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My Honest Quick review of my new Amazon Kindle

Updated on March 24, 2013

The new genration Amazon Kindle

Amazons new generation Kindle ( the Kindle 3) really is quite an improvement on the previous models. I will list some of the basic improvements for those of you who are not familiar with both the old generation and the new Kndle, and then I will go into a little bit more detail and other specs of the the new Kindle.

  1. Inproved battery life
  2. Greater visibility screen
  3. Incresed memory size
  4. Improved Hardware

The battery life is quoted by amazon to be up to one month ( I havent had my kindle long enough to test this yet).

The six inch screen is the same size as on the earlier Kindle model but with improved daylight visibility and quicker refresh rate. The overall size and weight of the unit is reduced and in my opinion this is a good thing.

The internal memory in excess of 3GB, is more than satisfactory for storing well over 3,000 kindle ebooks and the new kindle plays MP3 and AAC audio too.

As for the slightly smaller design and some of the number keys have been removed and integrated in the symbols menu, the pretruding joystick type control on the earlier model is replaced with a flat 5 way rocker control which is a definate improvement.

The text to speech option I was some what sceptical about at first but now I have got used to the less than perfect tone transliteration I actually quite like it and its useful for reading/listening to news articles for example hands free in the car. It is worth noting that not all ebooks have text to speech enabled on them so if this is something you want you will need to check before downloading the ebook.

Having had the opportunity to test out a friends 'Nook' ( probably Kindles closest rival) I have to say i prefer the Kindle for its speed, there is an immediate noticeable difference when moving the cursor around the screen to select various items. The Nook is a little bit ( but noticeably) heavier. Also the inreased visibilty of the new Kindle does help alot, I found the Nook sometimes difficult to read in certain light conditions and didn't have the same problem with my Kindle. Amazon claim a 50% increase in screen visibilty.

One thing with the amazon Kindles is the screen is not backlit but amazon do sell covers with a built in reading light which I have and I use a lot.

The downloading and viewing of PDF's is easy, just connect to your pc's USB and then you can simply drag and drop the PDF's. When viewing them on the smaller Kindle you may need to drag the page around a bit due to the small screen size, if this is an issue then you might consider the Kindle DX for its larger screen.


Amazon have excelled at improving the new generation kindle over its previous siblings with improvements in both usability, visibility battery life and storage ability. The more expensive model includes free 3G and costs around US$189... the slightly cheaper option without 3G comes in at $189 and the 'big brother' the DX costs $379.

Additional Info

Amazon announced that you can now send a kindle ebook as a gift to anyone with an email address, and as the ebooks can be read using free reading apps on the iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac and Blackberry devices.



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