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My favorite Korean (Mature) Men Actors

Updated on April 3, 2015

Korean Series and Movies

I am engulfed right now in watching Korean dramas. Primarily because their dramas end in a way you didn't expect -- some for the good and some are sad. And yes, they are not afraid to end a drama with a sad note. In comparison with other countries, Korean Drama and Movies have their own flavors, a spice you will take with much ardor.

Here are the Actors I usually follow. I would check and watch their latest achievements and appreciate Korean Entertainment more.

Korean Cinema
Korean Cinema | Source
I love You
I love You | Source

Kim Young-Chul

Kim Young-Chul or Kim Yeong-Cheol was born on February 25, 1953. He had been acting with his earliest work in 1981. Since then he had numerous Dramas and Movies, plus awards.

I first saw him on IRIS 2 playing the bad guy, as a continuation of the first IRIS. Then the story changed into his and his son, playing the good guy. His charm and innocence came out which was actually irritating at first. I feel betrayed. But when I got past more episodes, his acting talent had shown and it was great. Giving the series two thumbs up.

What I noticed when he was on the movie 'The Con Artist' was his fashion style. Gang bosses would usually wear black suit or coats, but he wore colors that actually matched him and they look expensive as well.

Kim Young-Chul
Kim Young-Chul | Source

Kim Kap Soo

Kim Kap Soo or Kim Gab Soo was born on April 7, 1957. A lot of Audiences love his eyes since they are not as brown like most Asians have. Some say it is hazel brown. I just found the eyes weird sometimes, like it just want to cry.

I saw him on a lot of series already where his role comes out in few episodes only. I would consider his acting as that of Al Pacino. He have his own school of acting and wishing that it will flourish.

Kim Kap Soo
Kim Kap Soo | Source

Kim Kap Soo and Dara of 2Ne1 playing Wii

Cheon Ho-Jin

Cheon Ho-Jin or Chun Ho-Jin was born on September 9, 1960.

I first watched him as a father to 'Dong Yi.' And varied characters in 'Bridal Mask' and 'House of Bluebird.' Then when I saw him in 'Smile, You' as a tough but filial son. My appreciation for his craft had bloomed. He have this shocked-eye look on all his Dramas. Which made me wonder what traits actors are famous of.

Chun Ho-Jin
Chun Ho-Jin | Source

Cheon Ho-Jin Singing

Everyone says I Love You
Everyone says I Love You | Source

Kang Seok-Woo

Kang Seok-Woo or Kang Suk-Woo was born on October 1, 1957. He also works as a radio DJ and TV Host.

He usually plays a rich man working in the office, either as a boss or father. He always shows up with a jolly smile and people respects him. However, his performance in 'Smile, You' showed his versatility. Hopefully he can get more challenging roles.

Another thing that I noticed was him wearing colored clothes outside of office norms and it suits him. Which gave me a very good sense of men fashion and style.

Kang Seok-Woo
Kang Seok-Woo | Source
just for gag!
just for gag! | Source

Lee Moon-Sik

Lee Moon-Sik or Lee Mun-Shik was born on October 13, 1967. He also worked in stage before resuming his career in films and dramas.

He was a lucky guy being near the main actor in 'The Duo.' From being a beggar to becoming a trusted ally of a rebel. He played it so well that I checked his other dramas. Twice on separate dramas, I heard him saying "get on diet, you're getting fat." His performance in Il Ji-Mae made me appreciate how he love his job. He made it so believable and very emotional.

Er, the picture below is much improved version of him or, maybe, he was just younger.

Lee Moon-Sik
Lee Moon-Sik | Source
I Love Korean Drama
I Love Korean Drama | Source

Do you like Koren Drama??

Who is your favorite Actor?

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Thank You So Much

Thank You in the Korean Language
Thank You in the Korean Language | Source

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