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My favourite song

Updated on December 12, 2016


As you all know i am a big fan of Mister Robbie Williams, so, 'Surprise Surprise', one of my favourite songs is 'Angels'. This song has mixed feelings for me and really depends on my mood.

The guy who wrote this song with Robbie, Ray Hefferman, had just split with his partner after the loss of their baby. Robbie's input was mainly his fascination with the paranormal, and between them they created one of the worlds best selling singles.


When i listen to Angels i think of my loved ones who have passed away. Its like when i'm alone or need advice, i look to them to send me a sign. Angels are so much more loyal than humans, they will always be there no matter what happens. Robbie sings that the Angels offer protection, love and affection,even when your right or wrong, and this is why he's loving angels instead.


On a brighter note, Angels is a very powerful song that i love to sing at the top of my voice in the car, alone i might add! With a few friends added in, its one of the best Karaoke songs about. Lots of people try to sing it, and the more alcohol involved the louder they get, which can be hilarious when they try to hit the high notes. Thankfully for you, i don't take much alcohol, so i wont be singing today. l will keep my voice for later when I'm travelling home alone!


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