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My daughter wants to be a YouTuber, what do I do.

Updated on July 31, 2017

How do you watch out for you kids on YouTube?

YouTube is the new T.V. for young teens. My daughter is always watching her I-pad not the giant flat screen in the house. She watches other people play video games rather than playing them herself. As a old guy I sure don't understand. She said she wanted to create her own channel and post videos. That scares the crap out of me, the internet is a big creepy place at times. So how does a father keep a eye on the process and not stop his child's creative process. Do the YouTube channel with her, that is how.

My youngest and I are saltwater fish fans, I have had tanks in the past and she really wanted one. I have been talked into many pets in the past by my children and they always end up my responsibility. So I had the bright idea to work both her requests into one project. If we work on reef fish tanks together and do a YouTube Chanel it may take care of two of her big wants. It also may keep her interested longer and I can keep a better eye on the process. I hope also it will build some fond memories of her father, so when she is a bit older and I have to be the bad guy (coming soon I'm sure) there will be some good will.

I have attached our first video, so let me know what you think. The first thing I learned is tuck in your shirt because the camera makes you way bigger, Ha Ha!

CG reefs first video


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