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My idea for a Movie: The Romance of Cupid

Updated on October 14, 2015

For those who don't know. Cupid is not just some random pop culture product. He is in fact the God of Love and Relationship, in ancient Greek and Rome. And unlike in modern pop culture, Cupid, is a full grown adult man.

Cupid's mother, is the beautiful Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

This is my idea of a movie set in modern days, base on the legion of Cupid, in ancient Roman era.

The Romance of Cupid

Two thousand years have past. Since the Pagans of Europe, choose to convert to Christianity. The god of the Olympus have become forgotten. As a result, the gods retreat, to their own world, no longer watch out for world of the Europeans.

Cupid the son of Aphrodite, was originally the god with the power and wisdom, to encourage love. Cupid use that wisdom to teach of one's right to be respected and thus responsibility to respect other. He teach the wisdom to tolerate those whom are different and only to fight, to defend one's right to be respected and tolerated, against those who refuse and are cause harm to others, due to their lack of respect and tolerance. He teaches the wisdom, to maintain peace and harmony and only fight to defend against those, destine to destroy peace and harmony, through causing harm to others. To fight for those you love and unless their action is causing harm to your or others, tolerate and respect, those you hate.

During the era, where the Europeans convert to Christianity, the demon Korima, exploring the situation. Korima took the form of the Christian god and manipulated the Christians into worshiping him and then, Korima discourage love, peace, respect, tolerance and harmony. Korima further teach Christians, to commit murder and geneticist in his name. Korima teaches the Christian to hate those who refuse to worship and follow him and teach the Christians that those who refuse to worship and follow him, are not worthy of life and show them with no respect or tolerance and to persecute and discriminate against them, in the name of god. Korima teaches the Christians to do harm to those who refuse to obey him, is holy and showing them tolerance and respect, is evil and those who refuse to obey him, should receive no tolerance and respect and must be persecuted and punished, in the name of god, for not obeying him. To follow Korima blindly and conduct murder and massacre in his name, to persecute others in his name and that it is the work of good, therefore, it is good and just. For all the harm they cause to other for violating against Korima name, in death, they must repay that bad karma, either by been persecuted by another for violating Korima or for their soul to be subjected to the control of Korima, until the debt is payoff. But before the debt can be paid off, these souls are been send back into reincarnation in dark ages Europe, to live through the world of inquisition, once again.

Alexander is the son of the sun god Apollo. His last reincarnation to earth, was Jesus, send by his father Apollo to guide the Jews, whom is in need to a wise leader. Apollo is also the god whom over ten thousand years ago, told Moses to led the Jews out of Egypt. But Alexander failed miserably, in his mission and when the new religion, of Christianity, rised, as a result. It give Korima a chance to take power.

After watching is happening to the Europeans, since the fall of Rome, for five hundred year. Cupid can no longer stand watching the suffering. Going against the advice of his mother Aphrodite, Cupid came to help the people of the Christian world, through various form of method, giving them the wisdom, he impose upon men kind, while the gods still watch over men kind. But to undermine Korima's grips on Europe, he need to allow the undermining of European's blind love and faith for him, something Korima earn through manipulation. To save the people of Europe, Cupid sacrificed his own right to be love and worshiped by others. To save the Europeans from Korima's influence, Cupid started by undermining the Catholic church, whom Korima used to do his bidding. Cupid reincarnated to earth and mass printed the bible against the Catholic church's will and encourage people to think for them self. Then he throw down one of his arrows, to reincarnate as a great warrior name Napoleon, to lead his army to march into the Vatican and seize control of it and to end the Spanish inquisition.

But all the sacrifice Cupid make mean for the past one thousand year, he live a lonely life, isolating himself, even from his most beloved. Fifteen hundred years has passed and most of the western world, finally become what it is today and been liberated from the blind and unquestioning teaching of Korima, certain part of the west, is now prosper. With Korima's power weakening, in the twentieth century, due to his reducing influence over the western world, by the mid 1950s, Cupid is now able to seal Korima, away and sealed him in the depth of the pacific ocean.

