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Top 5 Suspense/Thriller Movies

Updated on July 26, 2015

1) Skeleton Key : Skeleton key is a creepy movie in which a girl who comes to a house as a nurse found herself trapped. She comes to a house which had some mystery of its dark secrets and when she tried to find out the secrets she came to know about a lot of things.This movie sets a nice pace and a good plot.A nice one to watch.

2)  Orphan : It is a nice movie with a  unexpected suspense.It is about an orphan which a family adopts after loosing a child which is a 9  year old girl.But soon they find that the girl is hiding a secret from family and she is not that innocent as she is pretending to be.Soon she became a threat to the family as she tries to harm the other kids in the family.

3) The silence of the lambs : It is an Academy award winning movie with stunning performances by Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins.In this movie Jodie Foster plays the role of a young FBI cadet who convinces a killer to find another serial killer who skins its victims.

4) Dead Silence : This story revolves around a folk tail about a town in which a stage magician is buried with her puppet with accusation of kidnapping a boy.So the whole village killed her and cut her throat and buried her and after that the town become cursed.A man comes to this town to solve the mystery of his wife's mystical death.Soon he uncovers the legend of Bloody Mary that if you see Bloody Mary and scream she will take your tongue.

5) The Others : It is a thriller movie in which Nicole Kid man plays the role of a mother who lives in a house and having two kids which are sensitive to light.After some time she finds out that something is going on their attic and she start believing that there are some others who are also living in their house.


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