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Facts about humour and comedy

Updated on October 8, 2013

My fondness for comedy films and books started way back when I was just a kid. It was during that time when I started to really read and comprehend books and magazines. My father, bless his soul, has this collection of Reader’s Digest which got me started with the reading habit.

The Laughter is the Best Medicine and All In A Day’s Work Sections became constant hits for me and from then on I would check these sections out first before reading the other topics on General Information, Science as well as the Book Section. I don’t really know how to spell the feeling but I guess it is synonymous to falling in love, with humor and comedy, that is.

When I got older I became hooked on books and the usual teen stuff such as watching films. I would usually prefer suspense thriller books, my, it just keeps me on the edge of the seat with all this suspense but what really appeals to me are paperbacks with a merry mix of suspense, humor and oh well, romance. So it follows that romance-comedy films or rom –coms as we call it today, are on the top of my viewing list.

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On romantic comedy films

Just some of the romantic comedy films that I really appreciated included those of Julia Roberts like Notting Hill and Pretty Woman, Jennifer Lopez’ Maid in Manhattan as well as Sandra Bullock’s The Proposal. These are films topbilled by strong and independent women although there were films by men which also made their mark on me and worthy of mention would be Adam Sandlers’ The Wedding Singer.

On a personal view, it would really confuse me why some of my friends would prefer to watch heavy drama movies as opposed to romantic comedies and then go out of the cinema house with swollen eyes because of all this crying. I’d thought, we pay quite a sum to be entertained, not to wallow in tears!! And maybe that’s the reason why I prefer comedy films: so I can laugh, be entertained and go home really feeling good!!


On Robin Williams

Where comedy and movies are concerned my best bet would be the actor Robin Williams. Don’t ask me, but just looking at him actually makes me smile and chuckle! I do not know much about acting and film making but I do know that he is one very credible actor.

I have seen most of his films before but what really left a mark for me were his performances on films such as “The Birdcage” and “Mrs. Doubtfire”. There was just an innate ability in him that makes people laugh and to really appreciate humor, per se. I learned that before going full time as an actor he was a talented stand-up comedian who was later known to have this knack for quirky adlibs.


Truth to tell, comedy and humor play an important role in our everyday lives. Without humor life would be dull and meaningless. Finding humor in everyday happenings can surely lift the clouds of depression off one’s head. It can become quite an effort though, for some. More so, just the simple gesture of smiling can be really hard for some people which is very sad. It’s like they’re missing a great half of their life for being so tight-lipped and harsh to themselves. As the saying goes, Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed one day at a time so what better way to enjoy it than by living a life full of laughter.


On Laughter And Humor: Yes, It Is Essential To Health!

It has been said over and again that Laughter is the best medicine. But then again, how true it really is! Consider this, it has multiple physical, mental and social benefits that any ordinary medicine cannot guarantee! It does not only boost the body’s immunity but it prevents stress as well as heart disease. Not only that, it improves our moods and makes us less anxious of anything. Added bonus? It helps us strengthen relationships with others and attracts people to us while promoting group bonding and teamwork. Wow! Isn’t it simply amazing? See what humor and laughter can do to our lives and at no price at all!

Appreciating comedy and humor all through these years has helped me realize that while most things in life have a price those that really matter are free and that includes the positive feelings derived from having humor in your life. It has made me become more positive in my outlook and I have realized that, when laughter is shared it becomes more meaningful. So, share a laugh with people that matter in your life, now! And more so, share it with anyone you meet on the streets, although, that would be quite risky, in a way.

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Finding Humor And Comedy In One’s Daily Existence

True, comedy films as well as reading funny mags and books were the means with which I get my daily dose of humor but believe me, it does not end here. Anyone and everyone can derive laughter and humor from just about anything, all it takes is a little bit of imagination and fresh perspective! One can find humor in something as typical as road signs and billboards, from other people especially children, dogs and cats, even the weather! Believe me, it doesn’t really have to be something so obvious at all. Many times I suddenly find myself laughing at something that I’ve said, or seen or heard even when I am just riding a bus or buying grocery!

Frankly, I don’t know if anyone can survive life without a spice of humor and comedy. For me, life and living becomes more worthwhile with a dash of laughter and while problems will always be part of our daily existence at the end of the day nothing is really more refreshing than sharing a good laugh with people you love or care about. Believe me, it keeps me sane!!

© 2013 Chandan Kumar Sah


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