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My movie review: Haywire

Updated on June 8, 2012

Worst Movie ever.

I decided to dedicate my first hub, to a movie that I had the pleasure of watching a couple months ago. I paid $10.50 for a movie that will forever be etched in my mind as the worst movie ever created. I went into the theatre with high hopes. (Thats probably my fault.) But, from all the trailers, i thought this movie was a can't miss action flick. Eight minutes into this disaster, I realized that I had would have been more fullfilled, by ripping the 10 bucks into small pieces, and setting it on fire. Where did this movie go wrong? I laugh, even thinking about this, but obviously the acting was horrible. I've seen Kung fu theater, and Blackploitation movies that would consider the acting in Haywire to be laughable. The fight scenes- Thinking this would be the a worthwhile effort, was my second mistake. Boring. The first fight scene felt like it lasted about twenty minutes long, and the seemed like it was done in silent film. Horrible. While, Gina Carona is very easy on the eyes... I was hoping I could say the same thing for this movie. Would I suggest someone go out and buy this movie? No. Please dont spend your hard earned cash on the movie, like I did. But, if you have the oppurtunity to watch this movie for free... by all means do it, because it has provided me with more hours of laughter than Stepbrothers or Tropic Thunder. (Two of my favs) You could call this film an accidental comedy. Poor acting. Poor action. Poor, and completely laughable storyline makes for the movie that I nominate as the the ALL TIME WORST MOVIE ever made. Would anyone like to nominate another film? I would love to read about it. lol


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