrong I obviously remember the main plot and what happened I just mean I wouldn't be able to tell you all the small details without having to go back and watch it again.

Another reason I love to go back and watch old episodes is because it gets my brain ticking in an attempt to create my own fan theories. This is what makes the fandom so amazing. There's just something great about sharing your theories with your Stranger Things friends.

Let me give you a taste of one of my favorite theories I created. This one involves Eleven and Mamma (Terry Ivy). Now before you read it I must say SPOILER ALLERT! Now I know this is far fetched but hear me out.

So we all remember when Eleven visited Mamma in season 2. Well I'm still not fully convinced that Eleven is Jane. Look at the facts. When Mamma was showing Eleven her dream circle she showed her the butterfly room where 008 was with another girl. Now we all assume that's Eleven but I don't think it is. That little girl has blonde hair, yet Eleven has black hair.

I know you might say hair changes color but it doesn't change from blonde to black so soon. Also, Eleven has always had her own room, and kept with Pappa. She was obviously kept away from everyone else. I mean, she didn't even know she had a 'sister' until she found the files, but if she was that little girl wouldn't she remember?

Finally, when she told Mamma she is home she was straight told NO. Eleven assumed Mamma was showing her 008 so she can go to find her but I don't think that's the case. Here's what I think. I think she was showing her the blonde girl. I believe that is Jane and Mamma wants her to find her.

Now like I said, it's far fetched and I also have an argument as to why it's not true. The simple fact that Eleven is the only one with telekinetic powers, which Mamma also has. Now since Mamma was being tested on this would mean Eleven would have got her powers from Mamma.

Maybe when Mamma said Eleven wasn't home that meant much more than I thought. Only time will tell. I hope you enjoyed the story time!

Another reason I love to go back and watch old episodes is because it gets my brain ticking in an attempt to create my own fan theories.

My favorite episodes.

I love all the episodes from both seasons but I have a favorite for each one also.

My favorite from season 1 is the final episode. For many reasons. This was the episode we saw that Steve was in fact a good guy when he wasn't around the douche bag friends. I just loved seeing him come back to save the day with his (now infamous) baseball bat. Can we all thank Jonathon for creating that piece of art. Steve proved in the final episode he wasn't the typical jock type character that he started out to be. The ending of the episode was sad, but that just made the episode even more thrilling. When Eleven sacrificed herself for the gang and finished with 'Bye Mike' I cried. Yes. I cried. Anyone who didn't is stronger than I am. It hit me right in the feels. It was also great to finally see Will escape the upside down from a desperate Hopper who was 100% not going to let another kid dye from the upside down (another speak peak to one of my theories).

My favorite episode from season 2 is episode 7. I know this is controversial but I loved it. I think Eleven needed a stand alone episode to express her character further than she was currently able to do. So far she had been aided by Mike and Hopper but now she was alone and able to make her own decisions. This episode was also the most important episode for her character building. Without this episode the ending would have been a lot more brutal. She might never have found that deep buried power that 008 taught her to find. Season 2 might have been the final season for Eleven had episode 7 never happened.

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I just loved seeing him come back to save the day with his (now infamous) baseball bat.


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