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My favorite Japanese comedian : Ken Shimura

Updated on May 22, 2013

I remember when as a kid in Okinawa, Japan, I would come home and watch my favorite anime cartoon called, "DragonBall". Then after that, I would go play soccer or baseball with my friends or go to Gate 2 Street near Kadenda Air Force Base and play at the arcade place. Sure missed the good old days!

Then at night time, I would come home, eat dinner and then my family and I would gather up in the small living room and watch Ken Shimura shows. My dad would laugh so hard that I had to turn my hearing aids down! We just loved those shows!

To me, Ken Shimura is like Jim Carrey. He would make facial expressions and would say things that would make the audience laugh so hard. He would dress funny, funky, wierd, and stupid but I loved how he acted out with other co-actors like Kato-chan, Masashi Tashiro or Nobuyoushi Kuwano and many other guest actors. I love that dude! He was and still is one of my favorite comedian / actor.

Today, I would watch some of the shows on Youtube. It is amazing how internet can bring the past back to your soul and help us remember the good laughs we all have had in the past.

I do missed Okinawa and there are days I do think about the old days. I am blessed to able to experience Okinawan's cultures and traditions. I have many great friends from Neighborhood Christian School and Okinawa Christian Schools. OCSI have given me a huge desire to be a minister / pastor and I am thankful that God have sent me there. To all my OSCI friends, ARIGATO!

If you get a chance to be on youtube, watch Ken Shimura shows!


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    • Hezekiah profile image

      Hezekiah 4 years ago from Japan

      Good Hub. Gotta love Shimura Ken. They don't have those cardboard stages and the comedy they used to in Japan like the days of the Drifters. Nowadays it's that red carpet rubbish, with stand up and slapstick boring comedians that seem to disappear after a year. Gotta love good old Japanese comedy. It's good that Shimura ken still does stuff on TV nowadays though.