For the past 1000 years, Cupid remain lonely, watching over the western world. Until one day, he saw Elizabeth, whom is now a young doctor, in the US. Elizabeth is the reincarnation of Amynta, she was once a Morino, a magical been in a time before the world of man and was once Cupid's lover. In the war against the Titans, the Morinos were amount the Olympus gods' allies. But all Morino was wiped out. Nobody know one was left, Amynta was serious wounded and as a result, she became a mere mortal been and reincarnated to earth. Amynta is Cupid's lover and because Morina's was suppose to have all died out, Cupid can be in contact with Amynta. So, Cupid showed himself to Elizabeth, appearing as a young man name Jim. With her memory as a Morino still embedded in her subconscious, Elizabeth and Jim soon fall in love and eventually, Elizabeth's memory as Amynta, became unlocked.

Elizabeth told Cupid that he have sacrifice one thousand years, for the westerners, it is time, to live a bit for himself, the two of them have lost over two hundred thousand years been apart. Now it is their time. So Cupid agree. As Jim, they would move to place just for them self and after Elizabeth died of old age and her soul return to her true form of Amynta, they would travel the universe together, like they always wanted. So, Cupid no longer seek to interfere with the affair of the westerners.

Korima desire to be free from his cage and rule the western world once again, send one of his most powerful Lieutenants Sartrosa to earth and try stir up another era of religion persecution in the western world. This time Sartrosa led those Christians who are still manipulated by Korima, to follow the teaching of hating gays and encourage a spirit of persecution and discrimination against them, thus, once they conduct enough action of persecution in Korima's name, their souls would remain bounded to him, even after death, as punishment for persecuting in Korima's name, until the debt is paid off and through his control of these souls, Korima would break free. Sartrosa used a different technique then Korima, instead on trying to manipulate the Christian directly, he turn his attention to a rising extremist Muslim group and help their leader, Osama Bin Ladin, to launch his holy war, against the Americans, the leader of the free world and is also a nation with Christian majority and encourage anti Muslim feelings. But it is not enough, so within America itself, Sartosa taught those who follow Korima to, act according to Korima's teaching and to hate, kill, discriminate and persecute against the gays, in Korima's name.

While all this happen, Cupid and Elizabeth choose to live a peaceful life, in the country, away from the world. They decided to trust in the believe that after one thousand years of guidance, the people of the western world, have more then enough wisdom, to deal with the situation them self. Not able to convert enough people. Sartosa initiate his plan, he send a giant sea monster and create a huge tsunami and then another huge tsunami against Japan. The Asians are still pagans, so when all of these are happening. The gods came and defeated Sartosa and his minions. Cupid join the gods, to defeat Sartosa and had Sartosa locked away in the bottom of the sea with Korima. But Sartosa's influence continue to remain in the west and he plan to use his minions in the Christian world, to teach that the tsunami is god's way of punishing the pagans and thus inspire faith in Korima, so the westerners would once again kill in his name.

The gods are not are planning to help the Christians, whom no longer believe in them. Only Cupid choose to remain. Before returning to heaven, Athena told Cupid that Sartosa is a Rotris demon and the only way to neutralized a Rotris demon is the love of a Morino. The union between the two would neutralized a Rotris and it would leave its demonic way. But Amynta is the only Morino left. Cupid is torn, about what to do about it. The gods are not willing to help him, to defeat Sartosa's minions in the Christian world. Elizabeth told Cupid that he have done enough for the people of the Christian world, whom won't even worship him as their god. But Cupid know that if he do nothing. A new era of crusades and inquisition would rise, in the Christian world, which is what Sartosa want. Cupid's kindness means, he can not stand watching this happen again. Cupid grabbed one of his love arrow, whom can make any mortal human fall in love, with another of Cupid's desire. He grabbed Elizabeth from behind. Elizabeth tried to struggle free. Cupid stabbed Elizabeth with the love arrow and whisper the magic word, that would set her and Sartosa together. After been stabbed, a shinning white light appear. Sartosa broke free from his prison cell. And there Cupid saw Sartosa and his beloved Amynta, in each other's arm. Elizebeth whispered a few words in Sartosa's ears and with that Sartosa killed all of his demon minions.

Satrosa transformed into a man and Cupid watch Sartosa and Amynta kissed. Sartosa laid Elizabeth down, to gently make love to her, as the two of them disappear.

From his cell in the bottom of the water, Korima yelled in anger, watching the lost of his best Lieutenants.

Upset at the lost of his one true love, Cupid yelled in anger and summon a huge thunder storm destroying the country house and farm whom he and Elizabeth share, until there was nothing of this farm is left.

Cupid sat down along on a park bench, in Central Park, New York. A beautiful young looking woman approach him, it is his mother Aphrodite, wanting him to come home and forget about all these. But Cupid told his mother of his intention to stay here, until Korima finally lost all of his grips, on the Christian world.

Later Cupid went to the cage where Korima was been sealed away and told him that he would do what necessary to defeat him completely. Korima yelled in anger. In the western world, Korima remaining minions continue to encourage for the Christians to discriminate and persecute against gays. Apollo send Alexander to travel back in time, to become the next King of the Americans. When Alexander's reincarnation became the President after George W Bush (Junior) those who follow the Korima start calling him the anti Christ and start to spread the rumor saying, for the legalization of gay marriage, god would punish them, with nature disaster and turning it into a police state.

Ed Westwick as Cupid
Ed Westwick as Cupid
robert pattinson as Korima
robert pattinson as Korima
Emma Watson as Elizabeth
Emma Watson as Elizabeth
miranda kerr as Aphrodite
miranda kerr as Aphrodite
Kevin Duhaney as Apollo
Kevin Duhaney as Apollo
Jet Li as Zuse
Jet Li as Zuse
Ciara Hanna as Athena
Ciara Hanna as Athena
joseph gordon-levitt as Sartosa
joseph gordon-levitt as Sartosa
Kel Penn as Alexander and Jesus (later while reincarnated as Obama, we just use video of Obama's inauguration.)
Kel Penn as Alexander and Jesus (later while reincarnated as Obama, we just use video of Obama's inauguration.)

Movie Theme: Sending you away

This is a Asian Pop song, which we would translate into English.

English translation of the theme is following.

By the cliff and by the sea. I wait for your return. But time say its not meant to be, let you walk away. The mist outside is think, so, you can't see clearly. You don't know there is no wind, here, cause I am hiding my pain. The future is fragile like a bug, can be destroy by anything.

I send you away, for thousand of miles. You have no response. In this era, maybe we shouldn't be in love, right now. I send you away, to the edge of the world. Are you still alive? Can't hear your voice or are you are alive, I wait to know, all my life.

I cry in the jungle, search for answer, all I found is grass. Sky is too far, rain is so close, I am no longer young. I cry in the jungle, search for answer, all I found is grass. Sky is too far, rain is so close, will you ever return?

I silky white dress, the dust underneath it. Your love is all so pure. You came out of the rain, the poem is tragic, I still stand in the rain. The flower is falling, on the water, but you have not return. Time had pass by, your beautiful flowers, have all become the past.

When I woke up, who is the one, that open the last chapter? The future is fragile like a bug, can be destroy by anything. I send you away, for thousand of miles. You have no response. In this era, maybe we shouldn't be in love, right now. I send you away, to the edge of the world. Are you still alive? Can't hear your voice or are you are alive, I wait to know, all my life. I send you away, for thousand of miles. You have no response. In this era, maybe we shouldn't be in love, right now. I send you away, to the edge of the world. Are you still alive? Can't hear your voice or are you are alive, I wait to know, all my life.

Theme Sending you away

Real Rumor, real Catholic extremists are spreading in response to US legalization of gay marriage


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